Today Attorney General Eric Holder shot a letter to congress usurping the prideful duty of good Americans and failing to officially state under oath that he had no involvement or knowledge of operations south of the border that would lead to guns being shipped to drug cartel members. It is possible that Mr. Holder is indeed in a compartment that doesn’t get the news, but one has to hold the top brass responsible for what goes on under his watch. JFK took the blame for the CIA, and now it’s time for the gun grabbing Holder to take responsibility for allowing such a shadowy operation to be conducted under his watch.

We also seem to remember some Americans who defended the border against known and previously convicted drug traffickers. The Attorney General under the Bush administration sent government paid for attorneys to put the law abiding Americans behind bars. I guess we’re to believe that this act of sheer defense on behalf of the drug cartels was a mere one time gesture. Or was it that Uncle Sam has been protecting the flow of drugs into America since the mid-1970s?

To Mr. Holder, we didn’t grow up in the world you did. We grew up with thugs like you who taught us day in and day out that criminals work in government, and that when caught, you all scream your innocence. We know you’re cronies will work hard to get you acquitted of all wrong doing. We also know that none of these facts will change the truth that you are a corrupt human who’s lack of respect for the Constitution of the United States makes you unworthy to hold office.

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