Katy Perry Turns Into A Complete TOOL

The-Police-State-Vs.-Occupy-Wall-Street-This-Is-Not-Going-To-End-Well-For-Any-Of-UsKaty Perry has added her assistance to the New World Order by reacting to more government staged shootings in America. While police are seen raiding homes and violating Constitutional Rights of citizens in Boston, Katy’s Twitter account was filled with auto-tuned drivel. The government and PR firms working for the government know how the system works; stage a killing or randomly promote one to the front-line news, then wait for 80 IQ bimbos to translate those losses into self-righteous outbursts of moronic fodder.

The facts remain, gun ownership at the citizen level keeps neighborhoods safe, and standing armies in check. An armed man is a free man. An unarmed man is a slave.

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