The Fiscal Cliff & False Heroism

It always amazes us how the public falls for the same patterns of deception each and every year. The mid-summer gouging gas prices. The 49/49 split Presidential elections, and of course, the Fiscal Crisis formula. This year is no different. The hated politicians orchestrate this artificial peril to become the artificial saviors. This year, for the first time in your gullible lives, try not to fall for this fake storyline. Try for the first time to continue to hate your politicians and the sellout tactics they use 365 days a year to sell America to the European banking cartels.

Realize that despite going to war, and celebrating Veterans day, we are failing as a nation to protect her borders, her economy, her currency, and her dream. Shed a tear for the demise of your ability to take action and inform your fellow-man of the truth within the lies that is our way of life.

America, you are being had every second of your life. Your schools have been destroyed by revised deficient course studies. Your fresh organic food has been replaced by genetically modified (GMO) substitutes. Your air and water is no longer safe to breathe or drink without filtering. Your jobs are being exported overseas with the lie that we can’t afford to have our citizens make products.

The revolution can be won with one simple effort…inform your fellow-man. Use this website as reference. We have given you the tools to predict elections, passed bills, future tyranny, and to live in a universe that is devoid of fear and uncertainty. We have written articles to help you understand money, health, and true freedom. You have no excuses except your unwillingness to “be that guy,” and dare stand out from the rest. There is no victory for the complicit person who can’t go along with the tribe. The tribe of the world is headed for a cliff of not fiscal cataclysm, but of freewill cataclysm. Get with the program.


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