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Pharmaceutical Moral High Ground

syringe-vaccinationOne of the most volatile areas of conspiracy is in healthcare, and most specifically those who campaign for vaccinations. The assertion from these gullible parents is that pharmaceutical companies come with moral high-grounds that lack profit motives. The truth proven by sheer history is that these companies are chartered to do the least amount of clinical testing before pressuring the world to consume their new found treatment.

Fast-food Morals

It would not surprise any of you that fast-food establishments do not have high moral grounds. They prepare food with the cheapest of ingredients, then conspire to convince you through advertising that their products hold the gateway to an enjoyable life. It is safe to say that few parents, even those who are pro-vaccinations, would not feel guilty for depriving their children of a Big Mac or Whopper.

Pharmaceutical Morals

Pharmaceutical companies have managed to conceal their profit driven objectives within the confines of hospitals, which exude this notion of meaning well. The reality is that healthcare facilities are riddled with anti-patient practices on a second by second basis. They charge ungodly amounts of money for pain killers like aspirin, and demand that an overnight stay in their building cost a years mortgage. Yet we the citizens of this planet have been conditioned to believe that the rates are justified due to other inefficiencies within the organization that drive up prices for other non-related services to the patient being gouged.

Avoiding Cures, The Basis For Vaccinations

The pharmaceutical industry learned many moons ago that creating cures was the least efficient method for generating profit. A cure is something that only a sick person takes, and lets face it, there are far fewer people getting sick, than walk around healthy. Cures are also relegated to what can be patented and billed to the patient. If a glass of water cured cancer, that cure couldn’t be patented, so it would never be marketed by the hospitals and pharmaceutical companies that have cancer “treatments” that extend over a prolonged period of the patients life.

Treatments, The First Pharmaceutical Tactic

The initial non-cure strategy of pharmaceutical companies was the serendipitous discovery of post-illness treatments. As with all races to find a cure, the medical organizations of the world in the days of ethical endeavors, developed methods to slow down or in some rare cases to halt the spreading of a particular illness. Over time the amount of revenue generated from this strategy dwarfed the final monetary gain of releasing the cure. Let’s face it, cures have to sit and wait for patients to get sick, and the more we discover about how a patient gets the illness in the first place, the smaller that target market gets.

In Comes The Ultimate Profit Margin, Vaccinations

What if you could create a “medicine” that could be administered to every single human on Earth regardless of their state of health? A medicine that is embedded by law in many areas of the world, and made mandatory to attend school, go to work, and simply exist as a free being? This is the fundamental profit model of vaccinations.

Vaccinations operate on the ethical principle of creating antibodies within a human’s blood supply before they come in contact with a particular illness. In the case of the poliovirus, a small dose of the virus is introduced into the bloodstream and typically absorbed through the tonsils and gastrointestinal tract. This leads to a development of antibodies capable of protecting the person for their lifetime, although some rare post-immunization breakouts have been documented. Sounds great right? Why not do this every place we can? Let’s continue.

What started out as a race to save humanity from viruses and bacterial infections that killed man prior to water sanitation, better hygiene, and a knowledge of basic nutrition, has turned into a profit based system that lacks any control mechanisms. Even parents that are duped into promoting vaccinations will admit that our politicians are bought off by numerous pharmaceutical lobbyists, but somehow maintain this infallible code of ethic to ensure their child is never harmed. The truth is that these companies play games with your wellbeing and have for the last half century.

Vaccinations are driven by the profit model that once developed and marketed will become the moral basis for being a good parent. The gullible parents of the world with zero medical backgrounds, armed with YouTube expertise in medicine, will not only purchase these shots, but go on crusade level campaigns to convince the rest of the world to do the same. They will in many cases escalate their new found righteousness into physical threats to forcibly vaccinate their neighbors children with a religious like fervor that they have the god given right to decide how your child is taken care of, and all of their scientific evidence has come from a marketing department of a pharmaceutical company brochure handed off by their pediatrician who gets a monetary kickback for the recommendation. The immoral doctor who is buying his second lakeside cabin will used ridicule and name calling to ensure his mistress hideout is finished by Spring.

The Big Lie, Humans Are A Broken Species

The very basis for all the marketing that surrounds vaccinations is that the human genome is broken. Despite surviving millions of years of evolution, humans need pharmaceutical products to simply exist healthy. Never mind that all the humans prior to this sudden medical theory lived long healthy lives. Mummies around the globe from all walks of life often had all their teeth, lived well into their 70s and 90s, the big pharmaceutical companies have convinced the lower IQ population that we need their help. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Vaccinations have been known to cause more ill effects than they solve. Vaccinations against chickenpox have led to adults getting painful shingles later in life, because they never created the resistant antibodies developed during a full chickenpox breakout. Vaccinations against mumps and measles have resulted in a rise in ovarian cancers due to the lack of antibodies developed as a result of catching mumps and measles during childhood. Vaccinations violate the very design of our evolution. If you’re religious, it could be asserted that God didn’t make us flawed and in need of any of these treatments. Consequently, it should be noted that isolationists religious cults and sects lack any of these modern illnesses derived from patients who take vaccines. Something to think about.

Post Treatment Stockholm Syndrome

Another growing mental condition of parents who’ve harmed their children with these vaccinations is the inability to cope with their ignorance. One might think that a parent who had a healthy child who suffers immediate convulsions after a round of vaccinations might be an adversary against the treatment that under any scientific cause and effect would be routed out as the cause of their child’s sudden mental demise. However, the pharmaceutical companies are now discovering that these parents are becoming ultimate advocates of the programs to ensure that their own accountability for killing their child’s mind is never dealt with.

As we’ve noted before, vaccinations are responsible for this sudden surge in mentally impaired children who are then diagnosed with autism, Aspergers, attention deficit disorder, and many other modern ailments that fuel the need for vaccinations. These false diagnoses are used to offset the legal accountability by first the hospitals and eventually the pharmaceutical companies that lobby to ensure that their legal accountability is to be erased if the vaccination is mandated by the state of its patient.

Lobbyists Aren’t Needed For Good Products

The final smoking gun for the medically illiterate is the preponderance of pharmaceutical lobbyists that ensure that their profit based products are consumed by the masses. In recent decades the level of legal movements are alarming. The World Health Organization or WHO has been inducted in more than 35 states in America with the authority to demand vaccinations, and this is only in the United States. Bureaucrats from a foreign country can now harm citizens globally with their lobbied uninformed decisions. We all know the ridiculous panic that tested their abilities with the H1N1 virus. A ludicrous moment in vaccination alarmism that has resulted in hundreds of patients developing not only the H1H1 virus, but nerve disorders that they will live with for the remainder of their lives.

Bottom-line, cures are the only ethical charter for mankind. Vaccinations are profit driven crapshoots with the human genome. We at OnePageNews will not be vaccinating our children. Your decision has now been informed. Do research outside of their propaganda marketing bubble that is big pharma and hospital circles, and try to understand that man survived thousands of centuries with none of the above.

Remember that pharmaceutical companies have no moral high-ground. Their tactic is to convince you that you’re broken and in need of their emergency treatment. Never mind that during the decades of history without them, we had very little in the way of outbreaks in the areas of their treatments.

Meet Bruce Lipton

We have been huge followers of all Bruce’s publications. Feared by the medical corporations that own you from cradle to grave, Bruce’s books are buried deep in the “New Age” section of the bookstore, and some are only available via audible versions. We highly suggest you track down and ingest Bruce’s work, so that you may understand how your body and mind work together.

male-dramaEver wonder why folks lust for negativity? They love to be the barer of bad news? Or they love to self-destruct their lives? The answer might amaze you. There is only one brand of endorphin in the body. There isn’t a happiness brand, and a sadness brand. There is one brand, and it is used for both emotional states.

When a person experiences love for something, we often discuss the level of endorphins that are introduced into the body. This can be triggered by a love for an object such as food, a new book, a stereo system or even a car. So what happens when someone is angry? Answer, the same thing.

When a person experiences any over arching emotion, endorphins are spilled into the blood stream. A minor moment of high is experienced by the person, and depending on their state of mind, an addiction can form. We don’t have the exact test levels, but it has been our experience that anger produces a fraction of what love produces. Love produces longer sessions of endorphins due to its lustful nature within our human psyche. We continually induce moments of love. We eat an entire meal for 45 minutes, make love for the same, or shop for hours. Therefore the sheer amount being dumped into our bodies is high and consistent over time.

What happens when someone can’t find happiness?

What happens if someone is without a lover? Money to buy things like fancy meals, or items? They do the next best thing, they create drama. Dramatic moments that make the heart rate increase, and that instill moments of fight or flight, such as bar brawls or horrible news of betrayal or death, put the body in a mode of despair. This begins the flow of minor to major levels of endorphins, but since we don’t desire these moments to last, the levels soon peak, and diminish leaving the subject in question needing more drama to fulfill their need for positive chemical emotions.

What do we do with this information?

We need to begin educating each other on this reality. It isn’t taught in schools, and it isn’t past down by generations of elders. That needs to change immediately. Many of you have friends or children who are destroying their lives intentionally, people who are in constant states of depression, and not yet on mind rotting pills. For those not suffering from chemical imbalances, but who have slipped into poor life habits, there is hope.

It is imperative that we let individuals know about this pattern of addiction. Many individuals want to escape their hunger for drama, but don’t know why they continually push the envelope of negativity. If you explain to them that they’re simply addicted to the same natural chemical associated with love, they can begin to understand where the true solutions are found. Not everyone can instantly find a lover, but they can begin to repair their lives at a fundamental level of living.

If this concept is new to you, take some time to understand it. Look out over the world and observe how individuals instigate crisis in their lives in order to orchestrate this rush of endorphins. Study your own life to ensure you have your house in order. Once you can see what can’t be unseen, begin to spread this news to all. You’d be amazed at how quickly people respond, and begin to autocorrect their lives.

Be well.

Dental Fluorosis

An extremely dirty secret that has been told to Americans since 1954 with the introduction of fluoridated water are the effects of fluoride on the human body. There are several threats to human health that are caused by ingesting this toxic chemical, that up until 1954 was dealt with by the Army Core of Engineers for specialized disposal. After 1954, the Nazi Germany research was well understood to dumb down a population by rotting the pineal gland in the brain. They wanted more zombie Americans who will be complicit with their European banking agendas to destroy the dream of individual freedoms as defined by the Constitution.

Fluoride causes something called Fluorosis, and despite the sanitized images on Wikipedia showing a relatively normal set of teeth, fluorosis is responsible for embedding that white chalking discoloration on your tooth enamel.

The human body has never needed fluoride to keep teeth young and healthy for life. What is mandatory is a reduced level of sugar, regular brushing, and flossing. We don’t lose our teeth as a normal progression of being alive. If one studies mummies of ancient cultures prior to the introduction of sugar, nearly all of the 70+ year old bodies had all their teeth. We have been duped into thinking that humans lose their teeth as a natural cycle to life. What we aren’t connecting is the sick addiction to soda rotting chemicals that destroy our enamel and feed the bacteria that eats away at our gums.

As an alternative to fluoridated toothpastes, we recommend looking into Tom’s toothpaste, and if you have a Traders Joe’s food chain near by, their proprietary non-fluoridated toothpastes. If our European controlled government ever attempts to ban non-fluoridated toothpastes, we recommend using baking soda as a base alternative. If nothing else, reduce your diet of sugar, brush your teeth with fluoride free water, and live a long and lucid life.

Please pass this information on to anyone you love. We at OnePageNews can eat our toothpaste without worrying about poisoning ourselves or our children.

Beastie Boy Adam Yauch

Several years ago we reported of the sudden case of salivary cancer contracted by Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys. We were extremely hopeful that he would conquer this condition of the modern age. Today with great regret, we have learned of his transcending to the Buddhists of the universe. While paying deep respects to his work as a musician and activist, we feel it would dishonor his journey to overlook the fact that he most likely developed his condition through cell phone exposure.

It has been widely documented that the power supplies within cell phones emit tremendous levels of electron particles when in use. As a cell phone struggles to gain signal the levels can reach four times their normal operational parameters. This exposure to electron clouds ruptures the integrity of your cellular DNA and protein structures, and causes complex organs such as the parotid salivary gland to develop levels of defective cells that your immune system cannot purge prior to developing cancer.

The issue is so volatile for the trillion-dollar industry of cell phones that apps designed to monitor such outputs have been banned from sale by the vendors themselves.

We urge all of you to buy a wired headset, or use the headset that comes with your phone. It is inconvenient to have a wire to your phone, but it will mean the difference between life and death in the long run. Apple makes one of the best wired headsets in the industry.

To Adam Yauch, we thank you for your amazing life, your contribution to our catalog of incredibly funky music, and hope to see you on the other side.

MUST SEE: Farmageddon

We’d like to recommend that you spend the next 48 hours tracking down the nearest copy of the film Farmageddon. This timely documentary covers the attack on the American people who are trying to grow and distribute organic clean healthy food and especially raw milk. We at feel the source of the problem is the never ending assault from European controllers who want America on the decline. Politicians are bought off in exchange for short term monetary gains to pass legislation that defies all logic. It’s not just multinational corporations seeking greed. It’s the complete and utter destruction of our country by those who feel threatened by freedom.

You can purchase this DVD direct, or you can use your Apple TV and dozens of other online streaming services listed on their website to rent or purchase a copy. Unlike all of our other movie recommendations, this film represents the seed of our bloodless revolution. Public outrage needs to be the follow-up after one sees this documentary. It is imperative that you pass this to your friends however possible. Link to their website from your Facebook page, your Twitter account, anything.

Farmers are being held at gun point by goons who should be deported from this great country. Warrants without probable cause are being used to justify the outright stealing of goods and property from loyal Americans. Don’t be the person who sits on the sideline and does nothing while your country is being dismantled before your very eyes. Be the patriot who fights back by spreading knowledge.

When it comes to your health, there is a common phrase that acts as a rebuttal to any claims of a conspiracy against your longevity, and it goes something like this, “Well, if [toxin being discussed] killed, I’d be dead years ago!” The idea being that all toxins are equal. They’re not, and we’re going to try and explain some of the reasons why.

Some toxins enter your body and take 20 to 30 years before they start to disrupt your brain, your heart, your lungs, and your overall state of cancer free being. Now if one consumes a known toxin like say, Liquid Draino, then one would predict quite accurately how the next one to 15 minutes of your life would go. If you live, you’d be lucky, and there isn’t a soul that would argue to the contrary. However, what if you were to ingest a toxin that builds up over decades? A toxin that accumulates in the brain cavity? Something that kills brain cells for example, or something that disrupts cellular mitosis? Would you be able to keep track of the cause? We would suggest that few ever connect their eating habits with their eventual illnesses.

There has been a formula in place for nearly a century to conceal deadly toxins within the food supply and cause individuals to lose their mobility and mental awareness. Why would anyone do this? The answer is two fold. There are factions around the world who are now openly discussing population control. These individuals openly discuss the drawbacks of trying to convince the world not to procreate. The openly agree that all initial efforts need to be covertly imposed in the people by any means necessary.

Ever wonder why so many big pharma corporations get away with murder? Why giant manufacturing plants that dump toxic poisons don’t get shut down by the governments they reside in? There is a good reason, and it only partially involves profits. Profits are always a desirable byproduct of operating a business, but if the message comes to the elite on high that a corporation has effected a population in a way that will kill off a sector of the world, there is a reward that is given in the form of slow court cases, tiny settlements, and immunity in ways that allow this company to continue manufacturing indefinitely. The top executives seldom see any penalties, jail time, etc. Instead they are invited to elite parties, promoted into higher positions at even more toxic companies that typically do more harm the longer they stay in business.

So why again would anyone do this? The answer is actually very simple. The same elite families that own the hospitals you’re born in, also own the food companies that distribute these legal toxins, and they own the nursing homes that will drain your family’s wealth (should you amass any) prior to death. It’s a perfect closed system that owns you from cradle to grave. It completely and utterly owns you and prevents you from ever breaking free from the system of poverty in respect to those who own the world.

So the next time you drink a diet soda, eat a sugarless food, press a cellphone against your head, accept a free FLU shot, and generally minimize the effects of known and reported toxins on or in your body, understand that you may end up in your later years with a body capable of living another two decades, but a mind that can no longer think, remember, or participate in being alive. All the while you will be a burden on your children robbing them of their ability to ascend through the trials and tribulations of life. They deserve to be free from your choices, and you do too. See our article on Immediate Health Risks before you live another minute. Do what you can to rid your life of things that promise zero side effects, but eventually corrupt your very being.

Irony is Diet Coke sponsoring a cancer fund raiser. There is no end to the number of continually escalating reports about people who are developing and dying of cancer. We have been conditioned to believe that it is natural, and or something that it is built into our genetics. Cancer is not natural. Cancer would have eliminated the human race millions of years ago given the exponential curve that’s occurring today.

We would like to take you through some simple reminders to help you safeguard yourself from developing cancer. As those around you develop cancer, you will be empowered to study their diets, environment, and recommend changes that will greatly increase their chance of battling back the disease and living a long healthy life.

Poisoned Water

There used to be a time when the water that came from our pipes was clean. An appliance didn’t have to be washed by CLR to remove the calcium and other metals that build up and damage pipes. Nevertheless, some people still cook with this, and on occasion, drink it. The overwhelming majority of water plants in America fluoridate. They fill our water with poisonous toxic chemicals that promote tooth decay, osteoporosis, and rot our pineal gland.

This global poisoning and dumbing down of citizens needs to be halted. The water company does not have the right to prescribe medicine to the public. Fluoride is a toxic byproduct of heavy industry. The CDC tells parents to take their children to poison control centers if they swallow a pea sized toothpaste, but hands out no warnings for consuming the same amount of fluoride in a single eight ounce glass of water.

Buy a fluoride water filter for your home. Whether it is a countertop unit, or a system that filters it at the source, you must defend yourself against the mind altering substance at all costs. If you have the means, block it at the source. You shower in fluoride, and no tests have been published to measure the amount of fluoride that is absorbed by the epidermis. Understand that normal water filters DO NOT filter fluoride, and the ones that do only claim 97%. Until we can incarcerate city council members worldwide for knowingly allowing this toxic destruction of lives, we have to defend ourselves.

Fake Food

The first contributing factor to man’s global increase in cancer is directly related to our drastic change in food supply. Man has routinely struggled over the millennia to feed himself through famines, but during the last 100 years we have replaced the notion of fresh food purchased daily with heavily processed artificial fast food that convinces our bodies we’ve eaten when we haven’t.

Today fresh food grocery stores are sprouting up all over America. Heavily processed outlets are losing customers daily to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Mother’s Market, the list increases. These alternate stores still struggle to fill their shelves with safe food, but what is available is making its way into the ever more knowledgeable public. For those eating healthy, life is different. Their minds work better. Their bodies are full of energy. They live longer, richer lives.

If you think you can’t live without your favorite fast-food, remember this: Every single fast-food chain is owned by a company that gets its food from genetically modified sources. Most of their ingredients are fake. The meat isn’t meat. The cheese isn’t cheese. You aren’t eating what you think you’re eating. Fast-food chains rely on the worst grade of beef for the little they use. They get kick-backs for pawning diabetes causing drinks onto the public. Each time you eat a fast-food product, understand you are eating pure poison. Your body will spend the next digestive cycle fighting off the cancerous cells that that meal created. This is not an exaggeration. One of the key reasons why cancer is blamed on genetics is that if it weren’t, fast-food chains would be shut down overnight once a single study would dare to be published linking the two.

Sugar Substitutes

One of the toughest areas that people battle is in the area of sugar. A hundred and fifty years ago sugar was a much rarer commodity for the average public. Books wrote of special months out of the year where parents would splurge and allow their children to consume something made of sugar during the holidays. Today we raise our children on mountains of sugar to stimulate “good” behavior, and to satiate their video game entertained lives. Other parents ban sugar all together, while some, intending to fix the problem, feed their children any number of sugar substitutes that directly create cancerous cells in their bodies.

One of the most dangerous sugar substitutes is Aspartame. This highly toxic substance has been linked to brain tumors, convulsions, and the residual existence of methanol and formaldehyde in the body. This substance is the single fastest way to put you and your loved ones at risk of cancer mentioned in this article. If you must, eat real sugar. If you can, reduce pleasure based consumption to the best of your ability.

Electrically Pulverizing Our DNA

Remember those reports long ago that homes near power lines put their residents at risk for cancer? Well those were valid warnings, but now we bring the threat directly into our homes. There are two areas of concern when it comes to electricity. The most lethal is the most common, electromagnetic poles. These are experienced when a device is placed on or near the human body. The more the voltage, the more harmful the electrons are that shatter your DNA. We have an article on cancer you should review for details. The most common devices are cellphones that put out an amazing level of electricity. When a cellphone is struggling to reach its signal tower, it drains the battery up to four times as fast. If you have this device placed against your head, you run the risk of getting lymph node cancer behind your ears, and salivary cancer just inside your jaw. One need look no further than Robert Ebert to see the damages of this condition.

The second and less dangerous are radio frequency (RF) waves that are in all forms of matter, especially life matter. Plants, animals, and humans all exude RF waves, so the electronic industry leans on this fact to usurp its “natural” property. The big difference as you might imagine is that the sheer amount of frequency coming from normal consumer devices is tens of thousands of times more intense than, say, a tree. What does this mean for you?

The bottom-line to take away from this article is that one needs to be careful surrounding oneself with electronics. Where possible one needs to limit technology in and around the body. If possible, wire your home with hard lines. Leave your electronic devices in a different room than you sleep. Use electric blankets to warm, but not to heat throughout the night. Don’t use laptop computers on your body. Don’t store cellphones in your pockets or on your person, and by all means use a wired headset to take phone calls. Over all, reduce your use of devices if possible; buy good old fashion paper books.

Kill Your Microwave Oven

There were lies a long time ago that microwaves create “radioactive” food. They don’t, but what they do create is toxic food elements from food compounds. Ever notice that a meal loses tastes once reheated in a microwave? That’s because the original food had compounds that combine two or more elements into a structure that created a desirable flavor. That flavor was destroyed when the microwave shattered it.

So what’s the danger? The danger is that certain food elements should never be ingested on their own. For instance there is a fatty acid called methyl ester that is in the skin of an apple. If that skin were microwaved, it shatters the methyl ester from the pectin and thus exposes the body to pure methanol which is toxic. This is just one example of how microwaves can harm you and your loved ones. It also disrupts the electrical frequencies within your body by just boiling water. If you’re still not convinced, understand that Russia ban the use of microwaves back in the 1970s, because they knew that their citizens were going to get sick from its effect on food, and that their socialistic model for medicine was going to go broke trying to pay for the treatments.


We at OnePageNews want you to be healthy above all, because we know the more you rejuvenate your lives with good solid energy, health, and happiness, the more you’ll have time and energy to find your destiny in the universe, and thus identify those who are trying to repress your journey. You are human, and hence capable of accomplishing any number of amazing things in your life. Be smart. Be well.


Americans especially love to revel in the notion that due to advances in science and medicine, we live longer as a society. The truth is exactly the opposite. We know that’s hard to believe, and perhaps their are some minor exceptions to individual experiences, but the truth remains that due to processed foods, vaccination programs, and stressed filled lives, we are not living longer.

One of the most interesting areas where this becomes clear is in the obituaries of newspapers around the world. In areas where communities live in smaller towns where the elderly isn’t influenced by modern consumption, the population lives well into their 90s if not their 100s. What one will notice when studying the age ranges of deaths in any town is a gap between the baby boomers and their parents. Their parents will often reach a minimum age well within their 80s, while the baby boomers start dying in their late 60s, and almost never reach their 80s.

When one is from a smaller town, one can track the lifestyles of those who do reach their 80s and above. Their eating habits are full of fresh organic food. They pace their lives to lack inordinate levels of stress. Due to their lack of trend consumption, they keep their use of technology to a minimum, thus reducing their exposure to EMF waves that can greatly reduce their immune system’s effectiveness.

We have experienced in one case a very vivid example of how modern society corrupts health patterns absolute. After visiting an assisted living home for a number of years, we made friends with three elderly women. One in her 90s, one in her 80s, and one in her 70s. Their medical status was remarkable. The woman who was 93 was still walking, was extremely sharp, and looked capable of living another ten years. The woman who was 86 was wheelchair bound, had numerous health issues, and not likely to live to reach her early 90s. The woman who was 74 was bed ridden, and mentally void due to Alzheimer’s disease. This may sound like a coincidence, but the trend was consistent throughout the institution.

The medical industry that is poisoning children and elderly love to instill phrases such as, “Doesn’t everything cause cancer?” and “You’ve got to die of something right?” These little catchphrases and others like them is an ignorant generation celebrating if not enabling the illegal toxification of the food supply that exists today. The fact remains that the majority of food was organic less than 30 years ago. Safe pesticides such as DDT were demonized while farmers drank glasses of it in front of the press to prove its safe application to crops. Monsanto was sure to replace the DDT with the ever toxic Round-Up product that works in conjunction with patented seeds that make up our newly genetically modified organisms (GMO) crops. New studies suggest that animals that ingest GMO crops go sterile in less than three generations. Enjoy your discounted food!

So the next time you think about whether or not to pull into a fast food restaurant or try to save a buck by buying a non-organic item, think about not only your early demise, but the stunted growth of your children, and perhaps the systemic illness you’re giving them to deal with at a later time. No child should die due to cancer or other preventable illness. Do the right thing. Eat fresh. Live long. Be wise.

White Flour Is Unnatural

About 100 years ago society began to reject the natural cosmetic appearance of wheat. This one naive decision resulted in an opportunity for our entire use of all wheat based products to be compromised to the core.

Meet a drug named Alloxan. This chemical is the number one technique that America food makers use to process naturally brown whole wheat into toxic white powder found in nearly all white bread based products and especially cakes and candies sold in convenient stores from coast to coast.

The problem with Alloxan is that it also doubles as a drug that induces diabetes in laboratory animals. That’s right. An animal is given Alloxan and immediately begins to develop diabetes. What effect do you suppose this has on the human body? If you guessed diabetes, you’re probably right.

Consequently, Europe has banded the use of any chemicals to bleach flour. They simply allow the wheat to naturally change color over 11 to 15 days. What a novel idea huh? Not in America. In America we need everything, and we need it now. That and the European corporations that are owned by European monarchs and other banking families that are still furious over losing the Revolutionary war have America and her citizens in their scopes, and therefore under attack. They have been polluting our food supply for some time, and now one of the basic food groups is in absolute peril.

So how do you know which wheat hasn’t been tampered with? Our only answer is any product that reads as its first ingredient, “100% Whole Wheat Grain.” Anything that reads “enriched” or “multigrain” is not guaranteed to be good for you. In fact, many breads simply sprinkle 12 grains on the crust, and leave the internal bread bleached white. Some companies take measures to make white flour look brown and healthy, but if it doesn’t say 100% Whole Wheat, it’s not whole wheat and you should avoid it all costs.

There are two parts of wheat that can be considered healthy for man. Some contest rightfully so that man never ate wheat until very late in his development, because natural wheat contains a toxic shell that can lead to death if not baked off, similar to peanuts. With a grain of wheat are three components. The bran shell that can promote regularity. The endosperm which is largely useless, and the wheat germ that has a high level of nutrients. The only problem is that wheat germ only comprises 3% of the entire kernel. So in order to ingest anything healthy, a human has to consume 83% endosperm which can lead to high sugar values that the body has to break down. When mixed with Alloxan, the effects can lead to early diabetes in children. If you’re a parent with a child suffering from diabetes, it would be wise to examine their diet leading up to their condition.

Several doctors are trying to heighten the awareness of Alloxan in white flour, but are finding it hard to get past the propaganda laid down by the companies that benefit from its fast and easy wheat bleaching properties. We urge you to convert to whole wheat bread if you need to eat such products, and spread the word about the health risk associated with anything white. If its white, it’s not good for you.

It is unclear whether or not the proliferation of Xenoestrogens is intentional or simply due to corporate greed, but the facts remain: Xenoestrogens are being dumped into our food and water supply on a daily basis and creating synthetic surges in human estrogen levels globally. However, there are things you can do to combat this toxic war on your health.

The initial steps are to follow our list of detoxifying guidelines in our article on Immediate Health Risks. Following this simple guide will do wonders to strengthen your immune system, preserve your bones, teeth, and overall protein absorption during cell mitosis. The next step is very simple: EAT CRUCIFEROUS VEGETABLES. These natural vegetables will help to block out Xenoestrogen from being absorbed by your body. This will greatly improve your overall hormonal balance, and for men, reduce fatty tissue intended for female bodies.

Depending on your current estrogen levels, one may want to consult a doctor and get on supplements that boost natural testosterone. We use a supplement based on an herb fenugreek that is found in a commercial name Testofen. This natural herb mildly boosts your natural testosterone levels by up to 98% and can greatly reduce damage done by growing breast and belly fat over the years of being polluted.

Overall, Xenoestrogens need to be purged from the world, and in the meantime, YOU need to do what you can to eliminate them from your lives, from your children’s and friend’s lives. You are now informed.

Deadly FLU Shot

Well, here we are on October 31, 2011. As a special gift from out powers that be, we have an invitation to toxic flu shots at a Ventura County Vons supermarket. And then with just a turn of the neck, there they are up above, the toxic discharge of the chemtrail planes. Happy halloween, citizen!

The supermarket makes your flu shot even more attractive by offering you a 10 percent discount on your Monsanto, GMO, Corn Syrup filled processed food purchases after you allow yourself to be injected with potentially hazardous flu vaccines.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.  As you exit the store, look up.  Every single cloud over the city of Ventura, CA today came out of the back of an airplane. These aerosol trails linger in the sky for hours and slowly expand into a web of thin, ugly, artificial clouds that drain their payload of barium and aluminum oxide on our crops and water supply.  Your kids breathe it.  Your pets breathe it. YOU breathe it.  For some reason people don’t look up and wonder why a perfectly clear blue sky is crisscrossed with contrails that don’t dissipate.

Ventura County California Oct 31st 2011

But the trick’s on the establishment this Halloween.  People are waking up all over.  Protests are spilling all over the world. The Global Insurrection Against Banker Ooccupation is gaining steam.  But we ALL need to look skyward and realize that we are being poisoned by above as well as below.

The irony that the establishment wants you to consume a toxic laden FLU shot in order to be healthy all the while spraying you with metal dust from above that will compromise your immune system should be a clue. They are making us sick so that we flock to the shots for help. The trails are the silent sheep dogs that herd us into the slaughter house of carefully designed vaccines that contain toxins that sterilize lab animals and contain 50% of their weight in mercury that will destroy your brain cells for the rest of your life.

We used to live long lives. We used to die of natural causes. Now we all suffer mental illnesses and die inside our bodies long before we should.

Tell a friend.

Raw Milk

There used to be a time when milk would expire within the week. Its nutrients would go sour, and one had to buy new milk on a regular basis. This is where we got the friendly milkman. The milkman was necessary and desired by culture, because he was the only way to facilitate the short lifespan of pure natural untreated milk. Then in comes the elite. They know that milk helps provide massive immune system boosters. It also nourishes the bones, and keeps people generally more healthy, and consequently taller, stronger, and more able to stand up to bullies who might try to take over their captors.

In comes a new invention called pasteurization. The big promise? It will extend the lifespan of milk. One will no longer have to get their supply from a weekly person who drops off fresh nutritious milk, but allow one to go to the store and buy a carton that will last a couple weeks on average. This extension of life in the milk is made possible by killing off all of its natural enzymes that make you healthy as a result of drinking it. Enzymes are the building blocks of proteins, which your body uses to create fresh healthy younger cells. Without a good supply of protein, the body will grow older, weaker, and usually result in some form of cancer or worse catastrophic organ failure due to cells that are starving for their base component.

Today, the Federal Government has taken it upon themselves to harass, arrest, and bully anyone trying to sell pure natural healthy milk. Local police, and FBI work together to destroy supplies of such wholesome natural and healthy products, because they have been told that its dangerous. Dangerous because it could contain bacteria that is boiled away by the process of pasteurization. The threat of bacterial infection is merely a scare tactic to completely and utterly annihilate its instant and unquestionable benefit to mankind.

Pasteurization is a barbaric process that destroys all that is healthy about milk. Today milk is injected with vitamins, because without them, it has very little to offer the human body besides fat and more often than not, cow hormones. Organic raw milk is the supercharger for your body and mind. It will keep you younger longer, and give your children an amazing natural boost that will make them smarter, stronger, and overall less sick.

It is time we take back our right to eat untampered food. It is time we stop writing and passing legislation every time a rare event in food sanitation occurs. The government and the elite of Europe who want to enslave us from the genetic code up, have been conspiring to fluoridate our minds, poison our food supplies, replace normal fresh food with genetically altered substitutes, and resell raw food that was available in the 1970s back to us in the 21st century under the label “organic.” Organic is simply the food we used to eat on a daily basis 30+ years ago.

It’s time to return to the basics. It’s time to recapture our right to decide what we put in our bodies. Alcohol is a known danger to almost every organ in our body, yet it’s legal to drink. Cigarettes have been linked to cancers of all kinds, and yet it’s legal to smoke. Raw milk is not harmful. Raw milk is pure and natural. Raw milk is the form of milk that humans should consume. The scam of pasteurization needs to end. Spread the word.

Nearly a century ago, various elite families who were investing in the medical care of others, discovered a fascinating financial reality when it comes to one person taking care of another. When a person loves another person, they will stop at nothing to keep them alive. Including the complete and utter depletion of their entire life savings. This reality was accidentally discovered, but has since been intentionally exploited.

Now take the thousands of ways that a human being is poisoned into neurological illnesses that result in brain damage (often blamed on autism), dementia, and the ever growing and more popular Alzheimer’s. Each one of these illnesses can be prevented by refraining from FLU shots, eating foods laced with mercury such as tuna, and eating any number of sugar substitutes. Yet, in today’s modern “cool” culture, the catchphrase “You have to die from something” is thrust into the vernacular of young and ignorant citizens to defend their carefree lifestyle, which will land them in an assisted living facilities with health aging bodies, but mentally impaired minds. Their loved ones will be forced to spend thousands of dollars a month to have their every need supervised, thus ensuring that whatever money they had raised over their life, goes back into the pockets of the very folks who poisoned them in the first place.

When it comes to terminal illnesses, the gutting of your personal finances is nearly immediate, and usually results in debts that take decades to pay off, even if the patient had insurance at the time of diagnoses. Cancer is the most popular man-made illness that the elite help manifest in your body, so that their medical institutions will eventually inherit you as a patient and rape your family of every dime they have. Consequently, the insurance companies that write you the nice letter letting you know that your coverage has been canceled are also owned by the same folks.

When it comes to government healthcare, it is important to be careful in seeing this as a self-regulating method of cleaning up the food supply. The draconian mandate to buy overpriced coverage-lacking healthcare from a government agency only means that the odds of making money from such an empire have shifted. The private for profit insurance companies that will underwrite the policies handed down by the government will see massive swells in premium revenues, as they continue to pay themselves for medical services. To put this into perspective, one group of people bring you into this world with their hospital, feed you toxic food from their mega corporations, then take your money as you die in their hospitals. This is what John D. Rockefeller called, “cradle to grave” economics. The goal of his family was to own a human from start to finish, and that is exactly the scam they have been running on society since the 1920s.

You can brake this chain of dependency by detoxifying your life. See our article on Immediate Health Risks and do your best to adhere to every initiative mentioned therein. We want you to live a long and healthy life.

Cancer At The Supermarket

The next time you are at the supermarket and the checkout girl asks you if you’d like to “round up for breast cancer research”, let this little idea knock around in your skull.

“Cancer Research” has raised billions and billions of dollars over the last decades from well meaning folks that would like to see a deadly disease eradicated….yet cancer rates have spiked at a terrifying rate. Cancer centers open in cities across the United States. Oncology wards have waiting lists.  Grade school kids suffer chemotherapy and deadly radiation treatments. Women have parts of their bodies removed before the poisonous treatment eventually destroys their ability to fight disease and infection. It’s a ghastly deathgame, where the profit is in the prolonging of suffering, not the elimination of the disease.

What does that tell you? There is no money or future in a cure for cancer. The apparatus feeds itself on the billions of dollars made in the treatment of the disease, the money raised to perpetuate the illusion of dedicated scientists in a deathgrip battle against the cancer scourge, not the true enemy: THE SOURCE OF CANCER ITSELF.

So when the checkout girl asks you to contribute, float this response: “perhaps a better idea would be to warn people about the fake food on aisles three through fourteen and stop cancer before it starts.”

The American diet is filled with poisonous artificial, genetically modified, nutritionally bankrupt food. The body was not designed to absorb such an onslaught of toxic intake. Expecting a population to live on processed, depleted food and then wonder why the cancer rate is in the ionosphere would be like tossing a trout in a pool filled with chlorine and salt and then wonder why it went belly up.

People mean well when they contribute to Cancer research, they really do. But the hidden part of the equation is that the cause of cancer is woven into our very lives, perhaps even on purpose to breed dependence on the medical system once problems inevitably arise.