Chemtrail Resurgence

Ventura County CA - Nov 17th 2011

Look up in the sky.  It’s a bird.  It’s a plane. It’s a plane spitting out an artificial cloud.  Indeed it is.  The Geo-Engineering program goes back into full swing over Ventura County, CA today.  On this crisp clear autumn morning the first jets streaked over at 7:00 AM.  As the photo illustrates, which was taken at around 11:15 AM, the trails are considerable an spreading out into their ugly stain across the sky, bloated with aluminum and barium.

ATTENTION PARTICIPANTS IN THIS PROGRAM: You are committing a terrible crime against your fellow human beings. If you think you are part of the power structure and will be spared because you function as a Familiar with these Witches that want this agenda furthered, you are wrong. I assure you that you too are the animal in the trap. You’re on notice, we will find out who you are, and see that you are exposed. DO THE RIGHT THING. Come forward and admit what you are doing. Cleanse your souls.

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