If you have just happened on this website, or you’re a loyal visitor, we wanted to breakdown how this site is designed. The short and skinny is that this site is designed to save your life. We know that’s a bold claim, but it’s a scientific fact that the more you read our articles, and open your mind to their Truth, the more everything in the world that was chaotic and unpredictable will immediately come into focus and seem like a well oiled plan.

The sad news is that the world population is under attack. A small group of people that we refer to as the elite are right now several decades into their plan to poison the world, destroy our freedoms, our health, and thus continue their strangle hold on us. This website is the single best place to arm yourself with how and why they do what they do.

We are not right, we are not left, we are not tea party, we are not libertarians. We fight for the human race, and believe that the United States Constitution in its original form was the best approximation of how to ensure freedoms within a nation. If you read something that makes you feel like we’re loyal one way over another, please understand this is your internal indoctrination fighting to end the debate prior to discovering the culprit.

Even though we use a blog WordPress layout, and even though we have topical articles throughout the month, all of our content is designed as a reference of freedom. Every article has a single goal, and that is to alert the public of what we call a “Pattern Of Deception.” This would be a formula that is designed to trick the public into a way of thinking that robs them of their liberties.

Many people believe that greed and incompetency is at the heart of all that is wrong. We think that once you focus on how your freedoms are being systematically destroyed, you will soon discover the patterns we write about so much. The elite of the world are gaining ground on repressing societies using technology and financial systems that are con games at their core. We as a people can defeat these patterns as long as we recognize them.

We ask that in the name of freedom you promote our website however you can. On your Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, or anonymous posts in any public forum. You’ll notice we do not have a personality you have to worry about. No one is yelling through a bullhorn. No ads. We aren’t interviewing UFO abductees. We aren’t predicting martial law or a police state. We aren’t selling hopelessness and despair. We have created OnePageNews.com to provide a place where normal people can refer their friends without being associated with the embarrassing content that tends to follow.

We simply work every single day to distill down the misdirections and manipulations on society. We want your family healthy and free. If there ever was a time in history for you to ask what you can do for your country, it is now. Regardless of where you live, you need this information to help expose the elite and their agendas. They will fall in a single day once the consciousness of the world overflows with knowledge.

Click on any article, because it is sure to open your mind in some way. Above all explore, and be a part of the movement to set man free. Use the “Recommended Path” to the right to get started.

061004_borderfence_hmed_12p.hmediumIt will not come from the skies. It will not come with tanks. It will not come with troops. The invasion of the United States is already underway. For more than a decade the border between the US and Mexico has been a porous, bleeding sore, a gaping infected wound that just refuses to close.

Right now, at the time of this writing, the US Border Patrol has been ordered to stand down and allow..just roll over and allow…a flood of Central and South American migrants to flood over the southern border with zero checks and balances, zero administration, zero enforcement of the federal laws that were set in place to actually secure the US border.

Once the people arrive, the Border Patrol agents are handing them travel vouchers (there are some reports that these illegal aliens have already procured them prior to entering the US), feed them, change their diapers, and arrange bus travel for them to destinations deeper into the US interior. The arrivals agree, it is said, to appear at a US Immigration court for a hearing within 90 days, but the chances that any of them will adhere to this is next to nothing.

What is the demographic of the migrant flood? Largely unskilled, uneducated, poverty-stricken, desperate peasant class citizens are the ones encouraged by their own governments to flee their home countries and emigrate to the United States. They are told they will get a free ride here, the welfare carpet will be rolled out, they will receive drivers licenses and voter ID cards, and of course their children will not have to worry as the US nanny state will care for them. They are also reminded that if they give birth here in the US, the child is a US Citizen by birth, and the chances of the family being deported drop even lower than they already are. All of this is by design, all of this is on purpose. This is not an organic outbreak of immigration, as if some terrible disaster or political upheaval in Central America has sent desperate people fleeing in terror. THEY WERE TOLD TO COME HERE AND THAT ORDER CAME DIRECTLY FROM THE UNITED STATES.

So the question becomes of course, why would the US stoop to such a suicidal move as to abandon its border and allow a wave of poverty across. What it boils down to is that the controlling force of United States policy is GLOBALIST, not American. The difference is significant, as the Globalist does not identify himself as the citizen of the specific nation. Their mission is utter world dominance, full spectrum dominance, to be achieved through the vast accumulation of wealth by whatever means possible. It is in THEIR interests to break the United States from within. The nation can not be taken down externally, it must be crumbled from within. Globalist agents in high places of government, useful idiots that parrot the ideology of the mega-wealthy Elite whose ultimate goal is a one world government, a reduced human population, and the ultimate dream of transhumanism, where they delusionally believe they will be successfully be merged with AI life extension. Yes. That’s crazy shit.

The US must be dismantled through financial means. As the  world’s powerhouse economy, the tear-down has taken decades, but the endgame is certainly within sight. The Cloward and Piven program is in evident play here: tax and burden the welfare system to the point where it shatters.

Once upon a time there was a man named Stanley Meyer. He invented an engine that could fracture hydrogen from normal tap water. He then created a replacement for your spark plugs that allowed you to retrofit any vehicle on Earth for around $1,500 to run on water. On March 20th 1998, Stan was poisoned to death for daring to create freedom from the mega oil companies. Since then, people around the world have collaborated to build his devices and decipher his electronics. Below is one of the best videos presented by Stanley himself. What you are seeing are the electronics that will replace the normal combustion engine with digital circuits. Next Stanley will demonstrate the installation of the technology on a vehicle.

You are being duped into believing that oil is our only option. We don’t need electric cars. We don’t need petrol cars. We don’t need refineries. We just need to use what mother nature has already provided. Clean burning hydrogen that is only created at the moment it is needed. No tanks of dangerous explosive chemicals. No more fuel stations. Just water, and a tiny battery to get the ball rolling.

We’ve been very cautious to jump into the conspiracies surrounding Flight 370, but we believe that Bill Still has finally created a paper trail of convincing proof that many factions are working together to hijack this plane, kill its occupants, and get away with it having pitted the crash in the Southern Indian ocean.

Regardless if Bill Still is right, this is what real reporting feels and looks like. Demand that your local “reporters” do the journalistic exploration that Bill does on a daily basis. And if you can, donate to Bill Still on a monthly basis. Subscriptions start at $12 a year. You might be broke, but you’re not that broke.


No one goes to jail for 9-11. No one goes to jail for MF Global. No one goes to jail for JP Morgan’s crimes. No one goes to jail for missing Pentagon funds. No one goes to jail for invading Iraq under false pretenses. No one goes to jail for Benghazi and the running of weapons to Al Qaeda. The list goes on.

YOU go to jail for an unpaid speeding ticket, overdue tax payments, not kicking up to the IRS Don Corleone, YOU got to jail for any number of small infractions or transgressions, YOU are treated like a criminal in the airport, immediately suspected of a crime and searched like a convict while these very same people exempt from their own laws reap huge profits from the cancer spreading body scanners.

You had better wake up and understand that both parties are infiltrated. Neither one of them will do a goddamn thing to represent you, your interests, or anything you care about. They serve their corporate masters who make them wealthy and exempt from all law, taxation, and accountability. We labor to fund their excess. They labor to bury the nation in debt and division. Don’t take the bait.

defcon3We are at DEFCON 3 with these people, and we had better decide how it’s going to go. There are solutions out there. Our enemy is within our walls, and that, my friends, is the most dangerous kind.

These people, this wretched Ruling Class, will never ever lift a hand to help you or anything you care about. You will never have a voice on anything that matters as long as the east coast, blueblood, ivy league, skull and bones crew run the show.

They want you to jump through their hoops. They want you dependent on their idiotic programs, handouts, and regulations. They want you poor, stupid, watching TV and taking your pharma drugs.

Do not be deceived. Your taxes do nothing to help the nation. It’s a screwjob that’s been in place for a hundred years to feed the slovenly bellies of Europe’s power class at the expense of our labor and time.

The Fed winks 85 billion dollars into existence monthly, slaying the dollar’s value and our purchasing power, but you have to vomit up nearly 30 percent of your wages – not income – to the Don.

It’s mafia. It’s crime. It’s larceny.

Voting for Republicans isn’t the answer. They’re only pretending to be Libertarian so you’ll stand down and put the same people, the same mafia, into the driver’s seat.

The future is in a very dangerous cradle. Step one, Learn The Rules That Rule You!

The Global Warming CROCK

Global-Warming-Facts-Losing-Support-In-US-Considered-A-Fake-Climate-Change-Hoax-665x385Even the best in the business get persuaded to believe in things that are repeated enough. Global Warming, now named Climate Change, because of its obvious lie to the world is one of these horrific tales. We have found that most people deep down inside know this is a scam, but the utter pressure from do gooders who lack any basic scientific backgrounds can’t weed through the pier reviewed documents that claim otherwise. This article will empower you forever to prove that it is indeed a lie, and that the sources you get that the temperature is rising all over mother Earth is either a lie or a temporary manmade alteration.

What causes heat in the atmosphere?

The atmosphere is warmed by water, not carbon. The amount of total carbon in the atmosphere averages .054%. That’s a fraction of a single percent if you’re not good at math. Carbon does not have the atomic properties to harbor heat, and that’s a fact. We make objects about of carbon fibers because they are stable in this manner. They don’t make nose cones on jets out of fiber because they consume and hold heat. That would be stupid. Out of this ridiculously low amount of carbon, man can only be blamed for 5% of the .054% of carbon in the atmosphere, so in the end, even if the scientific facts about carbon not holding heat were wrong, you couldn’t do anything about it anyway.

Who’s guilty?

The first assertion of Global Warming (yes, we’re going to use the original lie name for this theory to keep you on track) is that we the people chose the energy sources that we use, and that it’s our fault that these choices hurl carbon into the atmosphere. Now carbon is a bad particulate to be ejected into our breathing supply, but so is aluminum and barium oxide, and the governments around the world are dumping that on us in megatons. We at OnePageNews would love nothing more than to see all carbon pollution caused by man to be erased, but not at the cost of a lie like Global Warming.

There are two man factions that are guilty of polluting this planet with amazing amounts of carbon: third-world countries like China and India, and corporations that are funded by the elite bankers of Europe. So, let’s take a quick look at what pressures are being put on them to stop….computing…nothing. Nothing at all is happening to them. In fact, China and India have been deemed exempt from the only global drafted piece of paper trying to curb carbon emissions, better known as the Kyoto Agreement. That should tell you something. The bankers make a lot of money by exporting your jobs to these two countries, and you can rest assured this exemption will only continue to South America and Africa once they’ve set up shop in those regions. As of Spring 2014, the only individuals pressured to change their carbon emissions are first-world countries like America and Europe. That’s funny, because our emissions are the lowest in the world.

Who’s blocking carbon free programs?

So if you want to buy an electric car, you’re going to be taxed with a higher price simply because it doesn’t use oil. Why? Because the same banks who control the world make the profit from your car and your oil. So if you’re not going to buy their oil, they’re going to stick it to you during the car purchase. Why else would a car company collude with an oil company? They don’t own oil pumps right? Oh, but their owners do, and this is where you can start to smell the stinking piles of shit in this Global Warming fear mongering.

If you’ve been paying attention to the news during this last year, you’ve heard all about the frakking method of extracting combustable materials from shale. You’ve long been indoctrinated to believe that we’re running out of oil, and that natural gas, one of the most abundant resources on planet Earth is running out. The truth is that the alternative facts would waste the value of oil in a heartbeat. If we drilled off the coast of Alaska, Scotland or Brazil, we’d have more oil than we’d know what to do with, but since the value of every monetary unit controlled by the elite banks is valued by the sale of a barrel of oil, it’ll never happen.

The truth is we have fully functional blueprints from the 1950s about Geothermal power plants that do not bring toxic gases to the surface. They could be built to tap the Earths infinite mantel warmth, and generate as much clean electricity as we’d ever need.

Sourcing the warming data

So you’ve heard all about this warming of the atmosphere and the ocean right? Just where do you think that data comes from? Have you ever looked into how these numbers are derived? Do you think there is a single agency that isn’t sponsored by big banking that’s gather data to counterbalance the Global Warming claims? Of course not. The only people worried about the temperature anywhere are those trying to push this agenda. There is no profit in sitting around gathering temperature data unless you’re selling it right into the groups pushing this lie, and how much do you think they’ll pay for data that proves them wrong? Right, nothing.

There are no deep sea sensors taking readings that are independent. The thermometers that test city temperatures have been moved into the concrete islands where readings are catastrophically higher than actual temperatures. If NPR, Reuters or Associated Press articles are your only sources, and check it carefully, because 99% of all news is, then you’ve been duped categorically. It is important you stop pushing fear mongering data that will result in the ultimate enslavement of man by the bankers.

The dark truth about energy and population growth

One fact that the late Michael Ruppert so brilliantly pointed out is that since man discovered oil, the world’s population has skyrocketed to six times its previous levels. Energy afforded many luxuries that led to more babies through the growth of individual countries. The flip side to the equation is that we know that a population that is educated, does not multiply as much, but we also know that education leads to knowledge that could threaten the stranglehold the elite bankers have on the population. So this diametrically opposing forces cannot resolve themselves, so they have chosen to crash the energy market to create horrific conditions to reduce population through starvation, sickness, and a lack of strategic resources to live.

So if the world ever broke free from our controllers and wanted to implement these alternative means of generating energy, we would have to simultaneously begin educating individuals globally to one, get along, and two, find value in their individual paths in life, i.e., stop attaching child rearing as an exclusive means of valuing oneself. We’ve written careful articles on population control if you want to know our plan for reducing without draconian measures. Just remember the elite get their way quicker than most, and therefore want a risk free method of ensuring complete victory while maintaining their control.

Where is Greenpeace? 

Greenpeace isn’t the only one, but it doesn’t take more than ten minutes of research to confirm that green groups around the world aren’t protecting us from anything. They’ve largely been co-opted by the bankers pushing for Global Warming. After all, the founding members are gone. Patrick Moore, and ecologist who helped create Greenpeace has done his homework. He wanted to know if it was true, because nothing would motivate him more than to know the world was about to end due to Global Warming. He discovered it was bullshit and pulled out. We salute his bravery in the midst of all the pressure to concede.

What would happen of Michael Ruppert’s fears were true?

If carbon did indeed have the ability to retain heat, which it doesn’t, ending any manmade contribution to carbon emissions would be a damn near overnight plan. Let’s review:

  • Electric vehicles would be a mandate within ten years.
  • Car manufactures would not be allowed to gouge pricing for going to electric.
  • Geothermal plants would begin replacing coal and nuclear immediately (albeit with the original design).
  • China and India would immediately lose preferred trade status with all countries noted in the Kyoto agreement.
  • Sanctions would be applied to China and India to turn off their factories OR ELSE.
  • All attempts to modify weather would be prohibited immediately to allow the world to stabilize its natural cycle.
  • Banks and corporations found to be engaging any level of carbon emission funding would be apprehended like criminals.

The fact is nothing like this is happening at all, and don’t you think the end of the world would mandate this behavior if it were true? The elite have to live in this world too, and if you think they’re going to live in Iron Mountain for the next 150 years, you’re out of your mind.

Why Global Warming was invented

The real reason for the Global Warming alarmist is many fold. First and foremost, the elite want off oil. It’s a messy business, and they don’t enjoy drilling it offshore. It was fun when it floated on the plains of Texas, but that time has long since passed. Given this reality, they need us the people to feel guilty about their choice of energy. They want us to pay for it, because if they had to spend their money, they’re infinite coffers would run dry, and they can’t lose control of their money, nor expose it in any way. They have you thinking they don’t exist let along that they live in some moderate level of wealth.

Secondly, they noticed what happen when oil catalyzed world population. They want the numbers down. Way down. Like Georgia Guidestones down, and debuting a quick solution to Global Warming is only going to cause another explosion, which they want to avoid. So control is of the utmost importance. They want to ensure that before they give us the next utopia, of which you can be sure they’ve planned, they want world population closer to 500 million, probably way lower. They’re trying to make this an orderly demise. A logical demise, so that their nefarious plans are never revealed. They want world population reduction to feel like an evolutionary process, and not of their hand.

Through carbon taxation, every man woman and child will be for the foreseeable future, controlled by bills that will accrue as a result of being alive. Obamacare is only the beginning of “existence tax.” This was something that old Earth knew all too well. You exist, you pay Caesar. You don’t? You die. Well we know they control the majority of jobs in the world. They conspire to shut down competitors until the mouth breathing citizens of the world only shop from the European owned and operated Walmart.


If we don’t kill this virus thought known as Global Warming, we’re going to lose the last two thousand years of human evolution. Our freedoms will pale in comparison to times when human sacrifices were a standard mechanism of fear and persuasion. And if this characterization sounds extreme, then we dare say your understanding of the problem is in its infancy stage. Get educated. Read OnePageNews thoroughly, and you’ll have the ammo to break free forever of their plans to destroy humanity.


Talking Scrotum Bag

Attention ladies and gentlemen, this is Senator Harry Reid. He’s long been a blowhard piece of shit on Capital Hill, but this month he has officially crossed the line away from favorable United States citizenship. He should now officially be deported to the nearest socialistic communist country that needs a worthless slave laborer know nothing to pound rocks.

For those of you not in the know, Harry Reid has been conspiring with foreign governments such as China to sell American land to setup solar and wind farms to benefit foreign investors. This has led to the Bundy Ranch standoff where Senator Reid has been using federal tax dollars and his band of rent-a-cops from the BLM to threaten good upstanding citizens to facilitate his personal kickback relationship with China. Citing the endangerment of turtles to harass the Bundy’s, the same BLM officials last year wholesale slaughtered those exact turtles in the fall of 2013.

Reid should be on your list of federal scumbags that make America look bad to its citizens and foreign nations. Time to revoke this guy’s right to live in any of America’s 50 states.

Michael Ruppert, We Salute You


US Patriot Michael Ruppert

On April 13th, 2014, we lost one Michael Ruppert. We at OnePageNews were initially awaken by Mr. Ruppert’s works to expose 9/11. Although we shared different views on peak oil, and the exact details on “who done it,” Michael’s meticulous investigating led us down the right path to stitch together information we had for years. He helped us find the right professionals to interview to confirm his claims and to deduce for ourselves the budding Truths that led us out of the matrix that is.

Thank you Michael Ruppert for all your contributions, and may the universe greet you with open arms.

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