The Inconvenient Truth Of 9/11

One of the most heart wrenching truths about those who control the world is that “they” do not think like “us.” Most citizens (including ourselves) who hear about the practice of False Flag operations think that they are learning about something that is only been used by corrupt elements of government and in most cases if not all, have been caught by the authorities and processed by due process. Sadly, this is the misunderstanding that plagues every modern society.

The people who control the world live in a state of mind different than ours. Although at their core they do possess nightmares of loss, their consciousness feels a constant state of superiority over the masses, and thus treats us as such. When they want something to happen, they do not question it happening, but how it will occur. Unlike the masses, they have incredible levels of patience and are willing to develop plans that take centuries to realize over multiple generations.

In 2003 we were presented with a video that claimed that the events of September 11th, 2001 weren’t what we were told. Our initial reaction was that of mental violence. How could someone dare say that anyone other than terrorists could kill nearly 3,000 people? What we learned is that they weren’t disagreeing with us, but trying to point our minds in the right direction, towards the right terrorists.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of books that speak of falsified attacks starting wars that raged for centuries. Attacks that originated within the country that was being attacked. History books speak of Kings who used this method to keep their people in control by keeping them hating someone other than the King themselves. Even modern day film pokes fun at this reality of government such as the famous line in the film Princes Bride, where creating war based on false pretenses was described as “a long and prestigious career.”

At this time we are not going to engage in repeating the hundreds of contradicting facts about the day of 9/11, but we are going to tell you to begin to prepare your mind for the notion that it was a cleverly carried out plan by factions in multiple countries to start a war in the Middle East that is to rage until those who are in control install their form for slavery that is banking and taxation that dominates all other first world countries.

The sad cliche that it’s all about weapon deals and oil are misguided pop culture understandings of the world. Trillions will be given to those who help those in control, but all serves the ultimate goal of geopolitical domination of eurasia.

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