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The summer of 2012 is off to an action packed start! First it was a plot to blow up a bridge, now a plane! Oh boy, aren’t we glad we have agents spying on all of us? Why if it wasn’t for President Obama gutting our Constitution, we’d probably all be dead by now. Or maybe an agency that does nothing more than police the world needs to justify their existence through propaganda at any cost.

Let’s review their techniques. An agency makes a claim that they’ve foiled a plot. The evidence is all based on surveillance that is never shown to the public, or when it is, looks not unlike the absurd stories of flight manuals and Korans sitting in the front seat of terrorist cars parked at airports. We’re to believe they needed to “brush up” on their “how to drive a plane” knowledge. “Is it the red button? or the yellow one?” Nothing like a midnight crunch session before successfully hijacking a plane and flying it better than any stunt pilot in history ever could or has.

Just like the fake raid that lied to the public about killing Osama Bin Laden, that later had no footage or proof, and the sudden death of Seal Team 6 who knew it was a sham. The latest trend to claim of foiled plot is more of the same. To have the audacity to feature Osama Bin Laden’s face on the cover story when even the liars have said he’s dead, should be a key give away that they agencies trying to derive power from these images of propaganda. We’re sure they did a focus group with Southern Baptists who still find Bin Laden’s face terrifying.

Avoid being gullible. Resist the onslaught of misplaced patronage that would funnel funds into these organizations claiming victory over undisclosed evidence. And yes, should we affect their bottom line they will create a false flag to remind us who’s in power. Try to avoid letting that manipulate your mind as well. We need to strip these agencies of their power to spy by throwing out any politician who signs into power more Constitutional violating laws. We need to strip these agencies of their funds by cutting off their budgets and mandating that all the drugs being monitored by American troops for safe sale are cut down and burned forever.

Remove them, and the chaos ends. It’s your choice.

MUST SEE: Farmageddon

We’d like to recommend that you spend the next 48 hours tracking down the nearest copy of the film Farmageddon. This timely documentary covers the attack on the American people who are trying to grow and distribute organic clean healthy food and especially raw milk. We at feel the source of the problem is the never ending assault from European controllers who want America on the decline. Politicians are bought off in exchange for short term monetary gains to pass legislation that defies all logic. It’s not just multinational corporations seeking greed. It’s the complete and utter destruction of our country by those who feel threatened by freedom.

You can purchase this DVD direct, or you can use your Apple TV and dozens of other online streaming services listed on their website to rent or purchase a copy. Unlike all of our other movie recommendations, this film represents the seed of our bloodless revolution. Public outrage needs to be the follow-up after one sees this documentary. It is imperative that you pass this to your friends however possible. Link to their website from your Facebook page, your Twitter account, anything.

Farmers are being held at gun point by goons who should be deported from this great country. Warrants without probable cause are being used to justify the outright stealing of goods and property from loyal Americans. Don’t be the person who sits on the sideline and does nothing while your country is being dismantled before your very eyes. Be the patriot who fights back by spreading knowledge.