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The pilots of treason are in full effect in Southern California, from San Diego county all the way up to Ventura county. Shameless bands of massive clouds paint the sky in trails going from west to east and spanning hundreds of miles. We’re taking a battery of images to track their deeds. We encourage you to do the same.

As Wall Street unravels, so too will the illegal aerosol programs of genetic engineering. We will put every single pilot and commander behind bars for life and strike their surnames from the records of nobility. If you know or are related to individuals involved in such programs, you must come forward and expose this deadly campaign to kill the human race.

Refuse to believe the propaganda you have been fed about any scientific rationale of wellbeing. These clouds are full of poison, and if you knowingly allow this to continue, you too are an accomplice to this crime. All will be hunted and incarcerated.

Who would have ever thought that the Attorney General who is so against the American Constitution’s 2nd Amendment that protects the right to keep and bear arms, would be the key official behind a gun smuggling scam to furnish American sponsored drug cartels with unlimited guns? Perhaps we would, but that’s beside the point. Eric Himpton Holder, Jr. can now be placed in the criminal hall of fame for his backstabbing support of a program that has most likely killed innocent people as well as fellow drug cartel members.

Given that guns in cartels are used to do business, if convicted (and we’re not “holding” our breaths) Mr. Holder can also be held accountable for aiding the trafficking of drugs into the United States. To think that over the last half decade we’ve had to endure countless border confrontations where people died, one would think that being in a position of power to enforce the American Constitution would be a keen practice, and not one that is undermined by the officials appointed to protect such laws. If you’re guilty, and we think you are Mr. Holder, shame on you. May your family name be stricken from the minds of all good Americans and Mexican citizens alike. However, if you confess to your deeds, we will forgive you…sorta.