Talking Scrotum Bag

Attention ladies and gentlemen, this is Senator Harry Reid. He’s long been a blowhard piece of shit on Capital Hill, but this month he has officially crossed the line away from favorable United States citizenship. He should now officially be deported to the nearest socialistic communist country that needs a worthless slave laborer know nothing to pound rocks.

For those of you not in the know, Harry Reid has been conspiring with foreign governments such as China to sell American land to setup solar and wind farms to benefit foreign investors. This has led to the Bundy Ranch standoff where Senator Reid has been using federal tax dollars and his band of rent-a-cops from the BLM to threaten good upstanding citizens to facilitate his personal kickback relationship with China. Citing the endangerment of turtles to harass the Bundy’s, the same BLM officials last year wholesale slaughtered those exact turtles in the fall of 2013.

Reid should be on your list of federal scumbags that make America look bad to its citizens and foreign nations. Time to revoke this guy’s right to live in any of America’s 50 states.

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