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If you have just happened on this website, or you’re a loyal visitor, we wanted to breakdown how this site is designed. The short and skinny is that this site is designed to save your life. We know that’s a bold claim, but it’s a scientific fact that the more you read our articles, and open your mind to their Truth, the more everything in the world that was chaotic and unpredictable will immediately come into focus and seem like a well oiled plan.

The sad news is that the world population is under attack. A small group of people that we refer to as the elite are right now several decades into their plan to poison the world, destroy our freedoms, our health, and thus continue their strangle hold on us. This website is the single best place to arm yourself with how and why they do what they do.

We are not right, we are not left, we are not tea party, we are not libertarians. We fight for the human race, and believe that the United States Constitution in its original form was the best approximation of how to ensure freedoms within a nation. If you read something that makes you feel like we’re loyal one way over another, please understand this is your internal indoctrination fighting to end the debate prior to discovering the culprit.

Even though we use a blog WordPress layout, and even though we have topical articles throughout the month, all of our content is designed as a reference of freedom. Every article has a single goal, and that is to alert the public of what we call a “Pattern Of Deception.” This would be a formula that is designed to trick the public into a way of thinking that robs them of their liberties.

Many people believe that greed and incompetency is at the heart of all that is wrong. We think that once you focus on how your freedoms are being systematically destroyed, you will soon discover the patterns we write about so much. The elite of the world are gaining ground on repressing societies using technology and financial systems that are con games at their core. We as a people can defeat these patterns as long as we recognize them.

We ask that in the name of freedom you promote our website however you can. On your Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, or anonymous posts in any public forum. You’ll notice we do not have a personality you have to worry about. No one is yelling through a bullhorn. No ads. We aren’t interviewing UFO abductees. We aren’t predicting martial law or a police state. We aren’t selling hopelessness and despair. We have created to provide a place where normal people can refer their friends without being associated with the embarrassing content that tends to follow.

We simply work every single day to distill down the misdirections and manipulations on society. We want your family healthy and free. If there ever was a time in history for you to ask what you can do for your country, it is now. Regardless of where you live, you need this information to help expose the elite and their agendas. They will fall in a single day once the consciousness of the world overflows with knowledge.

Click on any article, because it is sure to open your mind in some way. Above all explore, and be a part of the movement to set man free. Use the “Recommended Path” to the right to get started.

bill-of-rightsDear Military & Law Enforcement,

Regardless of what state you work in, what department you report to, you had to swear an oath to  protect and serve the Constitution of the United States of America. In that commitment, in that sworn oath, you are required by law to apprehend person or persons who attempt to interfere with these inalienable rights set down by our forefathers.

Each day you come to work and allow elected officials to draft and submit for approval violations of these Constitutional rights, you are failing to uphold your core responsibility. We therefore charge you to take action, and arrest under Constitutional violation, all politicians and or citizens who attempt to limit the Bill of Rights through legislative means.

It is not illegal to debate the validity of our laws, but it is illegal to change, alter, or infringe on their existence. If you are a commander of the military, soldier of the military, chief of police, beat cop, or honorable politician protecting our Constitution, we hold you forever responsible for the crime of doing nothing to stop this illegal take over of America through our legislative branches.

Organize a law-abiding posse, and begin the process of peacefully ridding our country once and for all of those who are attempting to destroy the fundamental laws that have given you the freedom to be who you are today. Each day that passes that you allow these criminals to draft proposed bills to violate our Constitution is another day that we will add to your permanent sentence of treason and betrayal of your country.

As you carry out your deeds, brace for the backlash that is the arm of European rule. Take inventory of fellow colleagues who are “on the take” to go along with such violating initiatives. You will most likely find it necessary to apprehend individuals with long careers as politicians or military commanders as the top brass of many levels have been infiltrated by those who seek status and or monetary bribery for their complicit vote to pass such criminal laws into action.

You are trained to apprehend. You are empowered to protect. Be a hero, and take back our Constitution. It’s go time.

This year’s presidential debate has turned into an all out attack on the one candidate the believes there should be a purpose in teaching the Constitution and Bill of Rights in mainstream schools in America. If any of the candidates running against Ron Paul or the current acting president achieve or remain in office, the principles our forefathers fought for will remain a description of an era of freedom that is long since past.

It is our responsibility as United States citizens to uphold the founding guidelines that has allowed America to be one of the most liberated countries in world history. As parents send their children off to war, they need to understand that they are enabling banking cartels to take over those countries and install financial slavery that we now experience in America in 2011. We have a decision to make, and it’s very simple decision. Demand that any candidate you support uphold the Constitution or get out of the race. It is clear that currently, only one such individual exists.


Senator Ron Paul fields a wide range of questions on Fox News. He weathers the passive aggressive tactics with ease as his message is based on simple truths and common sense.

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