While Eric Holder attempts to conceal his involvement in the “Fast and Furious” guns for gangsters plot, his PR consultants have hatched a stale scheme to create an accusation that no one in the world can prove, and that furthers the unfounded xenophobic goal of trying to make Americans hate Iranians. Both of these acts are contemptible crimes on humanity.

On one side, the person most trusted with protected America from lawbreakers has himself become an accomplice in crimes against his own people. Trafficking weapons into foreign countries to help fuel the illegal movement of drugs into America. On the other side, he’s taking part in a goal to falsely accuse a sovereign country of plotting to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the United States.

The truth is that there are a lot of people who dislike American politicians. After all, they are chiefly responsible for the destruction of the Middle East and the global fear that is incubated against anyone who isn’t of Anglo-Saxon descent. America is to fear a people who barely have the means to travel abroad, but we’re to welcome illegal immigrants into our country who have the same nationality of dangerous cartel members who are currently killing our citizens.

When’s the last time an Arab killed an American on the border? We can’t remember when, nevertheless, Governor Jerry Brown just signed a bill allowing his bankrupt state to devote $40 million a year to fund the children of illegals to go to California schools. If only the residents of California could get access to such a gift, and what sort of job does a college graduate get without citizenship?

We digress. Never lose sight of the fact that today’s “terrorist plot” is merely a distraction from Holder’s bigger problem….BEING GUILTY on all counts!

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