It’s bad enough that vaccinations are entirely unnecessary to live long healthy lives, but it’s about to get worse in the state of California. Pharmaceutical company Merck has successfully lobbied into place a bill AB499 that IF passed will allow schools to administer vaccinations to children without the knowledge or consent of the parent. This includes all vaccinations that Merck has in stock, ensuring that tax paying dollars are spent to chemically lobotomize children and rob their lives of the destinies they would otherwise have enjoyed.

A brain damaged child will also greatly impact the success and offerings available to the parents who in some cases will have more than one child to look after. Vaccinations are based nearly entirely on myth. Man has existed for more than 6.5 million years without such medicine; we don’t need them now. If you’re religious, then you have to assume that your creator has left you with a world that was not perfectly balanced to keep you healthy and that you need to surrender your children to black suit multi-national corporate owners who merely want to turn your child into a profit margin.

IF passed, we can record governor Jerry Brown as a person who is more interested in gaining status with his controllers than protecting the very citizens he was elected to serve. IF passed, governor Jerry Brown should be immediately impeached and removed from office. IF passed, governor Jerry Brown should be held personally liable for any and all medical repercussions as a result of any and all vaccinations administered.

Visit NVIC.ORG for more details.

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