What do you do when you’re losing your banker made civil war in a Eurasian country you want to take over? Simple, ¬†you pull a play from the Saddam Hussein book of bullshit accusations, that’s what. Today is an age test. How old are you? How good is your FLU shot infested memory? Can you think back to the last time a Middle Eastern leader was accused of attacking troops with chemical weapons? Oh, save the time the Donald Rumsfeld helped sell them to Iraq to attack the Kurds…that’s right. That time was real, and backed by American diplomats.

Both US invasions of Iraq were littered with claims that Saddam was going to hurl tons of chemical agents onto American soldiers, and yet with nothing to gain, and a certain loss and execution at hand, he didn’t. He had a moral fiber that the western media claims to this day he didn’t.

Today we have the kudagra accusation that started last night (Dec 4th, 2012) with CIA agent Anderson Cooper moving one guest after another over the conveyor belt of politically motivated lies. The European funded, American backed civil war in Syria is waning. The indigenous people are pushing back against European controlled currencies, GMO infested foods, and the wholesaling of their land and property. This calls for desperate measures, so in comes the lie.

Oh, we might eventually see some people die due to chemicals if the scare tactic fails, but who drops the canister will never be proven. The public will be reassured that brown people are inhumane ignorant monsters, thus feeding their unqualified superior self-image.

We urge you to resist this latest propaganda. Have pity on any country being overthrown by bank funded rebels. The goal is to steal the country. It’s been down hundreds of times in the past, and if we don’t stop them, it’ll happen a hundred times more, until it’s your country. Think about it.

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