Bilderberg Puppet

Mitt Romney has been told by the Bilderbergs to simply “not try” to become President. Four years ago Obama and his administration of Constitution stalking vultures pounded the pavement with a purpose to kill America, something President Bush shamefully set into motion. This year, only months from a Presidential Election, Mitt Romney has laid down to take a long summer nap to prepare for his concession speech to President Obama.

With a President that has gutted the Constitution like no other, where attempts to stimulate jobs has gone unchanged, where draconian laws of forced medical care taxation will enslave a population during one of the most corrupt governments, military, and banking systems, Mitt Romney has been told to intentionally take a dive by saying nothing.

We merely bring this to your attention so that you can inform anyone on the fake “right wing” side that these elections are purely fraudulent orchestrations that give power to those who are willing to decapitate America for short-term monetary gain.

There is only one political party, the European Union that serves the banking elite, and you’re not in it.

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