Dental Fluorosis

An extremely dirty secret that has been told to Americans since 1954 with the introduction of fluoridated water are the effects of fluoride on the human body. There are several threats to human health that are caused by ingesting this toxic chemical, that up until 1954 was dealt with by the Army Core of Engineers for specialized disposal. After 1954, the Nazi Germany research was well understood to dumb down a population by rotting the pineal gland in the brain. They wanted more zombie Americans who will be complicit with their European banking agendas to destroy the dream of individual freedoms as defined by the Constitution.

Fluoride causes something called Fluorosis, and despite the sanitized images on Wikipedia showing a relatively normal set of teeth, fluorosis is responsible for embedding that white chalking discoloration on your tooth enamel.

The human body has never needed fluoride to keep teeth young and healthy for life. What is mandatory is a reduced level of sugar, regular brushing, and flossing. We don’t lose our teeth as a normal progression of being alive. If one studies mummies of ancient cultures prior to the introduction of sugar, nearly all of the 70+ year old bodies had all their teeth. We have been duped into thinking that humans lose their teeth as a natural cycle to life. What we aren’t connecting is the sick addiction to soda rotting chemicals that destroy our enamel and feed the bacteria that eats away at our gums.

As an alternative to fluoridated toothpastes, we recommend looking into Tom’s toothpaste, and if you have a Traders Joe’s food chain near by, their proprietary non-fluoridated toothpastes. If our European controlled government ever attempts to ban non-fluoridated toothpastes, we recommend using baking soda as a base alternative. If nothing else, reduce your diet of sugar, brush your teeth with fluoride free water, and live a long and lucid life.

Please pass this information on to anyone you love. We at OnePageNews can eat our toothpaste without worrying about poisoning ourselves or our children.

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