Chemtrail Update: Why It Matters

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Devastated Oklahoma

Today we saw another barrage of severe thunderstorms laced with deadly tornadoes, all the while government tax payer dollars are creating cloud systems, and tampering with the weather. Today 51 people have died in Oklahoma alone. We are certain that spraying in the preceding adjacent states has contributed largely if not entirely to the creation of these sudden strikes. The scientists know they can blame it on seasonal weather, but we’ve seen first hand how they’re spraying into existence massive cloud structures that instantly drift into neighboring states resulting in massive storms.

It needs to stop. If you’re in any state from Arizona to Oklahoma, look up, take pictures, and record the chemtrails leading up to these deadly storms. Today geoeningeering scientists killed innocent Americans. Stop being ignorant about this subject.

Then again, Obama will stop at nothing to erase his scandals.

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