There is a trend in America to give up the rights of others, without the direct realization that the individual is in turn giving up their own rights. The fake war on terror has convinced an entire country to slaughter the United States Constitution as if it were a flawed document at the onset. This anti-American sentiment comes from the propaganda side of the infiltrators that convince citizens that every other person could be a bad guy. The inquisition of the 21st Century is on slow boil as we begin to consider telling on our neighbors to safeguard our own image amongst out of control law enforcement and military organizations that circle our homes with missile tipped predator drones.

Observe a report from last year (Oct 2011) outlining the FBI’s new tactics of digging in your trash, snooping your emails, looking up private and public information in an attempt to create a precedence to frame you into informing on others, or better yet, confess to something you haven’t done just to keep them quiet. Most of us have little to protect in this world, but the principle remains, the 4th Amendment is STILL ACTIVE, and needs to be defended by soldiers who have been sent overseas to distant wars while America is stabbed in the back at home.

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