The Power Of The UFO Myth

If you’ve traveled the internet to any degree looking for truths untold, you’ve undoubtedly run across hundreds of web sites dedicated to UFO enthusiasts claiming that the governments of several nations and especially the United States of America have captured flying saucers, abducted aliens, and a myriad of other stories. We are not here to tell you that extraterrestrial life doesn’t exist, because we’re sure that life does exist on other planets. What we are going to tell you, and some of you are going to resist this information is that neither the United States or any other country on Earth has captured crashed spaceships from another world. They do not have aliens trapped in some laboratory undergoing interrogations giving up technical secrets like microchips, velcro, or any other very mortal inventions. This does not mean that UFOs can’t be flying in the sky, because they could. Just rest assured that they have not crashed, or been controlled by man.

What we want to impart on you is the scams that hide underneath the falsehood that is the UFO phenomenon. The governments around the world gain POWER from the idea that they have somehow been the only ones to succeed 100% of the time in gathering all proof of life from other planets in such a way that all evidence aside from scrappy deathbed confessions is in their possession. The government and or elite if you like do not have this content. Area 51 has never harbored aliens or space craft tests. It has played host to extremely innovative technologies that have never been seen by the mainstream public. Research in power sources that put all known techniques to shame are used freely. Methods of propulsion that are only theorized in science fiction novels and or films have perhaps been achieved. It is however important to never forget, it is the government that gains mysterious power from the notion that they can communicate with super intelligent beings and use their technology to enslave man, or some other fictional based 1950s B-Movie plot line.

The UFO phenomenon is also used to passively give credibility to the failed Moon missions. Once NASA failed to successfully breach Earth’s gravitational pull, and later discovered that the magnetic rings that protect us from the Sun’s harmful rays was going to make space travel impossible until we find a way to protect the occupants inside, they soon grew nervous and in search of any way to propagate the myth that we ever traveled there in the first place, which we didn’t (sorry, but that’s the truth). However, stories of Buzz Aldrin seeing UFOs while on the way to the Moon and the endless stories of structures on the other side of the Moon are instant methods to empower the myth that we indeed reached the Moon in some substantial manned way and observed such astounding discoveries. The truth remains that once NASA and the various governments around the world discovered the power that they gained by sitting back and watching the Big Foot enthusiasts talk about UFOs in their possession, the more fearful the public became of what devices might be left at their disposal.

UFOs have also been used to dilute the truth behind things like 9/11 and other true conspiracies by interviewing credible candidates on internet blog and video channels online that also rave about unsubstantiated UFO claims. If any of you have seen the film “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind” you’ll remember a scene where Richard Dreyfuss’ character goes to an Air Force base to gain information on his sighting only to sit in a room with a man ranting about having seen a Big Foot with a foot 42 inches long. The scene was a great example in how this technique was well understood decades ago. Put credible information right next to certifiably insane statements, and watch 99% of the public turn and walk away from the truth that rules their lives. We urge you to restrain yourself from allowing unrelated subject matter to spill over into validated and scientifically proven statements about things like WTC7‘s collapse and other logistically proven claims.

As the UFO devotees continue to prop up this belief to satiate their own needs to believe, we want to leave you with one very important thing to remember. Wernher Van Braun, the godfather of rocket technology warned his assistant before dying that the elite of the world were planning to stage a monumental event that would simulate the invasion of extraterrestrials from another planet attacking Earth, and that this attack would be used to herd mankind into a single socialist government that would answer immediately to the bankers and those who control the world. It is important that we regulate the claims of Coast-to-Coast AM PSYOP trainees who frequent as guests that the stronger this myth becomes, the more society as a whole is apt to believe the absurd notion that an intelligent race would descend on Earth in an act of childish violence. It’s bad enough that we’re to believe that interstellar beings are shot down by harmless radar, or electrical storms. The stories are as frivolous as the decades they are written in.

By all means explore life from other planets, but attempt if you will to keep those beliefs in check with beings that would have surpassed the stage of annihilating themselves, and thus other cultures, races, and planets.

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