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The summer of 2012 is off to an action packed start! First it was a plot to blow up a bridge, now a plane! Oh boy, aren’t we glad we have agents spying on all of us? Why if it wasn’t for President Obama gutting our Constitution, we’d probably all be dead by now. Or maybe an agency that does nothing more than police the world needs to justify their existence through propaganda at any cost.

Let’s review their techniques. An agency makes a claim that they’ve foiled a plot. The evidence is all based on surveillance that is never shown to the public, or when it is, looks not unlike the absurd stories of flight manuals and Korans sitting in the front seat of terrorist cars parked at airports. We’re to believe they needed to “brush up” on their “how to drive a plane” knowledge. “Is it the red button? or the yellow one?” Nothing like a midnight crunch session before successfully hijacking a plane and flying it better than any stunt pilot in history ever could or has.

Just like the fake raid that lied to the public about killing Osama Bin Laden, that later had no footage or proof, and the sudden death of Seal Team 6 who knew it was a sham. The latest trend to claim of foiled plot is more of the same. To have the audacity to feature Osama Bin Laden’s face on the cover story when even the liars have said he’s dead, should be a key give away that they agencies trying to derive power from these images of propaganda. We’re sure they did a focus group with Southern Baptists who still find Bin Laden’s face terrifying.

Avoid being gullible. Resist the onslaught of misplaced patronage that would funnel funds into these organizations claiming victory over undisclosed evidence. And yes, should we affect their bottom line they will create a false flag to remind us who’s in power. Try to avoid letting that manipulate your mind as well. We need to strip these agencies of their power to spy by throwing out any politician who signs into power more Constitutional violating laws. We need to strip these agencies of their funds by cutting off their budgets and mandating that all the drugs being monitored by American troops for safe sale are cut down and burned forever.

Remove them, and the chaos ends. It’s your choice.


If you are new to the movement to spread truth about the world to others, you might go through the typical stage of despair. Despair as to how to start to chop down the huge redwood tree of infectious individuals and duped population that empower said goons. There are many ways to answer this question, but one we’d like to remind you of is in the use of high-end drugs such as cocaine and heroin. These two drugs support criminal organizations with a huge supply of “liquid money” (non-trackable funds) to pay killers to do their bidding, and thus influence the world.

There is an old saying that goes “follow the money.” Follow the money and one will discover who is responsible for the action that led to the gain. One of the toughest truths for Americans to believe is that corrupt factions within their government create and sell drugs as their primary job. Some individuals get rewarded with titles as high as President of the United States for protecting well known drug runways. Most police officers who are hired or promoted into narcotics have to deal with the eventual reality that they are merely getting paid to look the other way as other higher ranking officials import tons of drugs into inner street ghettos to ensure that those who are repressed stay repressed.

It has been estimated by top professors at Berkeley University that the conservative money created by selling heroine and cocaine is well in excess of $2 trillion annually. We have seen other papers that suggest the number is much higher.

Now one could try to hunt down every ant in ones house, but it is always faster and easier to simply remove their food supply. Cut off the sale of drugs by educating the youth about the direct connect between using or selling drugs, and their state of demise, and perhaps like a weed, the idea will grow until these secret organizations have nowhere to pedal their wears. We know the idea is an ideal one, but soon the people will be tired of being constrained by an ever growing group of nefarious groups that do nothing but claim superiority over others. The less money they can generate on a daily basis, the less they can pay their mindless mercenaries globally. It’s a small dent, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

There is an emerging strategy for starting wars in America; develop a rudimentary level of suspicion, then attack a country without declaring war, because they “might” attack us one day. This cowardice policy has to be halted once and for all. The United States is being baited to doing the bidding of European bankers to take over the Middle East by using the military controlled press to push forth propaganda to scare a nation into supporting their own offspring into going to battle under the flag of freedom only to kill native citizens called “insurgents.”

Iran is the last link in the chain for European oligarchs to completely control all modern nations save perhaps Russia. It is the blood of young American soldiers that are being duped into fighting these wars through video games and films that glorify noble deeds that are truly sinful by any standard. The youth of the world are shown fallen comrades or pushed into gun fights where colleagues die to the hands of indigenous people who are simply defending their land. The soldiers who are too young to drink alcohol retaliate with all due force until their irrational desire to kill is fulfilled.

We must acknowledge this pattern of deception that is this vicious cycle. America is not being threatened by Iran. It is not up to American soldiers to disarm Iran if they wish to pursue nuclear weapons. America is not the world police either by proxy through the United Nations or acting alone. America occupies only 5% of the world’s population and should behave accordingly. America is under attack on its southern border and is doing nothing as the Attorney General Eric Holder personally endorses gun trading with drug cartels to line the pockets of covert CIA operations that needs untraceable cash to manipulate wars overseas among other things.

Paranoia is a disease of the insecure. Insecurity is driven by pure ignorance. In a modern society where information is plentiful, there is no excuse for being uninformed. If you understand this basic principle, do what you can to expose your friends and family to these patterns of deception. Make no demands about how they interpret the information, simply point them in our direction, and we’ll do our best to ease them into the game of freedom.

Eric Holder, Defender Of Drug Cartels

Now is a good time to remember the “I don’t recall” defense that for politicians dates back to pre-ice age tactics of squirming out of liability. You can expect Eric Holder to use this strategy, and for the asleep masses to buy this excuse outright. That is, unless we’re all starting to wake up.

We’d like to encourage you to refuse any denial of responsibility as you do when a Senator is caught trying to gain sexual favors in an airport bathroom. For some reason when a politician is responsible for horrific acts, we tend to avoid that reality, but when it comes to a irrelevant gossip we latch on for the long haul…Monica Lewinsky anyone?

This time we have caught our government and its senior officials engaging in a series of crimes supporting United States sponsored drug cartels in the battle against Mexican sponsored drug cartels. The inside track on this program is that a war between the United States CIA backed drug program has been going on against non-CIA backed arteries. What this boils down to is who makes the money, and how. When one wants to run an illegal drug trafficking ring, they need help from all sorts of elements that are, for the most part, contractors to the drug dealing profession. As the leadership changes, not unlike a local street corner that sells drugs, there is a volley for power, and that’s what has led Holder into the fray.

When the United States backed drug traffickers found themselves confronted by local Mexican cartel members, the CIA decided that something had to be done. The first order of business was to arm “our” guys to the teeth with state of the art weapons and ammunition supplies, hence the raging drug war that started nearly half a decade ago on the Mexican border. As good law abiding American citizens went to the border to defend themselves against the overflowing bloodshed, the Attorney General and the Bush Administration stepped in to protect the drug cartel and not Americans. This in itself is a massive crime against the American populace.

In comes the Obama Administration, riding their fresh wind of Hope and Change, who has to take over the 40+ year narcotics ring that’s been going on since the Nixon Administration. Attorney General Eric Holder is put in place to enforce a favorable relationship with the cartels and to take over the program to fuel the CIA funded traffickers against the local uprising of native South American traffickers. Operation “Fast and Furious” was given to the latest incarnation of the program to “win” the battle “for” drugs. The ATF, with full knowledge of the Attorney General’s office, deliberately shipped weapons into Mexico, and created the meme that the border states firearms dealers were the cause of the flow of weapons. The complicit media took hold of this false perception and used it to demonize the Second Amendment, pushing for further gun control in the United States.  Eric Holder was caught along with dozens of others. It’s time to take the head off the snake and expose this liquid cash supply to the ever shadowy CIA operations.

Understand this: Americans consume metric tons of drugs every single day. There is no way that balloons hidden in body cavities, duffle bags dropping out of planes, and pick-up trucks stacked with three million dollars worth of cocaine comes close to the supplies that are shipped into the United States on a daily basis. It is being trafficked into this country with the full support of our intelligence agencies. This apparatus knows that if the general public found out about their crimes the lid would be blown off the true mission of the “war on drugs”…and they will do anything to stop those engaged in the exposing their participation.

We urge anyone involved to come out and expose this ring of moral erosion in our country. We think most citizens of this country will grant full immunity to any officer brave enough to turn in their commanding officers. Provided a band of you combine your efforts and whistle blow at the same time, none of you may serve time. Wait for us to catch you, and you’re going down as hard as the American legal system will allow.

Make the right choice.


00320Ever wonder why the news is so often packed with horrible tales? Can’t they report news that is more clinical than localized horrors? The answer is yes, but the reason why traumatic stories are embedded or weaved into normal news is to accomplish a very important objective; to allow fiction to become fact.

A Bit Of History

Right after World War II a very serious and covert operation was carried out to smuggle war criminal Nazi’s into the United States in a sanitized manner in which these same individuals would be able to live full wonderful and free lives in America, a country they had up until recently been fighting. The operation was known as Operation Paperclip where approximately 1,200 German Nazi scientists in the fields of rocketry and psychological experimentation were given new identities and lives in America. The PR spin was to “deny Russia the scientific mind trust of these same Nazis,” but in later retrospect it was primarily to augment US military technology to build a world army capable of executing European rule.

In the area of rocketry we got NASA led by Wernher Von Braun who mistakenly misled the United States into a mission to the Moon which was not possible given the next 50 years of technology, but that’s for another article.

The second tear of Operation Paperclips outcome with the heavily infused exploration of the human psyche. Project MK-ULTRA was hatched by the same scientists eager to continue their immoral and illegal experimentations on humans. It is not completely known the entire list of horrific tests conducted on humans, but one of the more prominent areas of research was in the mind’s ability to deal with trauma.

What MK-ULTRA revealed was that when the human mind is subjected to massive levels of trauma, usually inflicted via physical rape in the case of MK-ULTRA, the mind creates compartments of history whereby the subject forgets the normal world during trauma, and thus forgets traumatic events when brought back to normal society. The technique was used to store delicate information within the mind that could then be accessed if the trauma was reintroduced.

It was said that nuclear launch codes were stored in women who had been raped and tortured. When the codes needed to be retrieved, they were shamelessly raped and tortured again. Please understand, we know its hard to read this, and do not intend for this to be digested as a matter of fact, nevertheless, this information is true, and most likely the tip of the iceberg for MK-ULTRA.

In the end the project was scraped, and all involved walked away without as much as an indictment.

Fight Or Flight Programming

What MK-ULTRA left the powers that be with was a definitive understanding of the human mind. When the mind is in a state of trauma its frontal lobes or cognizant reality filters shut down, and during this moment any information introduced to the mind is therefore unfiltered and cataloged as fact in the subconscious. The power of this mechanism is that as long as someone can traumatize you, the very next thing they tell you becomes fact in your mind until you can identify this information at a later time and weed it from your historical recall.

When the news such as Fox or CNN reports to you that a mother lost her child because a neighbor who couldn’t have a child let her rage of jealousy reach a point where she cut the woman’s eight and half month old baby from her stomach, you are completely and utterly traumatized. If in the next article that same news agency tells you that Saddam Hussain is going to climb through your window from the other side of the world and kill your American way of life, you believe it. It is this formula that news agencies use globally to program the citizens into believing massive amounts of propaganda about reality.

When the events of something like 9/11 traumatizes every fiber of your body and during that time the news is telling you that Osama Bin Laden is responsible, it is nearly impossible to believe that any other story could be true. Sadly in this case, we were all duped into the fiction to justify a prolonged war in the Middle East to force European banking cartels into the region’s way of life.

The reality is that life comes with bad news. There are people around the world suffering constantly to domestic violence and natural catastrophes etc., but up until the modern age, the press .filtered this content to give those suffering anonymity and privacy to deal with their loss. Now they are exploiting to create trauma waves between the attempts to deceive the people.

Filtering The News

Deciphering the news is a tricky endeavor at best. All of the news as we’ve mentioned in earlier writings is generally created by either Reuters or the Associated Press, both of which are owned by the same elite family the Rothschild’s. A lot of us think we understand what’s going on in the world by digesting these journals on a daily basis. What we’re doing in reality is riding a roller-coaster of entirely controlled propaganda that is designed to behave exactly like a magic trick. If a celebrity’s life is being trumped around the front page, there is undoubtedly something else they don’t want you to focus in the background. In most cases, the ultra nefarious news is never reported at all.

We encourage you to avoid reading local area horror stories. There is very little benefit to you reading about someone else’s suffering. If you can help, it will be big news like an earthquake you can donate to or a hurricane that strands a population. Beware that even natural disasters are sometimes created, but again, for another article.

The Formula For Programming The Mind

Trauma / Fiction / Trauma / Fiction

Now you know their big secret. Pass it on.