There is a hidden department of defense that has been around for more than 60 years. They are a band of soldiers who operate on a psychological level. Their job is to sway the opinion of individuals or groups to their masters bidding. In the past these devious soldiers would work from the ground, printed press, and radio broadcasts. In the past they fought against enemies that were attacking their country. Today, they crawl the internet posting ridiculing posts, pro-military videos, and false theories of why and how the world works.

It is important when you are taking in information that you understand that these individuals are many and without conscious. They truly lack any intellectual qualities and live in the headlines of their controllers who feed them reality one compartment at a time. They have been hand selected because they lack individual thought. They go through three to six months worth of psychological testing to ensure that under pressure, they will remain loyal to whatever false reality has been handed down to them. They are dangerous because they are empowered to invade the privacies of others. They are given weapons to hack into telephones, websites, computers, and other private databases of the individual in order to hand craft attacks that will sway that person’s belief system. Should they fail to find a simple means, the are on occasion given authority to passively threaten an individual to conform.

There is nothing noble about these techniques. A secret branch of the military needs secrecy, above the board branches do not. The United States of America has allowed herself to be ruled by secretive military divisions outside of declarations of war, and this is something that needs to be changed. Our nation and every other nation needs to declare war as a decision from the populous that is forced to fight the war. It has to be taken out of the hands of the few such as Presidents that move troops into harms way forcing the Congress to fund them or watch our young men and women die on the undeclared battlefield.

Be aware that some people on the internet are not real. They are posing as the masses and are experts in creating conversations that appear to support objectives that will benefit banking cartels at any cost. They start chain emails supporting a right left political paradigm keeping the recipients fighting for their own demise. So the next time you see a video glorifying war, accusing a democrat or republican of being either weak or crazy, you are most likely seeing American tax dollars at work.

We urge you to refuse resending political chain mails. Refuse to resend propaganda promoting war, or the retaliation against indigenous races that we have invaded. We don’t deserve payback when we’ve drawn first blood. No Arabs attacked us on September 11th, 2001; a banking cartel did. Know thine enemy!

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