It is unclear whether or not the proliferation of Xenoestrogens is intentional or simply due to corporate greed, but the facts remain: Xenoestrogens are being dumped into our food and water supply on a daily basis and creating synthetic surges in human estrogen levels globally. However, there are things you can do to combat this toxic war on your health.

The initial steps are to follow our list of detoxifying guidelines in our article on Immediate Health Risks. Following this simple guide will do wonders to strengthen your immune system, preserve your bones, teeth, and overall protein absorption during cell mitosis. The next step is very simple: EAT CRUCIFEROUS VEGETABLES. These natural vegetables will help to block out Xenoestrogen from being absorbed by your body. This will greatly improve your overall hormonal balance, and for men, reduce fatty tissue intended for female bodies.

Depending on your current estrogen levels, one may want to consult a doctor and get on supplements that boost natural testosterone. We use a supplement based on an herb fenugreek that is found in a commercial name Testofen. This natural herb mildly boosts your natural testosterone levels by up to 98% and can greatly reduce damage done by growing breast and belly fat over the years of being polluted.

Overall, Xenoestrogens need to be purged from the world, and in the meantime, YOU need to do what you can to eliminate them from your lives, from your children’s and friend’s lives. You are now informed.

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