MUST SEE: Farmageddon

We’d like to recommend that you spend the next 48 hours tracking down the nearest copy of the film Farmageddon. This timely documentary covers the attack on the American people who are trying to grow and distribute organic clean healthy food and especially raw milk. We at feel the source of the problem is the never ending assault from European controllers who want America on the decline. Politicians are bought off in exchange for short term monetary gains to pass legislation that defies all logic. It’s not just multinational corporations seeking greed. It’s the complete and utter destruction of our country by those who feel threatened by freedom.

You can purchase this DVD direct, or you can use your Apple TV and dozens of other online streaming services listed on their website to rent or purchase a copy. Unlike all of our other movie recommendations, this film represents the seed of our bloodless revolution. Public outrage needs to be the follow-up after one sees this documentary. It is imperative that you pass this to your friends however possible. Link to their website from your Facebook page, your Twitter account, anything.

Farmers are being held at gun point by goons who should be deported from this great country. Warrants without probable cause are being used to justify the outright stealing of goods and property from loyal Americans. Don’t be the person who sits on the sideline and does nothing while your country is being dismantled before your very eyes. Be the patriot who fights back by spreading knowledge.

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