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For the last several years chemtrails have ceased their spraying by the end of May and begin again in September or October. The reason for this pattern is that chemtrails make the population sick. An entire population getting sick in the summertime would raise questions about why.

Some people think the sudden loss of trails in the summertime is due to the temperature that would chase away “contrails” that are ice crystals that form behind a normal plane. This isn’t the case for Orange County California. When Walt Disney researched and chose the location for Disneyland, he settled on Orange County California due to its extremely stable weather with very little rain. For those of you who have never been or never lived in this area of the world, you should know that our summers come very late in the year. June is typically a month virtually identical to the months March through May. Our temperatures are roughly the same, and in some cases even colder and wetter than previous months.

However, the month of May does kick off the season of summer, and with summer is the conclusion of FLU shot campaigns that fill your body with deadly mercury poisoning, and Theraflu commercials convincing everyone they need to load up on over the counter meds. If a population was saddled with this regiment over a summer season, questions would start to raise. As the temperatures rise, the synthetic spraying of toxins would contradict the cover story of contrails.

Should they decide to break the cycle of non-spraying summers we will be there to capture their planes flying from San Diego to Ventura. We encourage each and every one of you to look up into the sky, study the trails that follow airliners. Use your cell phone or digital camera to track their spraying and send us your evidence. When they least expect it we will haul them into court with conclusive physical evidence that indeed these are chemical laden trails from non-commercial flights poisoning an entire population year after year. Chemical samples taken from the sky, photos of planes with no markings, and years of spraying techniques and schedules will send the scientists and military individuals sworn to serve and protect to jail for life.

Be a part of history. Clean up our skies. Protect your family since our military won’t.

When dealing with new information and especially conspiracies a common barrier can get between you and your ability to believe, and that is the question of Why. This single word continues to plague individuals from engaging their reality, mitigating the detrimental effects on their life, and funneling any thoughts into actionable items that can help to spread knowledge. We’re going to take a moment to help break you through this invisible barrier.

The youngest child in the world starts with the question why. Initially they are prone to believe whatever they are told, which is where humanity gets superstitions, religions, and other bad information that confines reality and robs man of their true mental freedoms. When the why is regarding simple questions with simple answers, the process resolves quickly in most cases. However, there is a valuable conundrum that arrises when conspiracies enter the picture.

The conspiracies we focus on at OnePageNews are often related to vital information that if not heeded, lead to the demise of individual destinies, health, and indirectly the freedoms that our forefathers have died for. Our challenge is that not all conspiracies come with documentation and or history books. We see things happen, we can easily in many cases deduce that the official stories submitted by profit seeking mass media or nefarious groups benefiting from the conspiracy are false. We can in many cases prove scientifically that the official stories are lies. We can recreate how many events physically occurred down to the last explosive, or the last financial policy change that allowed an economy to implode. What we cannot do in many cases is explain exactly why the event happened, and it is this reality that all truth seekers have to deal with. Does that mean we shouldn’t believe what our information tells us? No.

For example, when you read or examine photos of chemtrails you will probably defend the notion with the question of “Why would anyone do this?” or “Why are they spraying us?” In the event the person telling you about this lacks the overall big picture, you might retreat to the safe side of your emotional spectrum and volunteer your disbelief due to the uncertainty that a lack of full explanation would provide. We would like to suggest that a truth seeker does not cease exploring a theory simply due to a lack of reason. Many things in nature are unexplained, however, we as a population continue to believe the effects of storms, earthquakes, deaths, and natural phenomenon that occur every year.

The event of September 11th, 2001 remains a mystery to some extent. We think it is clear that the only factions benefitting from the attacks are the European banking cartels that have systematically used United States soldiers to take over Middle Eastern nations and destroyed the freedoms in America by passing executive orders to rape the Constitution. Osama Bin Laden didn’t prevail. The Taliban didn’t prevail. The Arab world as a whole didn’t prevail. Only bankers and major corporations that are owned by those bankers have prevailed. If one subscribes to the edict of following the money and or benefactors, the official story of who attacked us must be rejected. We’re of course ignoring the obvious scientific impossibilities of the event as examined by literally hundreds of millions of citizens who now know the event to be an inside job.

But again, if a skeptical person wants to hinge their intellectual prowess on the age old question of “Why?” and demand that all facts that are hidden by those involved must be divulged in full before they will consider the alternate reality, then the elite win. It is this simple fact that drives us to beg you to reconsider the process you use to find and accept the truth. We don’t ask you to subscribe to our assertions of why. We have our ideas based on tracking the financial gains of those involved, but we would encourage you to come up with your own reasons as trivial or complex as they might be. This is a group effort. The world is at stake the more we allow the elite, who will always hide their agendas from the public, to get away with heinous crimes simply because we the victims cannot explain their intent in full.  If the question of “Why” is the only form of doubt a person needs to reject otherwise empirical evidence, then nearly all belief systems would be erased in a day.

So as you go about your journey reading not only our website, but others, we urge you to consider how many beliefs you already possess that lack a reason why. Then ask yourself how you accept the news you see everyday without a reason why. People who are mugged often never get a reason why from their attackers. The same goes for victims of all shapes and sizes. The elite do not publish their intent. They are cowards who hide in the shadows and use their financial powers to manipulate the ignorant into selling out their own people for a momentary blip of monetary gain.

We have the power to create a bloodless revolution. A day when the nefarious weak bankers are hauled away into prisons for the rest of their lives. Where the families that have benefited from the deaths of so many soldiers who are tricked on a daily basis to kill for cover stories that serve bankers are stripped of their wealth. We can change the world. We simply need to change the way we take in reality. Be the first person in your clan to make that change, and help others around you understand that they are defending their own demise with the power of a single word.

Criminal Spraying

This article goes out as a letter to all the scientists who regularly show up at geoengineering conferences. Those of you who have been photographed, interviewed, and have lectured on video regarding the illegal act of spraying humans from on high, now we want to impose on you this reality: The people are waking up. Attorneys are waking up. And guess who is going down first? That’s right my friends, you.

As your government controllers hide their identities, you are going to be left to the slaughter. And how might you ask are you at risk? Very simple. The only difference between you being a free citizen and a convicted criminal is the irrefutable evidence that your “theories” are being shat out of airplanes every day in every region of the world. So when the case is dragged into a court of law, your lectures, your papers, and your research will be going into the court with us. Your faces, your names, and your whereabouts are already documented.

When recordings of your hypothetical experiments involving aluminum and barium oxide are entered into the record, and the physical samples that are being given to us from the sky like evidence from heaven, the hot seat will be all yours. You won’t be able to escape the fact that your kind are the only humans above ground that are lamenting about the science that is debilitating and ultimately killing citizens around the world.

Once the connection is clearly made in open court, then comes the damages. The illnesses related to your toxic cocktails. The soil samples from around the globe that prove that your programs have imbalanced the acidic level of otherwise healthy fields. The metric tons of aluminum on Mount Shasta that have been measured 65 times the legal toxic limit. Every human, every animal, every plant, and natural resource polluted by your designs will be heaped on your back until your sentences constitute the longest any group of scientists have ever been given in a court of law. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, pal.

Then again, you could blow the whistle and save yourself. Up to you. We’re not waiting for your answer.

That’s right, we want YOUR Chemtrail photos. Phoenix. Dallas. London. Los Angeles. Madrid. Manchester. Berlin. Lyon. Wherever. This worldwide crime against humanity needs to be exposed. Remember: evil likes to hide in the dark, snicker and wring its hands because it thinks no one is looking. But guess what? We ARE looking, and we aren’t shutting up about it, either. Got a phone? Good. Chances are then you also have a camera. Point it skyward when you see the planes belch out their poison and upload your photos. Are you an airline passenger or pilot? Let us see the evidence from your unique point of view. We want it DOCUMENTED that the power obsessed anti-human control freaks that run our society are exposed for the cockroaches they are. You don’t have to tell us your name. We will not save your email address. You will see your photos added to our gallery as quickly as possible. We are the faceless millions that demand a clean atmosphere, and that’s enough ID these criminals deserve for now. Include your location, and date. Upload to And thank you to the dozens of you who submit on a daily basis.


Sometimes reality is harder to believe than fiction. When it comes to cell phone technology, there is a seldom known fact that poses a potential threat to mankind that we’d like to share. If someone told you that a group of people had mastered technology that stimulated the human mind with electro magnetic frequencies, you might believe it. If we told you that those same people desired to deploy a network of antenna to broadcast those findings into the populous and thus sway overall emotional feelings, you probably wouldn’t. However, this has already taken place, and you know exactly where to find them.

The basics of the technology are extremely primitive and simple to understand. The brain operates on EMF waves. These waves are used to regulate the flow of your bodily functions. This includes heart beats, muscle contractions, the life cycle of every cell in your body, and virtually every other electrical based form of communication within your body. When foreign EMF waves are introduced into your environment, your body runs the risk of failing to function properly. This can lead to numerous illnesses, loss of sleep, migraine headaches, etc. However, the most subtle effect could lead to feelings. Feelings that allow negative things to be okay, or for otherwise positive states of mind to drift into feelings of despair.

The cell towers that are being installed all over the world emit these exact wavelengths. They emulate and potentially manipulate human thought on an acute and obtuse means. An acute thought would be a more distinct emotion to perhaps want to eat a food, or stay inside. An obtuse feeling could be to feel love, hatred, or fear. Why would anyone want such a thing? Let’s examine the immediate applications.

Let’s say that a governing force wanted to introduce some draconian law such as the National Defense Authorization Act which is neither Constitutional or anything a free country would pass onto its people. Aside from not covering it in an elite controlled press, one would want to satiate the remaining thinkers with thoughts of surreal wonder and delight. “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” The potential protestors go to sleep to live another day, while America slips into NAZI Germany circa 1935.

Now let’s say that it’s time once again for the elite to carry out another false flag operation such as 9/11 to further erode the Constitution and pass more draconian laws. They know that a populous in a state of trauma is the most programmable. First there is the event, then there is a broadcast of fear frequencies from every cellular tower in the world. The entire population goes into a panic, and is willing to take any solution given to them by the elite controlled press.

This is how simple it is. The technology is merely the categorization of frequencies that create such an emotion. It need not be used until the time comes to either run a test, or to sway public opinion in a serious direction. We understand this sounds far-fetched, but the dangers of cellular EMF waves interfering with the human mind are being documented worldwide, and as each elite controlled magazine or newspaper publishes their findings, they simply tell you there is nothing to worry about. Although some do allude to the fact that the array of cellular towers do provide the perfect broadcasting mechanism to implement such a technology should it be deemed necessary.

We are often asked why Chemtrails contain chemicals such as barium oxide. One reason would be to electrify the atmosphere in order to give the towers the maximum ability to penetrate human minds. HAARP is another technology that also can benefit from such spraying.

Disneyland's Sporing Of California

This winter season is filled with hopes of a new tomorrow, but unfortunately loads of chemical trails being ejected from countless planes. Today over Orange County and in particular, Disneyland, planes crisscrossed over the sky creating a bed of fake cloud like structures that drift down on the people infecting their lungs, starving their oxygen supply, and in some cases, pushing terminal illnesses over the point of no return.

We hereby declare that the Center For Disease Control (CDC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and some extent the United States Air Force are failing the American people on a catastrophic level. When cars in Los Angeles bellowed terminal clouds of brown exhaust, the state of California developed and laid down laws that prohibited cars from destroying clean air, and since the 1980s, the air has become a fraction of the pollution it used to be. Cars over 5 years old have to smog check regularly or they aren’t allowed to drive on the highway. Cars that are purchased out of state have to retrofit emission control packages before being road legal.

On the other front, if one calls the Air Force and reports a UFO sighting, a delegate from the military is dispatched to phone the individual up, gather all information about the sighting, and investigate the occurrence to the best of their ability. So why would the Air Force knowingly allow an armada of planes to eject toxic clouds of aluminum or barium oxide on a population without their knowledge or consent? Is it not one of their prime objectives to protect the skies over America? To date the Air Force has resorted to name calling and ridicule anyone who would suggest that the scientifically impossible match to contrails are anything but safe. When presented with physical evidence of their composition to analyze, they refuse as did the CDC and EPA.

And what about the CDC and EPA? What is their charter if not to protect the air, food, and water that we consume? The basic law of particulates proves that air that is polluted with foreign particles is not safe to breathe and robs the human body and immune system of its fundamental ability to protect against illness. As we noted, they too refuse to investigate and prove the claim that chemtrails are indeed unfounded. Let us repeat that, they REFUSE to study the materials. For to study the materials would force the matter into the public record, and every single serving politician and commanding officer that is involved in such a project would be tried for treason and sentenced to most likely life in prison.

You are sick this year because of chemicals being knowingly dumped on your person. You are not safe to breathe the most natural free resource in the world, air. Winter does not mean that it’s time for the entire world to get sick. It is possible to traverse an entire year without coming down with the common cold, strep throat, pneumonia, or other illness. The elderly and young of the world deserve to live full lives without being murdered by groups that control all appropriate agencies that would investigate and stop such dastardly acts.

Keep looking up. Keep taking pictures. Keep telling everyone you know.

The pilots or drone aircraft are at it again. This time they have entirely covered the sky with a padding of death that every man, woman, and child are breathing into their lungs. All sickness and illness can be blamed on this artificially induced immune deficiency allowed by those who are employed to protect us.

We encourage you to reach out to pilots both commercial and military and ask them to explain how an entire sky can be covered by ice crystals from contrails on a day that is 77 degrees fahrenheit. Also don’t forget to point out this travesty to your friends and family until they too notice the spraying and demand justice from all those responsible.

Once brought to justice, every human being that has suffered from illnesses will form the largest class action lawsuit in history against all serving politicians, military commanders, and private sector individuals found to be responsible or at a minimum delinquent in their roles. They will not escape prosecution. They will live the rest of their lives behind bars. Keep taking pictures.

Despite their debut in the late nineties people still have problems paying attention to the sky and noticing the differences from natural cloud creation and Chemtrail dust piles that drift down on the population. We’ve compiled twelve reasons we believe are smoking guns that prove that Chemtrails are indeed manmade, and under all circumstances bad.

Chemtrail Marker

1. chemtrails are intelligently sprayed

The first thing one will notice after taking photos of chemtrails on a daily basis is in how they are sprayed. Normal flights utilize air corridors, which are designated lanes in the sky to exit and approach airports. Chemtrail planes categorically defy these methods of flight and routinely fly either higher or lower than standard commercial aircraft. Chemtrails start and stop abruptly leaving behind line segments that are stitch together with newly emerging trails. Extremely precise T-joints, Z-joints, markers, and grid formations are just some of the methods they use to cover crops and cities. For commercial pilots to intersect in such manners would require that at least one of the planes be in violation of airspace.

2. chemtrails do not behave like water

Water in the sky has some very key properties. It blocks light. The heavier a cloud becomes, the darker it becomes. If indeed a plane were able to create ice that turned into clouds as we’re seeing with powder based chemtrails, they would coalesce into cumulus clouds and behave like clouds. Chemtrails fall from the sky like dust. The trails remain extremely reflective the entire time, and only at night do they block the setting sun due to their lack of transparent metal nature. Contrails are made from frozen water. Frozen water melts as it falls. Chemtrails are nano-sized metals, and drift down on the population and crops below.

3. chemtrails follow a schedule

Chemtrails follow a seasonal schedule. We believe this is due to the illnesses that spread beneath their spraying. For instance, in 2010, the spraying stopped on May 15th, and started in September 15th. In 2011, the dates were similar stopping on May 25th, and starting on October 1st. Mothernature does not start and stop weather phenomenons based on a calendar two years in a row. Since the initial publication of this article, summer activity has increased marginally, while winter spraying has increased drastically. Given that no significant increase in air traffic has occurred, there shouldn’t be an increase in trails over populated areas. Yet, it increases daily.

4. chemtrails are not affected by weather temperatures

Contrails are effected by one thing, and that’s temperature. In the Antarctic, contrails have been timed as long as 1:45 seconds. Reporting from Southern California, we have the added benefit of consistently warm weather with dates in December reaching temperatures of 90+ degrees, and still these chemtrails persist. Any ice based crystals caused by contrails would melt away in seconds, and these don’t.

5. chemtrails are full of toxic chemicals not found in clouds

Chemtrails have been found to contain the chemicals Aluminum Oxide and Barium Oxide globally. Contrails are made from frozen water particles.

Chemtrail T-Bar

6. chemtrails expand into giant structures, something contrails don’t

Chemtrails once sprayed from the back of a plane, expand to volumetric levels hundreds of times their original size unlike contrails that fade in a matter of seconds. Chemtrails can convert a sunny blue sky from horizon to horizon into an overcast day of falling debris. This has never been the case with traditional contrails.

7. chemtrails are passively validated as a shield for global warming

When in the rare case chemtrails are reported on local news networks, they always seem to repeat lies laid out by government agencies, but fail to identify their source. The most common scam is to claim that chemtrails are being sprayed to cool the world against Global Warming. The hilarious nonsense about this claim involves the total lack of spraying when the northern hemisphere is closest to the Sun, better known as summer! There is no campaign to cool the world. The sheer number of planes necessary to accomplish such a task is absurdly huge, and far outside of man’s capability.

8. chemtrails coincide with mass illness related to respiratory functions

During October 1st 2011 when the spraying restarted in Southern California, the amount of strep throat cases skyrocketed. Clinics filled with patients reporting puss covered throats that felt like razor blades. Respiratory illness and reports of asthma attacks increased instantly. The common cold took foot before temperatures fell. We believe that chemtrails might be held until winter to hide the fact that everyone gets ill in direct correlation with their spraying. Regardless, we check with local clinics and monitor the explosion rates directly. You should do the same. As of 2012, the mass media introduced a new catchphrase “summer cold” to cover for the fact that trails are now sprayed throughout the summer months, thus making the population perpetually sick.

9. chemtrails are sprayed over higher populated areas

As our posse of chemtrail reporters contact us with reports from all over the globe, one fact is clear, the higher the population the higher the spraying. One might assume that air traffic is purely responsible for this surge in air related coverage, and we’re sure it helps, but the sheer number of planes without chemtrails and the ones with contrails almost vanishes in low populated areas save farming communities. Consequently, it is these low populated areas that have bone chilling temperatures well below zero on the surface of the Earth let alone in the sky at ten to thirty thousand feet. Southern California is a hot bed for chemtrail spraying due to its dense population.

Chemtrail Drifting

10. chemtrails are part of existing geoengineering programs blueprints

The United States government sponsors the daily research into what they call “geoengineering” programs. These programs range from weather manipulation to depopulation programs. They hold conferences in mainstream convention halls around the country, and admit every aspect of the program save one, that they’ve turned the program on. So the only lie that need exist to bathe a population in toxic life stunting chemtrail clouds is the on switch being flipped. We believe we have proof that they have. You should be able to deduce the same with this simple guide.

11. chemtrail planes violate air traffic within minutes

After speaking with both military and commercial pilots about chemtrails, we were clearly told “It’s not us.” They said the trails are most often sprayed between 10,000 and 30,000 feet to be out of the way of normal flight patterns. The smoking gun they suggested we look into was that no commercial or military airways share perpendicular flight patterns within minutes. This is demonstrated thousands of times daily when chemtrail spraying planes create giant X, T, and Z patterns in the sky.

12. Germany admits to citizens they are spraying chemical trails

The country of Germany has admitted on two public occasions that chemtrails are intentionally being sprayed over the people. In the first case, they admitted it was a “test” military weapon designed to block satellite penetration of enemy intelligence agencies. On the second occasion, it was rebranded as “test” weather manipulation. In either case, the German government reached a point where they feared admitting the obvious. Copies of the news broadcasts have been removed from YouTube to conceal the admissions. We had each video translated by two sources to confirm their authenticity.

We would like to suggest that you forward this article to as many people as you humanly can. Suggest they look up, take pictures, and post them to the internet. When we pull the trigger on these traitors, it will be best to have as much evidence to prosecute them as possible. Also see our article on the Complete Story of Chemtrails.

Chemtrail Resurgence

Ventura County CA - Nov 17th 2011

Look up in the sky.  It’s a bird.  It’s a plane. It’s a plane spitting out an artificial cloud.  Indeed it is.  The Geo-Engineering program goes back into full swing over Ventura County, CA today.  On this crisp clear autumn morning the first jets streaked over at 7:00 AM.  As the photo illustrates, which was taken at around 11:15 AM, the trails are considerable an spreading out into their ugly stain across the sky, bloated with aluminum and barium.

ATTENTION PARTICIPANTS IN THIS PROGRAM: You are committing a terrible crime against your fellow human beings. If you think you are part of the power structure and will be spared because you function as a Familiar with these Witches that want this agenda furthered, you are wrong. I assure you that you too are the animal in the trap. You’re on notice, we will find out who you are, and see that you are exposed. DO THE RIGHT THING. Come forward and admit what you are doing. Cleanse your souls.

Ventura County CA - Nov 8th 2011

Yet again a massive undertaking is happening from the pilots of treason. From Ventura Country CA to San Diego County CA, we are receiving photos of an exceptional spraying. It is important that we continue to amass photographic evidence of their deeds and refuse to buy into theories that a classify these programs as a necessary or benign operation.

The latest PSYOP on the internet regarding Chemtrails involves a ridiculous assertion that the United States is protecting itself from Russia EMF weapons that are attempting to attack American citizens. This absurd theory has been taken up by many alternative media sources. The entire theory is baseless for the following reasons:

  • Chemtrials are sprayed globally by all nations over their own people, including non-populated areas.
  • Chemtrails are not sprayed during the summer months in Southern California. What? Are the Russians not attacking us during this timeframe?
  • Chemtrails are not only made of Barium salts, but Aluminum Oxide that has nothing to do with conductive EMF waves.
  • Barium would only enhance a Russian EMF weapon, not prevent it from working.

This latest theory is a PSYOP designed to turn the tables from an evil program being carried out to depopulate the world through the destruction of crops and the overall health of the average human, and attempts to repatriate its purpose to that of heroic pilots who are saving humanity.

What is happening is that people are watching Air Force bases. People are monitoring close relatives who are pilots. Ground personnel are taking pictures and revealing the construction of these planes. We are edging closer and closer every day, and once we reach the apex of their demise, it will all come down like a house of cards.

Long Beach County CA - Nov 8th 2011

Orange County CA - Nov 8th 2011

Ventura County CA Nov 3rd 2011

They’re back, and pushing hard this time.  After a one day break (due in large part to Santa Ana wind conditions) the chemtrail program is in full swing over Ventura county, CA. In the photo at left, taken at  8:00 AM, the sky is already covered in creeping fake clouds while new trails were being sprayed on top of them. As the day wears on, the blue will be replaced by an artificial milky haze, blotting out the sunlight, and showering the population with aluminum, barium, and a host of other contaminants. Below you’ll find a recent expose done by a concerned patriot, shedding light on this  aerosol attack.

To the pilots and commanders enabling this program, we are getting closer and closer to your identities. The public is waking up to your treason on the world. New punishments will be devised to house your withering bodies. New penalties will be created to ensure that you and your families will never see the light of day, and that your genetic code is atomized and burned in an eternal flame of deceit and dishonor. You’ve been warned.

Deadly FLU Shot

Well, here we are on October 31, 2011. As a special gift from out powers that be, we have an invitation to toxic flu shots at a Ventura County Vons supermarket. And then with just a turn of the neck, there they are up above, the toxic discharge of the chemtrail planes. Happy halloween, citizen!

The supermarket makes your flu shot even more attractive by offering you a 10 percent discount on your Monsanto, GMO, Corn Syrup filled processed food purchases after you allow yourself to be injected with potentially hazardous flu vaccines.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.  As you exit the store, look up.  Every single cloud over the city of Ventura, CA today came out of the back of an airplane. These aerosol trails linger in the sky for hours and slowly expand into a web of thin, ugly, artificial clouds that drain their payload of barium and aluminum oxide on our crops and water supply.  Your kids breathe it.  Your pets breathe it. YOU breathe it.  For some reason people don’t look up and wonder why a perfectly clear blue sky is crisscrossed with contrails that don’t dissipate.

Ventura County California Oct 31st 2011

But the trick’s on the establishment this Halloween.  People are waking up all over.  Protests are spilling all over the world. The Global Insurrection Against Banker Ooccupation is gaining steam.  But we ALL need to look skyward and realize that we are being poisoned by above as well as below.

The irony that the establishment wants you to consume a toxic laden FLU shot in order to be healthy all the while spraying you with metal dust from above that will compromise your immune system should be a clue. They are making us sick so that we flock to the shots for help. The trails are the silent sheep dogs that herd us into the slaughter house of carefully designed vaccines that contain toxins that sterilize lab animals and contain 50% of their weight in mercury that will destroy your brain cells for the rest of your life.

We used to live long lives. We used to die of natural causes. Now we all suffer mental illnesses and die inside our bodies long before we should.

Tell a friend.

As all of California comes down with sicknesses like a sudden avalanche, the government sponsored geo-engineering from the sky continues to pour down. Today toxic chemical trails or chemtrails are being sprayed from Ventura county to San Diego county. The unassuming public goes about its marry way breathing in this cocktail of genetic altering dust that infuses their bodies with every illness from the household cold to life terminating cancers.

Your elected officials know this is occurring. They are choosing to look the other way while they are sprayed with this deadly substance. They have seen the images of a murdered Maummar Gaddafi and cowardly fear they’ll be next if they save the masses from such nefarious poisons.

We live in an age where coddled baby boomers run our country. An entire generation of people who were “taken care of” by their parents, and now use the government as a symbolic and financial mother goose. They allow others to suffer, because they have a rooted fear in their own demise.

So when you ask yourself why would they do this to you, you need to think about these facts, and understand that they don’t have it in their moral fiber to think of you for a split second. Your election of their office is merely considered a helping hand to save them and their immediate family. You are not in their circle of interest.

The pilots of treason are in full effect in Southern California, from San Diego county all the way up to Ventura county. Shameless bands of massive clouds paint the sky in trails going from west to east and spanning hundreds of miles. We’re taking a battery of images to track their deeds. We encourage you to do the same.

As Wall Street unravels, so too will the illegal aerosol programs of genetic engineering. We will put every single pilot and commander behind bars for life and strike their surnames from the records of nobility. If you know or are related to individuals involved in such programs, you must come forward and expose this deadly campaign to kill the human race.

Refuse to believe the propaganda you have been fed about any scientific rationale of wellbeing. These clouds are full of poison, and if you knowingly allow this to continue, you too are an accomplice to this crime. All will be hunted and incarcerated.

It would seem that Mother Nature has a calendar, for yesterday she mysteriously started the weather phenomenon we scientists like to call Chemical Trails or Chemtrails. In actuality these are nefarious aerosol programs designed to destroy soil, pollute the air we breathe, and launch of series of illnesses that will lead to asthma, cancers, and potentially genetic reprogramming.

United State tax payers dollars are paying for the design and debates of such programs, and as of today, they have denied turning them on. If we’ve discovered anything about how the government operates, they deploy programs decades prior to telling the general public. We encourage you to read our article on Chemtrails to gain full familiarity with their composition and purpose. Also see our Chemtrail Gallery for three years of spraying Southern California.

In the meantime, if you see them in the sky, take out a camera and snap a picture. Post them on your Facebook, Google+ accounts and ask the world to notice them. They aren’t contrails.