Order yours today…the serfs are getting uppity!

Here it is folks, hot off the assembly line, just in time for the 2013 model year.  She’s an all wheel drive, roomy, fun family vehicle, made especially for the street savvy Globalist Collaborator that loves to suppress dissent. Painted in our new Fascist High Gloss Black, this little baby comes ready to rumble with security bars across the windows, a nice high ground clearance so that no pesky bulldozed protestors can impede your path, and our new easy-access rifle ports. Bullet prof glass comes standard, because you never know…some of those constitution quoting blowhards just might be able to stash a few guns during the Great Confiscation. The Special Edition Model, seen here, also features the reverse American Flag graphic, sure to get all those Gadsden flag waving “patriots” all hot under the collar.

Don’t wait, run down to DHS motors today and talk to a sales representative.  Co-opted Kool-Aide drinking Local Law Enforcement receives generous discounts!

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