To Protect and Serve

This is how the Police have come to act in the United States. The video links provided below more or less tell the story. Unarmed protesters, unhappy with having their livelihood stolen from them by the venemous banking cartel, are dispersed by the police in full riot gear. But wait…there’s more…the protesters get to experience the joy of batons, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and all around police thuggery. This is how your first amendment right of Freedom of Speech and Lawful Assembly are treated.

ATTENTION: POLICE OFFICERS COMPLICIT IN THIS- You may think that since you serve in the enforcement wing of the establishment that you’re in some way immune to its predatory nature. Not so. You too will be consumed, head first, by the dragon once your purpose is served. We need all of our type-A Alpha Male leaders to serve on the right side of history, not to wield the tools of oppression and dictatorship. Think about what you are doing. This isn’t Falujah where you thought you could get away with zero accountability. The world is watching.

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