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That’s right, we want YOUR Chemtrail photos. Phoenix. Dallas. London. Los Angeles. Madrid. Manchester. Berlin. Lyon. Wherever. This worldwide crime against humanity needs to be exposed. Remember: evil likes to hide in the dark, snicker and wring its hands because it thinks no one is looking. But guess what? We ARE looking, and we aren’t shutting up about it, either. Got a phone? Good. Chances are then you also have a camera. Point it skyward when you see the planes belch out their poison and upload your photos. Are you an airline passenger or pilot? Let us see the evidence from your unique point of view. We want it DOCUMENTED that the power obsessed anti-human control freaks that run our society are exposed for the cockroaches they are. You don’t have to tell us your name. We will not save your email address. You will see your photos added to our gallery as quickly as possible. We are the faceless millions that demand a clean atmosphere, and that’s enough ID these criminals deserve for now. Include your location, and date. Upload to And thank you to the dozens of you who submit on a daily basis.


Ventura County CA Nov 3rd 2011

They’re back, and pushing hard this time.  After a one day break (due in large part to Santa Ana wind conditions) the chemtrail program is in full swing over Ventura county, CA. In the photo at left, taken at  8:00 AM, the sky is already covered in creeping fake clouds while new trails were being sprayed on top of them. As the day wears on, the blue will be replaced by an artificial milky haze, blotting out the sunlight, and showering the population with aluminum, barium, and a host of other contaminants. Below you’ll find a recent expose done by a concerned patriot, shedding light on this  aerosol attack.

To the pilots and commanders enabling this program, we are getting closer and closer to your identities. The public is waking up to your treason on the world. New punishments will be devised to house your withering bodies. New penalties will be created to ensure that you and your families will never see the light of day, and that your genetic code is atomized and burned in an eternal flame of deceit and dishonor. You’ve been warned.

As all of California comes down with sicknesses like a sudden avalanche, the government sponsored geo-engineering from the sky continues to pour down. Today toxic chemical trails or chemtrails are being sprayed from Ventura county to San Diego county. The unassuming public goes about its marry way breathing in this cocktail of genetic altering dust that infuses their bodies with every illness from the household cold to life terminating cancers.

Your elected officials know this is occurring. They are choosing to look the other way while they are sprayed with this deadly substance. They have seen the images of a murdered Maummar Gaddafi and cowardly fear they’ll be next if they save the masses from such nefarious poisons.

We live in an age where coddled baby boomers run our country. An entire generation of people who were “taken care of” by their parents, and now use the government as a symbolic and financial mother goose. They allow others to suffer, because they have a rooted fear in their own demise.

So when you ask yourself why would they do this to you, you need to think about these facts, and understand that they don’t have it in their moral fiber to think of you for a split second. Your election of their office is merely considered a helping hand to save them and their immediate family. You are not in their circle of interest.

Will Chemtrails Return?

In 2010 from May 25th to September 15th, the greater Los Angeles area saw little to no aerial spraying despite winter temperatures during the first month of that period. On September 15th 2010, the chemical laden exhaust trails began to plague armies of plans that painted grids, giant geometrical shapes, etc.

This year of 2011 has seen the same reduction in all chemical trail activity as of the end of May. We are carefully studying the skies awaiting their return. The question remains, will they return? Will they, as they did in 2010, change their spraying patterns to better conceal their nefarious intent? Moving from solid white lines to dotted bursts that are more difficult to notice.

As the month passes, keep your eyes on the sky. Remember that at least in Los Angeles the temperatures are summer season until mid-December, so very little change in the atmosphere over Southern California. There should be no nature increase in emission burn off.

Look up. Take pictures. Post them to the internet for tracking.