Ever wonder why some American flags, especially those in your courts of law, police stations, and even in the lobby of Walt Disney Corporation all have a gold fringe? It’s not to make the flag look more regal, but to make sure that those who are governed by the law of that institution are NOT governed by the United States of America Constitution, but by the bylaws of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION.

The Corporation is a headless beast that strives to create profit. Profit to a laymen is money. Profit to those who control the world is control. The gold fringe on any American flag is the greatest level of desecration one could have. This goes for state flags as well. It says to the legal world that you are under the law of the Corporation and NOT the country.

Ultimately when you walk into a court of law, you are being governed by the bylaws of a Corporation and not by your Constitution. There are courts that decide if a matter is Constitutional or Unconstitutional, but they are merely looking out of their legal domain and into ours, for we the people, are the only body or group that considers itself under the Constitution.

Have you ever wondered how the 2nd Amendment, the Right To Bare Arms exists, yet so many restrictions exist on guns? It is made possible because individual Unconstitutional bylaws supersede the inalienable rights handed down by our forefathers. In addition our 4th Amendment has been completely destroyed by the Bush administration and now re-certified by the Obama administration. These are rights that cannot be changed unless there is a gold fringe on the flags in the courts presiding over the laws being passed; the “bylaws” of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION.

Next time you are forced to enter a court of law and stand before a judge, look over his or her shoulder and if you see a gold fringe on the American flag, ask that judge to explain the legal implications as it relates to your rights before allowing them to pass judgment over your actions.

Maritime Law

The gold fringe originates from something called Maritime Law. This was a technique that countries used back in the days of Naval fleets that needed to barter and or sign treaties between nations. Each ship flew a flag of its country to denote its legal domain. This flag was honored as the legal domain over that ship. If one were to step onto that ship, one was subject to the written and recorded laws of that flag’s country.

The gold fringe on the United States flag is legal holdover from these times. When one walks into the courtroom or any other institution with a gold fringe, one has surrendered to the bylaws of that Corporation and NOT the Constitution.

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