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OnePageNews-TheBigPictureWhen asked how far the rabbit hole goes, we sigh with the sheer tonnage of areas that the general population of America and the world are under siege. In an effort to better explain the multitudes of conspiracies that are present in our lives, we have created and image called “The Big Picture.”

A typical fallback position of a person who resists the notions of conspiracies claims that all that is wrong with the world is due to incompetency and greed. Even though this does represent a crucial ingredient in the moral fiber of those who are participating, the individuals who create the agendas that rule those with these social ailments are anything but incompetent. They toil for generations to carry agendas of world domination and political control to the maximum extent allowed by the people who are falling victim to the many distractions that re-prioritize their lives away from reality. We hope this image helps paint a picture of where America in particular is under attack. You may find if you live in other regions of the world that your country as well is suffering some degree of the same agendas.

We want to cover this image briefly to ensure the best possible understanding when promoting it with friends and family.

The Elite

The Elite are the controlling families that own the banks in Europe that control the majority of the world. Their bridge of control into the United States of America was completed in 1913 with the false ratification of the 16th Amendment. This Amendment allowed for the formation of the IRS and legal unapportioned tax on American citizens, as well as turning over the creation of American money to the European bankers using bonds of debt. Once the money supply was controlled by Europe, they controlled our political parties, our politicians lives, corporate growth, and the overall repression of all Americans forever.

The Agenda To Destroy America

We have written several times about this agenda, and we realize how disturbing it is to discover a silent war that has been raging since 1913, and especially since the assassination of John F Kennedy in 1963. Nevertheless the rationale goes as follows: Europe and the monarchy of Europe paid for the founding of America. It was to be their prize possession. Then our forefathers double-crossed the controlling tyrannical Elite by taking the land for themselves in the mid-1770s. This led to a war we know as the Revolution, and as we also know, Europe’s defeat.

This loss was the beginning of a war that lasted until 1913. Once the private for profit bank known as the Federal Reserve came into power, the Elite of Europe have worked tirelessly to hatch agendas that destroy the very fabric of our uniqueness. Our culture, our education, our invention, our economy, our freedoms have all been systematically destroyed, and the saddest part is that we’ve been tricked into helping them.

Our citizens have been convinced that if a catchphrase exists to surrender to our losses, then no solution need be sought. “Politicians are all corrupt.” tells Americans that we should never demand that integrity be restored to representation. “Everything causes cancer.” tells Americans to give up on clean organic food that keeps us healthy. “Freedom isn’t free.” tells Americans that every other race on Earth hates our ways and we must rationalize killing anyone who is different from us to protect our xenophobic tendencies.

This must stop. We must take back control of our country. We must help our fellow man see the patterns of deception that are being used to undermine everything we think we’re accomplishing by making failure a fad. As easy as 50 million people fell for the scam of KONY 2012, surely we can get 1% of that population to fall into truth about this conspiracy on our country.


We know our educational system is flawed. Teachers unions protect ignorance as the rulers of Europe laugh at our coddling of teachers who can’t speak proper English. Our students who graduate college with $80,000 in student loans often have degrees that couldn’t get them a job flipping hamburgers. Letters written home by farm boys during the civil war take college professors to translate, because our overall grasp of English has diminished to under 1,200 words for the average high school senior.

Food Supply

The FDA has declared war on small farmers who believe in organic food, while paving the yellow brick road for fast-food corporations to remove food in lieu of inert fillers that have no nutritional value. Tooth rotting diabetes causing soft drinks are perfectly fine, while water fluoride filters are banned in some states. Toxic genetically modified crops are silently replacing natural seed supplies to quietly sterilize a population within a few generations. You eat food, and if you don’t start fighting now, you’ll lose your ability to eat healthy for the rest of your lives. Your legacy by way of children will cease to exist, and all the contributions of your people will vanish. It’s do our die.


Every single day new articles and studies are published that scream out the dangers of vaccinating humans with toxic preservatives. Every single day citizens across America experience horrific losses at the hands of government bureaucrats, and yet in 18 months this country will surrender its healthcare system to the same undereducated underpaid layer of society that will lack any level of compassion for your sick and dying family members. As a state run agency all of the individual doctors we’ve known since the foundation of the country will be 100% controlled and forced into prescribing whatever medicines that government deems appropriate for your children. Corporate greed will escalate to levels we’ve never seen before. Vaccines will be one World Health Organization mandate from complete and utter mandated distribution less you risk losing your health privileges all together.


As America is convinced that a boogeyman that does not exist is out to get them, our parents will sacrifice their children into war where they will unanimously die for a banking cartel. False Flag operations will continue to be the method to scare a complicity baby boomer generation who lack the maturity to step back from the attacks and ask the question of who benefits from each individual act. We must throw out any President or Congressmen or Representative who acts against the United States Constitution. Today we have allowed the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, NDAA, and HR-347 to gut the very freedoms our soldiers are supposedly fighting for. Yet while they fight our President is signing away centuries of accomplishments by our forefathers. We must take back our country in its entirety.


In the 1930s the Elite of the world orchestrated our downfall with the stroke of a pen and some well placed yellow journalism. All sanitized by a century of revisionist history. Today the Elite were faced with the internet, so they were relegated to creating a scandal with the same contracting money effect. In comes the subprime loan scandal. This hoax, which barely effected the bottom-line, scared an entire planet into creating more than $20 trillion in new debt owed to the European banking cartels. America had already signed away jobs using NAFTA. The funny man in Texas with a French last name promised a sucking sound would destroy this country, and he was right. Every small town in America with a Walmart near by knows that their town had a heartbeat before this European owned multinational corporation moved into town. Now its sadly the only source of income, and with the lack of any local economy, its low prices are the only thing keeping people alive. And if we attempt to work within the current system, the Elite of the world have the option to drop the ultimate bomb on the world sending everything into chaos…the derivatives bubble. More than $800 trillion in sum at its smallest estimate would flatline the entire planet’s money supply, while the Elite who have been hoarding gold will have the only backed currency on Earth. It is time we replace our money.

Banking Cartel Expansion

As we mentioned earlier, American men and women are being used to take over foreign countries and hand them over to the IMF and World Bank. The Elite families that own and control these two institutions use this mechanism to expand. The very money supply they use to control America is derived from these acts of world domination, and we give them our offspring to commit crimes against humanity all the time rationalized by attacks they committed against us on days like 9/11. You need to wake up and wake up others. America needs to pull out of the military until the military can be reformed under the guidelines of the Constitution of the United States. We must cut off the hand that serves Europe and its Elite families.

For anyone of us to survive the coming decades, we are going to need to open our eyes and see what has been hidden in plain sight. Please do what you can to distribute “The Big Picture” to help others understand that America is under complete and utter attack.

So you look out at the world, and you see complete and utter chaos. All things that are wrong are one party affiliate from accurate blame, but that never seems to explain why your political party of choice never does anything to complain or highlight the massacres against the United States Constitution. We know the feeling. It’s called being asleep. This article is going to take a stab at waking some of you up, and hopefully aligning the chaos into order.

Raging Wars

We could start anywhere, but we thought it would be nice to start with one of the most volatile areas where people are dying senselessly. America is engaged in a forever war against the “evil” Eurasian population. Every American believes that every human on Earth who is Middle Eastern is one trigger push away from blowing up their kids and stealing their “American Way Of Life.” This bill of propaganda has been sold to you by the elite controlled press. The benefactors are the World Bank and their many arms of control such as the International Monetary Fund.

What is their end goal? Total and complete control over Eurasian mobility. Right now Eurasian countries have billions of barrels of oil under their monetary control. Given that every monetary unit in the world is attached to the sale of a barrel of oil, the elite can’t simply drill off the coast of Alaska, Scotland, and Brazil to kill the demand for Eurasian supplies, because that would corrupt the fake fiat currency power that the elite have over the world. No, they must keep the supply of oil down, pretend to have peak oil problems, and attack all Eurasian countries using innocent American families under the flag of “Freedom Isn’t Free” mottos.

America is the club for European banking cartels. Our children are being sold by ignorant parents who think that sporting scores and reality shows are more important than actual freedom. As our Neo-Nazi President Obama passed unconstitutional laws in the secret of night (see NDAA 1031 and HR 347 for starters), Americans pat themselves on the back about how patriotic they are, and how much we need the Patriot Act and radioactive body scanners to stay safe. The entire population is being herded like sheep into draconian slavery.

Election 2012 Scam

On the home front we have a thrown election in progress. The GOP have been told that Obama will continue to reign over America. Despite his reenactment of Nazi Germany circa 1935, Americans are okay with Obama hammering away at the Constitution as dictated by his European masters. The GOP have worked diligently to push to the forefront their least apt candidates to ensure once again, that change never happens.

Senator Ron Paul is being systematically snubbed by the press. Despite winning in the polls time and time again, he is left out of headlines while his competitors who sometimes rank below him are labeled as “leaders” and or “front-runners.”

The Bilderberg Group will get another four years off as they interview to find the next United States President. Someone who is willing to sell out their country as the African born Obama is now. What can’t be controlled by press blackouts will be mopped up by electronic voting machine fraud.

Let us make this very clear. You do not elect your President. Your President is headhunted by a group called the Bilderberg’s. The elite controlled press then quarantines all candidates outside of this circle to keep the public in the dark. If a candidate like Ron Paul manages to squeeze through the constraints, a smear campaign kicks into effect to ensure that the population believes the thrown election results. Should a candidate manage to get past these measures, something that has rarely happen since the take over of the United States in the early 1960s, the individual is murdered by the same controlling elite. Sad, but true.

The Attack On America

Meanwhile, America is under complete and utter attack. The elite controlled politicians and military personnel are meticulously chipping off every provision of freedom set down by our forefathers. Americans who have been convinced that a mysterious boogeyman “Al Qaeda” is out to get them, shamefully support the erosion of freedom. The two-party system that breeds senseless loyalty pushes half the population into a defensive stance for any tyranny that Obama signs into law. The mere fact that the overwhelming majority of the midnight signatures are unconstitutional is completely missed by a population who would rather know a batting average or Jersey Shore fact than an Amendment to the Bill of Rights.

We need to understand that America only won a single battle in a war that has raged since the first settlers landed on the shores of America. We have since been under constant barrage by the bankers that demand that no possession including your sovereign life be anything other than their property. They own you. They own your children, and they believe wholeheartedly that only their offspring are entitled to prosper. If you consider yourself a parent; if you consider yourself a patriot, you must shake off the lies you’ve been told since birth, and join the forces of true freedom that are aimed at restoring the original dream of America.

These forces control what your children learn. The news you read. They control your lack of nutrition. They poison your air, your water, and your medicine. What is outlawed in their European homeland is legal for us to consume. What is revolutionary is forbidden by our bought off FDA and CDC. Our money is fake. Our gold has been stolen. Our military has been deceived. Our politicians have been bought off. Our jobs have been exported. There has never been a time in history where more facets of reality have been co-opted by elite controlled mechanisms, and yet people still fear being labeled conspiracy theorist. Wear the label with a badge of pride. For it is the conspiracy savvy that will save the world.

Remember, America is an idea of freedom for all nations. We must secure a single example of this idea on our own soil. It will not be necessary to impose our will on others once they see what freedom looks like. America isn’t dead yet, but if things don’t change soon, it will become more and more difficult to ever convince our grandchildren she existed.

Wake up people. The clock is ticking.

Dear Europe: Time To Grow Up

Guillotine_16When an American thinks of Kings and Queens, we harken to our childhood when our fragile little hearts required fairytale stories to get us to bed at night. As adults, we satiate our need for such childish thoughts by taking our own children to amusement parks like Disneyland, where we march our daughters through the castle to the princess store, or our young boys to Adventure Land to live vicariously through Indiana Jones.

So Europe, how many centuries is it going to take for you to grow out of your divine bloodline worship of monarchs? How many countries are going to have to fall before you lose your need for a group of people to rule over your land, and consequently, ours? Will you grow up?

Right now the entire world is ruled by a handful of people whom many of your countries subsidize. You devote tax payer dollars to keep castles filled with elitist, inbred blowhards that disdain to walk among you, exemplifying the idea of inequality between you and them. Your entire country is one arrest away from gaining complete and utter sovereignty over your land, and your life. So what are you waiting for? These parasites should taste your jails, not the fruits of your labor.

Some of your countries are subjugated by families that occupy your land. England is ruled by a family of Germans who hate to crossbreed with anyone who is of British descent. How is that possible? How is it possible that you give them £50 million a year to keep their elite dwellings and ridiculous superior habits above yours?

Europe, it is time to grow up! It is time to eradicate the death grip you fund called the monarch regime. And while you’re at it, please arrest the bankers that have raped the Earth of all its natural resources, and poisoned entire populations with viral vaccination programs that spread AIDS, smallpox, and more. It is time that you own up to the problem you’ve allowed to fester, for it is yours and yours alone. America will follow suit, but the second that you cut the head of the snake from the serpent that rules over all of us, our meager imitations of your “Royal” families will wither within minutes.

We urge you to cease this need to be ruled by others. For centuries you’ve hung onto this devout worship of Kings and Queens as if their blood is a sacred gene pool that has the unique ability to solve problems you can’t. We urge you to believe in your own bloodline, even if it means that you make mistakes. At least they will be your mistakes, and transparent to the people of your country. Funding the monarchs of the world and allowing bankers to operate in covert corners when they have installed millions of cameras to spy on you is simply unacceptable. We don’t want your tyranny in our country.

For the last century America has been held up as the last free place on Earth. We don’t want this label. We want everywhere a person travels to be as free of tyranny as possible. We don’t want to visit your countries and find elite establishments harboring monarchs subsidized by your very labor. This isn’t the middle-ages anymore. Time to grow up. Time to own your own civilization.

In closing we submit this basic inquiry: What has having a monarchy in your land EVER done for you?

Not A Picture Of America

Is world population a problem?

For many countries the problem is nonexistent, but for some countries the problem is very real. The fundamental problem we have with the arguments for civilized first world countries to halt–or at the very least severely curtail–procreation efforts, is rooted in the law of averages. If a population gains 4% year over year, it will only take 25 years for that population to double, and this is the mathematical reality that some folks worry about.

Countries such as America and nearly all of modern Europe knowingly regulate their offspring count by sensibly keeping their numbers low. We no longer farm land on the whole, have child labor laws, and therefore no longer have children in order to monetize their labor. This is good for natural population control.

Consider the unthinkable

Let’s examine the unthinkable idea of regulating the number of children a couple could have. The most basic fear when people hear about population control is the idea that we will have to cease having children. This isn’t the case even if we were over populated and needed to reduce our number. Take for example the goal of sustaining our current numbers. If every couple that decides to have children were to limit their offspring count by two, then the world population would remain the same. Given that many people aren’t interested in children, and some are unable to have children, the number would naturally decline. It is conceivable that a couple with an inability to procreate could give up their allocation to a random pool.

What about technology?

Before we set any limits, it should be explored to see how many people we can comfortably house, feed, and fuel. The elite controlled energy corporations have bought up all the patents for clean free energy, because it can’t be monetized, so how do we know what the limit should be set to? We need to explore the ability to create food using hydroponics. We need to explore geothermal energy. We need to research architectural alternatives to build structures not only into the sky, but also into the Earth, and perhaps out over the ocean. There are many options when it comes to all the factors that catalyze the fears of those who fear monger population growth. However, there is a limit. We just haven’t as a world population decided what that limit is.

The clear source of over population

It is clear that two countries, China and India, contribute a disproportional amount of population per their land to person ratio. Families have children in these two countries, because they are largely still in a third world status with very little of any child labor laws. A family is able to exploit their offspring in a country that suffers from its very population problem. Resources are strained, and no one seems to care. We are often told in America that China kills children if families procreate beyond a certain limit. This is categorically untrue. The only citizens in China remotely regulated are government workers, and their only penalty for having and extra child amounts to a fee of around $150. Families in China are still very large, even in areas where modern society has no means of employing or housing them. It also should be noted that as the elite are attempting to get asinine carbon taxation system imposed, these over populated countries are immediate exempt. For to tax the source of near free wages for giant multinational corporations is to spite themselves the ability to rape man of their right to reap the benefits of hard work.

A fraud being played on first world countries that are responsible in population growth is that we are told that we must compensate for the unregulated. Countries such as Mexico that tie manly cultural norms to child baring abilities are bringing the problem directly into America unregulated, and we would suggest deliberately stimulated. So when you hear professors and politicians lament about how the modern world needs to limit its growth, we would encourage you to reject this notion 100%. The solution does not start in any country that has population growth under control. The problem starts with countries that are shamelessly overlooking their moral responsibility to control their growth verses natural resources.

Why is population control and issue in 2011?

There are obviously several perspectives on this answer depending on whom you consult. Some simply take the appreciating growth curves and see a catastrophe of resource depletion, while others worry about something far more fundamental, CONTROL.

The elite of the world work extremely hard to develop means of controlling the populous at large. When the number of humans increases, that further strains the control apparatus that has been put in place. We believe that given the clear targeting of countries that control their population, it is obvious that someone wants the most highly educated to cease spawning, while those who are still willing to allow slave labor in their societies are encouraged to continue having children. Corporations benefit from next to free labor, while modern cultures have been convinced that earning a living wage from basic jobs such as bagging groceries and fixing roads is acceptably intangible.

So when do we start discussing these issues?

It is time that we start to debate these issues in a public forum. Right now groups behind closed doors are doing the debating for us. Choices are being made based on monetary and political gain. The cards are stacked against modern societies. Countries with population problems need to demonstrate their ability to regulate themselves. Countries who are clearly within their means to expand need to reject immediate sacrifices while planning their own methods of capping their given population. At this point in time, no public population control treaty is being discussed anywhere, nevertheless, programs have been in place for decades to dumb down society, poison their bodies to shorten their lives, and generally make them self-absorbed enough to allow their otherwise worthy genes from continuing to contribute to society.

Let’s start discussing the issue intelligently.

Too Big To Fail is Too Big to Live

Your attention, please…your attention please…The global banking hegemony wants you to think that your continued prosperous existence is contingent on their survival. They think you’re too much of a coward to be free and live without them. “Too Big To Fail” is too big to live. This cartel has raped and pillaged the middle and lower classes of the world like a band of drunken, marauding pirates. Then, once they realize they’re about to be exposed and face drowning in their fiat oceans, they threaten us with suicide vests filled with their gambling debts.

Iceland grabbed their balls and stood up to the banks. Greece may do the same. Max Keiser tells it like it is…

The fundamental question of where wars come from has been largely distorted by pop-culture, history sections in bookstores, and of course the mass media that gets nearly all of its content from elite owned and operated Reuters and Associated Press feeds. We would like to take a moment to explain where wars come from, who benefits from them, and more importantly who dies as a result of this charade.

Wars are created by Banks

The only benefactors of war for the last 200 years of American involvement have been by banking cartels in Europe. As governments are weaned onto debt based monetary systems whereby each dollar made requires interest baring payments to be paid at a later date, wars are used to create massive debt bubbles that are impossible to pay back without half century pockets of peace to recoup the loss.

Since September 11th, 2001, America has been drawn into a war to facilitate the take over of the Middle East. Once each country is conquered, the political and financial infrastructure of that country is handed over to the IMF and World Bank. They in turn install carefully selected politicians, rewrite the local fiscal laws and tie their people into a debt based money system. This eventually bankrupts the country into complete and utter slavery to the same masters that run the United States.

Duping the People

The citizens of the United States are addicted to scapegoating their unfulfilled lives by living within hate paradigms. It starts from simple concepts such as rivalry sports teams, and descends quickly into political and perhaps religious hatred. This pattern of inhumane behavior incubates a social hatred between all men. If something is wrong with an individuals life, they are taught to divert that blame onto another social group or race as the result.

This scapegoating addiction leads a society into sending their children to war to rid the planet of their own self-hatred. Meanwhile, their offspring are being injected vaccines that will eventually kill them, exposing them to depleted uranium, and of course facing combat head on. There is nothing courageous or noble about these wars. There is nothing to justify a nation sending its children to die for foreign banks that work endlessly to enslave the same population.

Individuals of Treason

So who would be so unpatriotic to sell out their own country? Our first counter question would be, “Who told you they were from your country in the first place?” America has a President that remains a non-American born citizen. Many of the Pentagons top officials were not born in the United States. Ever driven a rent-a-car and felt less responsibility for bringing it back in tip top condition? The same phenomenon occurs when an individual is out of their hometown of accountability. Soccer fans who riot in a city where they don’t live. College students that ransack a hotel on spring break. We have individuals in power that come from outside lands that do not possess the patriotic heart of a naturally born citizen. For these individuals, loyalty is not rooted on American soil.

So what about those that were? We think you’ll find many of them consider themselves expatriates. Individuals that blame the citizens of America for being lazy, ignorant, and other undesirable qualities, all the time forgetting that America was shaped into this dismal form by the controlling elite who have worked to poison our food supply, our drinking water, and our coveted educational system. America has fallen to the wayside because of these corrupt invaders.

For many retaliation is the motive. They perhaps did not enjoy their youth and simply wish to attack a populous that ignored their mental prowess. If you check many of the highest ranking politicians and or their administrations, you’ll discover an overwhelming collection of people who were prodigies as children who are ridiculed by the press for not being attractive or socially hip. They live to destroy and enslave the ignorant who are incapable of valuing true brilliance over shallow materialism.

Others simply live for greed. For them a paycheck is enough to disembody their moral obligation to man and wreak havoc amongst the world. As the Joker said in Batman, “Some people like to watch the world burn.” These individuals are the most dangerous for they are the manipulators, the deceivers who puppet the previous roles of corruption.

How do we stop war?

We stop war by educating ourselves about why these wars are occurring. Right now the Middle East is being dismantled before our very eyes. Each country is being sabotaged from the inside, by mercenaries who are being paid well to overthrow their governments and help usher in an era of total corruption and enslavement. They have been promised Robin Hood riches handed down from above, and all they will receive is an IMF and World Bank controlled country where all that was their fathers will be stripped to the bone, sold for pennies on the dollar, and liquidated back to the European bankers that instigated their demise.

We need to stop encouraging our children to join armies until we’ve had time to rebuild our government that sends them into countless wars. Protecting our homeland should be the number one priority, and yet we fear fake boogie men in far off lands.

What are the repercussions?

There are those who work night and day to keep this illusion alive. They write articles for the press, they watch the reaction of the people, and they take action when the people cease to believe. They plan and execute falseflag operations and blame them on factions that have nothing to do with the aggression. We must as a people be willing to fight through their attacks, endure their clever manipulations, and continue pushing until we have overcome their ancient method of repression.

Above all, we need to halt their patterns of madness. Raise your children with the knowledge that man does not wish man harm. We do not want to war. Cease forwarding emails of hatred about political groups that don’t control our country. Cease forwarding emails of racism that bares no meaning when it comes to our overall happiness in the world. Work to free all countries, and watch the natives flock back to their homeland.

The world is run in a very carefully crafted order of command. The organizations that feed into each other have been developed and honed over the ages. The overwhelming majority of its participants have no idea where they get their daily objectives nor why they are truly completing them.

This article is a direct reference to how the United States of America is run. We have left out obvious participants who are mere enablers and enforcers of the above groups. Again, we aren’t implying by any means that the organizations listed above are entirely occupied by elements that serve a ruling class, but that many of the highest ranking officials do carry down the objectives from a single ultimately powerful source of the worlds most influential and powerful monarchies and or banking families.

Their Objective

It should be noted that even though there are few in the ruling class, they are not all on the same page in terms of overall objectives. They do not all meet in one place, and they do not agree on where the governments of the world should take the people. They argue, they disagree, they fight, and have since the beginning of time. Some groups are far more powerful than others, yet they have to work the lesser powers into their plans due to the significant resistance that a lesser group can pose.

We cannot speak to all of the objectives of the ruling class. We can only point out the actions they carry out each and every year. Their ultimate objective is not money. It is control. They fear losing what they have, which is total and complete control over the social mobility and overall threat we can pose to them. They have hoarded science and technology that could solve virtually all the health and resource problems we have today. They have started virtually any and all wars since recorded time. They have won many battles and have lost many others. One must remember above all, they do not get their way all the time. Their biggest threat globally is the identity and will of the individual to live for principles that distribute inalienable rights to live ones life as one sees fit as long as that life does not harm others.

As mentioned in other articles on this site, the ruling class or “Them” as portrayed in the diagram above do not think of mankind as you and I do. They see the potential in all mankind to threaten their way of life. To take away what their families have slaved and enslaved to get. It is safe to say that their morality if it exists is one based more on the survival of the fittest and not the betterment of humanity as a whole. A good example of this thought process is in the wars they have organized and supported for the centuries man has been civilized. Where one might not believe that they would kill innocent people in an attack like 9/11, they overlook the fact that a single attack on a country like Iraq kills hundreds of thousands in a split second of history. There is no difference between United States citizens and citizens of another country. They are merely a means to an end, and that end is about control.

The Flow Of Command

When they make a decision to control an area of the world that is for the most part wealthy and free, they know that “they” can only talk about the idea. They cannot personally accomplish the goal. In order to do that, they need help from those who can.

If we take the Middle East for example, we have a body of countries that aside from previous wars are fairly wealthy and free from European banking institutions despite their deals under OPEC to sell Oil using currencies that aren’t their own. The ruling class of Europe have decided that these countries need to be controlled. They have decided that these countries need to be put on their global banking infrastructure like the United States is bound to the private for profit bank known as the Federal Reserve.

Once the decision is made, the plan moves to the next level. The ruling body organizes the proper members and discusses the options and the risks of those options. They take years to do this. In some cases they may take a hundred years to consolidate an area of the world. In the case of the Middle East there are few options that the world will approve. Merely asking the Arab countries of the world to capitulate to the will of the ruling class of Europe will not work. Therefore force is a much needed factor. However, the world as a whole is an extremely peaceful place. Mankind will go out of his way not to risk his life once he understands the value of that life, which is why the military is littered with young soldiers who haven’t discovered this value.

The stage of the game is to begin a political firestorm of action. In the case of the Middle East they are perpetually blamed for things that are never proved, and never come to pass. The public fearing the unknown, and largely being xenophobic in countries like the United States are easily convinced that despite the more than 8,000 miles of distance between them, that an impending attack on the United States is only moments away 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The average citizen of America approves violent attacks on Arab countries to satiate this unfounded fear of the unknown Arab worlds. It is completely baseless.

The Handlers

The Handlers are agents who embed themselves into the fabric of other organizations close to the highest ranking officials of public office such as the President. They secretly serve for the duration of their lives in some cases and often reside in the White House or neighboring communities. They do not carry agency identification nor draw attention to themselves. Although there are clear organizations that bear specific names to harbor these controllers, we don’t feel it necessary to identify them at this time.

The Politicians

It should also be noted that politicians are carefully selected for each country. The press is used to create an overwhelming support for “their’ choices, and any renegade candidate that poses a threat to their choice is defeated using voting machine fraud. If one investigates all the known voting machine companies in the United States, you will find them riddled with convicted felons, politicians, former heads of various government security agencies, and the list goes on.

Once the politician is elected they are fed their agenda on a daily basis. Why do politicians often break their promises from the campaign trail? Partly because that is the given technique of getting elected, but in most cases, it’s the sudden indoctrination of “what’s really going on” once they step into the White House. Some families like the Bush family already have complete knowledge of the ruling class. For the most part their family is a minor member of the ruling class, and has a long legacy of doing the dirty work that other candidates refuse to be a part of. Always remember that it does us little good to complain about these meek families that have to resort to criminal activities to stay in their social circles. They are not the source of the problem, but the outer ring of true systemic factors involved.

As the politicians get their orders, they request laws for the people, and sign laws into power that no one asked for outside of the ruling class. In America we have the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act. We have immunity to pharmaceutical companies that poison our people, and communications companies that eavesdrop on our lives.

When events like 9/11 occur, we are posed with a threat or a “problem” that we then need to “react” to. Our government orchestrates a media blitz to put into our minds the perception “they” need to get what “they” want. When the ruling class determined that the Middle East needed to be consolidated, they knew they had to achieve this plan using force. It has been documented in numerous places that a “second Pearl Harbor” would be necessary to galvanize the citizens of the world to bring this plan into action.

The Corporations

Every war needs its facilitator, and every corporation needs its profit margins. People are motivated by money more than any single factor in the world, and that fact is exploited via the corporation to get private groups involved in fulfilling the overall goals that would otherwise be impossible.

How many times have you heard that the war in the Middle East is all about oil and weapons contracts? This is a great illusion to keep the average citizen of the world from focusing on the true source of the objective. The average citizen of the United States blames either the right or the left for everything that goes wrong. The next level up blames the corporations. The next blames the banks, and those who truly understand see past the monetary gains and into the true objective of a body of people who have all the money in the world, control.

Those who run corporations that help in wars are most often circulated into political office when needed. One can quickly note Vice President and former Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense, White House Chief of Staff, and former Searl CEO Donald Rumsfeld to name a few. These men are ruthless, brilliant, incredibly wealthy, and above all, powerful. They serve their masters, and they do it well. They are original thinkers who solve problems, perform well in the public eye, and convince people of their master’s will, and it is this factor that puts people like them and Henry Kissinger into everlasting power.

The Military

Once the objectives have been decided, the “problem” has been created, the “reaction” of force can finally be enacted. In the case of the Middle East it was always understood that a war would be necessary to gain full control, and thus allow the ruling class to unify their stranglehold on the world population. The members of the military are virtually all law-abiding patriotic citizens that will truly die for what they believe to be right and just. Sadly there hasn’t been a war in several hundred years that wasn’t crafted by the ruling class since the American Revolution.

The Police

Another more refined body of patriotic citizens is the police. They govern the local districts of citizens ensuring that we follow the rules handed down from on high. In most cases the laws we’re required to obey are laws that we’ve all agreed on, but in more and more cases the laws are growing ever closer to a tyrannical dictatorship using the disguise of socialism and “change.”

We The People

We play into their hands by losing connection with what made our great countries what they are. We make getting by okay. We allow mediocrity to gain a trendy foothold in our culture. We allow our children to live inside television shows that claim to be reality.

We need to stop the madness of our ways or lose everything that took the last thousand years to gain. Perhaps man needs another dark age in order to understand the true value of freedom. The primary threat this time around is that technology has advanced to the level that we may not be able to break free a second time.

It is vital that we educate each other of how to truly perceive the world. We need to understand on a daily basis who is controlling and why. The overall objective of the ruling class is to unify us into a single world government. This erases the checks and balances that have been in place since the beginning of man. Most citizens of the world know that politicians are corrupt, but they fail to connect the fact that socialized government has complete and utter control over your life and your destiny, and you will never be able to become what you want in life unless they allow you to. Imagine having a skill you aren’t allowed to exercise. Imagine having a belief that you can’t publicly admit. Imagine having a neighbor who falsely reports you as a criminal just to make sure they don’t get arrested themselves.

The threats we are noting throughout this website are not reactionary panics or sensationalized propaganda. We are merely outlining the suffrage that occurred every single time a tyrannical government has ever controlled the world. We will never be able to live in a unified body of governing until we rid ourselves of the ruling class and their infrastructure that makes their reign possible.