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When dealing with new information and especially conspiracies a common barrier can get between you and your ability to believe, and that is the question of Why. This single word continues to plague individuals from engaging their reality, mitigating the detrimental effects on their life, and funneling any thoughts into actionable items that can help to spread knowledge. We’re going to take a moment to help break you through this invisible barrier.

The youngest child in the world starts with the question why. Initially they are prone to believe whatever they are told, which is where humanity gets superstitions, religions, and other bad information that confines reality and robs man of their true mental freedoms. When the why is regarding simple questions with simple answers, the process resolves quickly in most cases. However, there is a valuable conundrum that arrises when conspiracies enter the picture.

The conspiracies we focus on at OnePageNews are often related to vital information that if not heeded, lead to the demise of individual destinies, health, and indirectly the freedoms that our forefathers have died for. Our challenge is that not all conspiracies come with documentation and or history books. We see things happen, we can easily in many cases deduce that the official stories submitted by profit seeking mass media or nefarious groups benefiting from the conspiracy are false. We can in many cases prove scientifically that the official stories are lies. We can recreate how many events physically occurred down to the last explosive, or the last financial policy change that allowed an economy to implode. What we cannot do in many cases is explain exactly why the event happened, and it is this reality that all truth seekers have to deal with. Does that mean we shouldn’t believe what our information tells us? No.

For example, when you read or examine photos of chemtrails you will probably defend the notion with the question of “Why would anyone do this?” or “Why are they spraying us?” In the event the person telling you about this lacks the overall big picture, you might retreat to the safe side of your emotional spectrum and volunteer your disbelief due to the uncertainty that a lack of full explanation would provide. We would like to suggest that a truth seeker does not cease exploring a theory simply due to a lack of reason. Many things in nature are unexplained, however, we as a population continue to believe the effects of storms, earthquakes, deaths, and natural phenomenon that occur every year.

The event of September 11th, 2001 remains a mystery to some extent. We think it is clear that the only factions benefitting from the attacks are the European banking cartels that have systematically used United States soldiers to take over Middle Eastern nations and destroyed the freedoms in America by passing executive orders to rape the Constitution. Osama Bin Laden didn’t prevail. The Taliban didn’t prevail. The Arab world as a whole didn’t prevail. Only bankers and major corporations that are owned by those bankers have prevailed. If one subscribes to the edict of following the money and or benefactors, the official story of who attacked us must be rejected. We’re of course ignoring the obvious scientific impossibilities of the event as examined by literally hundreds of millions of citizens who now know the event to be an inside job.

But again, if a skeptical person wants to hinge their intellectual prowess on the age old question of “Why?” and demand that all facts that are hidden by those involved must be divulged in full before they will consider the alternate reality, then the elite win. It is this simple fact that drives us to beg you to reconsider the process you use to find and accept the truth. We don’t ask you to subscribe to our assertions of why. We have our ideas based on tracking the financial gains of those involved, but we would encourage you to come up with your own reasons as trivial or complex as they might be. This is a group effort. The world is at stake the more we allow the elite, who will always hide their agendas from the public, to get away with heinous crimes simply because we the victims cannot explain their intent in full.  If the question of “Why” is the only form of doubt a person needs to reject otherwise empirical evidence, then nearly all belief systems would be erased in a day.

So as you go about your journey reading not only our website, but others, we urge you to consider how many beliefs you already possess that lack a reason why. Then ask yourself how you accept the news you see everyday without a reason why. People who are mugged often never get a reason why from their attackers. The same goes for victims of all shapes and sizes. The elite do not publish their intent. They are cowards who hide in the shadows and use their financial powers to manipulate the ignorant into selling out their own people for a momentary blip of monetary gain.

We have the power to create a bloodless revolution. A day when the nefarious weak bankers are hauled away into prisons for the rest of their lives. Where the families that have benefited from the deaths of so many soldiers who are tricked on a daily basis to kill for cover stories that serve bankers are stripped of their wealth. We can change the world. We simply need to change the way we take in reality. Be the first person in your clan to make that change, and help others around you understand that they are defending their own demise with the power of a single word.

This is very serious.

Another sword was thrust into the heart of The United States of America last night. The US Senate approved (93-7) The National Defense Authorization Act. What this means is that you, as an American Citizen, if you are so much as SUSPECTED of a terrorist act or of allying yourself with “terrorists” you can be swept up off the streets by the military, hauled off to a secret prison, no rights, no defense, no legal representation. You will be treated as a foreign enemy soldier in time of war. This is direct military intervention in the legal process of the United States. The true nature of our Government is now exposed for all to see: the goal is total lockdown of liberty run through the fear filter of domestic terrorism while the economy is destroyed by design. We are being pushed further into a corner while the corrupt crime syndicate that masquerades as our leadership wraps itself in the US Flag under the false pretense of protecting our “freedoms.”

A large part of the population is not going to tolerate this if these acts are implemented. Once a false flag terrorist attack is staged against the people of the United States, and patriots start being swept up off the streets and the military attempts to confiscate weapons…we’re going to have to decide on what side of history we will reside. They are trying to pick a fight with us. We will not be treated like subjects and hauled off to camps. Sorry. Ain’t gonna happen, Hoss. Be careful what you wish for, New World Order. Paybacks are swift.

ATTENTION U.S. MILITARY: You will be used to attack your own countrymen under this false, fake, manufactured “War on Terror”. DO NOT violate your oath to the US Constitution and engage the American People. We must stand together against this inevitable attempt at full-blown tyranny. DO THE RIGHT THING AND STAND WITH US.

Below is an interview with Stewart Rhodes, the founder of Oathkeepers, on the InfoWars nightly news. He breaks it down quite well. Take the 45 minutes and invest in the truth of what’s happening.

WTC 7 Demolition Video

Regardless of anyone’s opinion of why 9/11 was orchestrated, this video ices down the undeniable fact that WTC 7 was pre-wired for demolition prior to 9/11. We would suggest that both WTC 1 and WTC 2 were also pre-wired and brought down intentionally. See for yourself.

The windows that are seen blasting from their frames are nearly 2 inches thick and are hurled into pieces due to massive explosions at the core of the building. There is simply no other way for a 47 story building to fall at complete free fall unless all resistance is eliminated prior to collapse.

If fires from cool chemicals such as jet fuel can bring down steel reinforced buildings in less than 59 minutes, then we’ve been demolishing buildings wrong this entire time. An average structure less than 47 stories takes months of preparation, and even then fails to fall perfectly, yet three such buildings fell with undeniable accuracy in a single day. No steel reinforced buildings before that day, and none after due to casual fires.

The Inconvenient Truth Of 9/11

One of the most heart wrenching truths about those who control the world is that “they” do not think like “us.” Most citizens (including ourselves) who hear about the practice of False Flag operations think that they are learning about something that is only been used by corrupt elements of government and in most cases if not all, have been caught by the authorities and processed by due process. Sadly, this is the misunderstanding that plagues every modern society.

The people who control the world live in a state of mind different than ours. Although at their core they do possess nightmares of loss, their consciousness feels a constant state of superiority over the masses, and thus treats us as such. When they want something to happen, they do not question it happening, but how it will occur. Unlike the masses, they have incredible levels of patience and are willing to develop plans that take centuries to realize over multiple generations.

In 2003 we were presented with a video that claimed that the events of September 11th, 2001 weren’t what we were told. Our initial reaction was that of mental violence. How could someone dare say that anyone other than terrorists could kill nearly 3,000 people? What we learned is that they weren’t disagreeing with us, but trying to point our minds in the right direction, towards the right terrorists.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of books that speak of falsified attacks starting wars that raged for centuries. Attacks that originated within the country that was being attacked. History books speak of Kings who used this method to keep their people in control by keeping them hating someone other than the King themselves. Even modern day film pokes fun at this reality of government such as the famous line in the film Princes Bride, where creating war based on false pretenses was described as “a long and prestigious career.”

At this time we are not going to engage in repeating the hundreds of contradicting facts about the day of 9/11, but we are going to tell you to begin to prepare your mind for the notion that it was a cleverly carried out plan by factions in multiple countries to start a war in the Middle East that is to rage until those who are in control install their form for slavery that is banking and taxation that dominates all other first world countries.

The sad cliche that it’s all about weapon deals and oil are misguided pop culture understandings of the world. Trillions will be given to those who help those in control, but all serves the ultimate goal of geopolitical domination of eurasia.

The world is run in a very carefully crafted order of command. The organizations that feed into each other have been developed and honed over the ages. The overwhelming majority of its participants have no idea where they get their daily objectives nor why they are truly completing them.

This article is a direct reference to how the United States of America is run. We have left out obvious participants who are mere enablers and enforcers of the above groups. Again, we aren’t implying by any means that the organizations listed above are entirely occupied by elements that serve a ruling class, but that many of the highest ranking officials do carry down the objectives from a single ultimately powerful source of the worlds most influential and powerful monarchies and or banking families.

Their Objective

It should be noted that even though there are few in the ruling class, they are not all on the same page in terms of overall objectives. They do not all meet in one place, and they do not agree on where the governments of the world should take the people. They argue, they disagree, they fight, and have since the beginning of time. Some groups are far more powerful than others, yet they have to work the lesser powers into their plans due to the significant resistance that a lesser group can pose.

We cannot speak to all of the objectives of the ruling class. We can only point out the actions they carry out each and every year. Their ultimate objective is not money. It is control. They fear losing what they have, which is total and complete control over the social mobility and overall threat we can pose to them. They have hoarded science and technology that could solve virtually all the health and resource problems we have today. They have started virtually any and all wars since recorded time. They have won many battles and have lost many others. One must remember above all, they do not get their way all the time. Their biggest threat globally is the identity and will of the individual to live for principles that distribute inalienable rights to live ones life as one sees fit as long as that life does not harm others.

As mentioned in other articles on this site, the ruling class or “Them” as portrayed in the diagram above do not think of mankind as you and I do. They see the potential in all mankind to threaten their way of life. To take away what their families have slaved and enslaved to get. It is safe to say that their morality if it exists is one based more on the survival of the fittest and not the betterment of humanity as a whole. A good example of this thought process is in the wars they have organized and supported for the centuries man has been civilized. Where one might not believe that they would kill innocent people in an attack like 9/11, they overlook the fact that a single attack on a country like Iraq kills hundreds of thousands in a split second of history. There is no difference between United States citizens and citizens of another country. They are merely a means to an end, and that end is about control.

The Flow Of Command

When they make a decision to control an area of the world that is for the most part wealthy and free, they know that “they” can only talk about the idea. They cannot personally accomplish the goal. In order to do that, they need help from those who can.

If we take the Middle East for example, we have a body of countries that aside from previous wars are fairly wealthy and free from European banking institutions despite their deals under OPEC to sell Oil using currencies that aren’t their own. The ruling class of Europe have decided that these countries need to be controlled. They have decided that these countries need to be put on their global banking infrastructure like the United States is bound to the private for profit bank known as the Federal Reserve.

Once the decision is made, the plan moves to the next level. The ruling body organizes the proper members and discusses the options and the risks of those options. They take years to do this. In some cases they may take a hundred years to consolidate an area of the world. In the case of the Middle East there are few options that the world will approve. Merely asking the Arab countries of the world to capitulate to the will of the ruling class of Europe will not work. Therefore force is a much needed factor. However, the world as a whole is an extremely peaceful place. Mankind will go out of his way not to risk his life once he understands the value of that life, which is why the military is littered with young soldiers who haven’t discovered this value.

The stage of the game is to begin a political firestorm of action. In the case of the Middle East they are perpetually blamed for things that are never proved, and never come to pass. The public fearing the unknown, and largely being xenophobic in countries like the United States are easily convinced that despite the more than 8,000 miles of distance between them, that an impending attack on the United States is only moments away 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The average citizen of America approves violent attacks on Arab countries to satiate this unfounded fear of the unknown Arab worlds. It is completely baseless.

The Handlers

The Handlers are agents who embed themselves into the fabric of other organizations close to the highest ranking officials of public office such as the President. They secretly serve for the duration of their lives in some cases and often reside in the White House or neighboring communities. They do not carry agency identification nor draw attention to themselves. Although there are clear organizations that bear specific names to harbor these controllers, we don’t feel it necessary to identify them at this time.

The Politicians

It should also be noted that politicians are carefully selected for each country. The press is used to create an overwhelming support for “their’ choices, and any renegade candidate that poses a threat to their choice is defeated using voting machine fraud. If one investigates all the known voting machine companies in the United States, you will find them riddled with convicted felons, politicians, former heads of various government security agencies, and the list goes on.

Once the politician is elected they are fed their agenda on a daily basis. Why do politicians often break their promises from the campaign trail? Partly because that is the given technique of getting elected, but in most cases, it’s the sudden indoctrination of “what’s really going on” once they step into the White House. Some families like the Bush family already have complete knowledge of the ruling class. For the most part their family is a minor member of the ruling class, and has a long legacy of doing the dirty work that other candidates refuse to be a part of. Always remember that it does us little good to complain about these meek families that have to resort to criminal activities to stay in their social circles. They are not the source of the problem, but the outer ring of true systemic factors involved.

As the politicians get their orders, they request laws for the people, and sign laws into power that no one asked for outside of the ruling class. In America we have the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act. We have immunity to pharmaceutical companies that poison our people, and communications companies that eavesdrop on our lives.

When events like 9/11 occur, we are posed with a threat or a “problem” that we then need to “react” to. Our government orchestrates a media blitz to put into our minds the perception “they” need to get what “they” want. When the ruling class determined that the Middle East needed to be consolidated, they knew they had to achieve this plan using force. It has been documented in numerous places that a “second Pearl Harbor” would be necessary to galvanize the citizens of the world to bring this plan into action.

The Corporations

Every war needs its facilitator, and every corporation needs its profit margins. People are motivated by money more than any single factor in the world, and that fact is exploited via the corporation to get private groups involved in fulfilling the overall goals that would otherwise be impossible.

How many times have you heard that the war in the Middle East is all about oil and weapons contracts? This is a great illusion to keep the average citizen of the world from focusing on the true source of the objective. The average citizen of the United States blames either the right or the left for everything that goes wrong. The next level up blames the corporations. The next blames the banks, and those who truly understand see past the monetary gains and into the true objective of a body of people who have all the money in the world, control.

Those who run corporations that help in wars are most often circulated into political office when needed. One can quickly note Vice President and former Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense, White House Chief of Staff, and former Searl CEO Donald Rumsfeld to name a few. These men are ruthless, brilliant, incredibly wealthy, and above all, powerful. They serve their masters, and they do it well. They are original thinkers who solve problems, perform well in the public eye, and convince people of their master’s will, and it is this factor that puts people like them and Henry Kissinger into everlasting power.

The Military

Once the objectives have been decided, the “problem” has been created, the “reaction” of force can finally be enacted. In the case of the Middle East it was always understood that a war would be necessary to gain full control, and thus allow the ruling class to unify their stranglehold on the world population. The members of the military are virtually all law-abiding patriotic citizens that will truly die for what they believe to be right and just. Sadly there hasn’t been a war in several hundred years that wasn’t crafted by the ruling class since the American Revolution.

The Police

Another more refined body of patriotic citizens is the police. They govern the local districts of citizens ensuring that we follow the rules handed down from on high. In most cases the laws we’re required to obey are laws that we’ve all agreed on, but in more and more cases the laws are growing ever closer to a tyrannical dictatorship using the disguise of socialism and “change.”

We The People

We play into their hands by losing connection with what made our great countries what they are. We make getting by okay. We allow mediocrity to gain a trendy foothold in our culture. We allow our children to live inside television shows that claim to be reality.

We need to stop the madness of our ways or lose everything that took the last thousand years to gain. Perhaps man needs another dark age in order to understand the true value of freedom. The primary threat this time around is that technology has advanced to the level that we may not be able to break free a second time.

It is vital that we educate each other of how to truly perceive the world. We need to understand on a daily basis who is controlling and why. The overall objective of the ruling class is to unify us into a single world government. This erases the checks and balances that have been in place since the beginning of man. Most citizens of the world know that politicians are corrupt, but they fail to connect the fact that socialized government has complete and utter control over your life and your destiny, and you will never be able to become what you want in life unless they allow you to. Imagine having a skill you aren’t allowed to exercise. Imagine having a belief that you can’t publicly admit. Imagine having a neighbor who falsely reports you as a criminal just to make sure they don’t get arrested themselves.

The threats we are noting throughout this website are not reactionary panics or sensationalized propaganda. We are merely outlining the suffrage that occurred every single time a tyrannical government has ever controlled the world. We will never be able to live in a unified body of governing until we rid ourselves of the ruling class and their infrastructure that makes their reign possible.