YouTube: Kristen Meghan is a mom, with a very special background. She spent 9 years in the Air Force working in Bioenvironmental Engineering. Basically, her job was to protect military employees from the hazards they come in contact with every day, while also upholding the laws our government has regarding the environment and hazardous materials.

She learned about the Chem Trail program, and went on a mission to stop it. She became a whistle blower. A true American, she stood by the oath she took, to defend this nation and for doing so, she was threatened to have her kids taken away, and made to look like a crazy person.

Take note of her comments…there will likely be “paid commenters” posting in this very thread to spread dis-information. It’s not new and takes place in nearly every political or controversial topic. We call them trolls, but they are paid government employees trying to “shape” public perception.

Kristen Meghan is a true American hero for standing up for humanity and saying this program is wrong, and must be stopped. Please watch at least until she is finished speaking, and share with your friends and neighbors so we can start demanding politicians to shut this down..they control the purse strings. It’s gone on far too long, and the rapidly declining health of our families demand we get involved. The elites have their hand in this. It’s time we politely tell them to go fuck themselves and start holding individual pilots and aircraft technicians loading this onto the planes, responsible for carrying out this mass chemical poisoning. When there are no more order takers willing to risk their freedom to poison/murder fellow Americans, we will have succeeded. We’re still holding the Nazi prison guards responsible for their actions….this is no different.

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