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For the last decade, the events of 9/11 have been used to rationalize the advancement of tyranny over the previously sovereign and free. Each year we endure new fictional false flag operations that convince the ignorant sports worshiping, reality show watching, junk food gorging public to give up their divine freedoms in exchange for safety. We are due for another Christmas surprise: a fictional hand-crafted false flag operation that will condition the public to consent to more Stasi style checkpoints and intrusive TSA groping. Where does it end? A body scanner at the grocery store?

The nefarious corrupt individuals that have infiltrated otherwise upstanding areas of government use the holiday period to terrorize a captive country. They know all we want to to do is get to our family gatherings, and a camaraderie is born among travelers as they share that goal. They know that we’ll converse as a group, and that at least one of our clan will regurgitate the Al-Qaeda action line about phantom, suicidal boogeymen lurking in caves eager to meet their 72 virgins, until the entire gathering is riddled with unfounded fear and frustration.

Right after 9/11 homeless drifter Richard Reid boarded flight 63 on December 22nd 2001, with shoes that were right out of an Acme catalog suitable for Wile E. Coyote. As the buffoon attempted to light the fuses dangling on the floor, he was apprehended. The story ran like a bad spy novel: this Al-Qaeda operative attempted to ignite plastic explosives in his shoes and bring down an airplane filled with happy holiday travelers. Those Muslim rascals! (As a side note, plastic explosive does not respond to lit fuses. Remember: The media thinks you’re an idiot) This absurd story hit the airwaves at a time when most of us were still under the influence of the mainstream media lie that was 9/11. Immediately the government rushed in to take away our rights to board a plane without first taking off our shoes. This ritual of tyrannical public slave conditioning didn’t stop there.

In August of 2006, the United Kingdom gave America’s captors a gift: the fear of liquid explosives. The establishment thinks we’re so gullible and brain dead that we’ll actually believe that nefarious shadow men are planning to smuggle liquid explosives onto airliners and kill hundreds of people. Now this question bears asking: with American airport security as already tight as it was in 2006, what terrorist organization worth it’s weight in Jihad would consider airplanes as a target…the path of most resistance? The tale is patently absurd and unfounded, yet the media picked it up, repeated the government meme like parrots, and the next thing you know, we’ve been conditioned to be good serfs and show up to the airport with our no more than three ounces of shampoo so the Scary Turban People can’t blow us out of the sky. It’d be laughable if it wasn’t so egregious. It’s a giant con game to see how much asinine regulation we’ll withstand.

On December 25th, 2009, an FBI agent escorted Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab onto Northwest Airline Flight 253, en route from Amsterdam to Detroit Michigan. This was a literal repeat of the Richard Reid scenario, save the location of the never meant to explode “bomb”, this time in the man’s underwear. Waiting anxiously in the wings as the story unfolded was our former head of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff–who had just happened to invest in a little company that makes radioactive body scanners. Once the false flag operation was over, the Department of Homeland Security ruled that all their TSA checkpoints be outfitted with body scanners, and award a non-bid contract worth $173 million for the first order–but the little known fact is that the machines were ordered a year in advance of that. This was all a set up. Aside from the fact that these scanners do cause cancer, the idea that one violation or mishap would lead to an entire nation losing their rights to a healthy entry onto a plane without being groped is ridiculous. Again the mission is clear: incrementalism. Feed the public the Authoritarianism in easily digestible chunks, with dramatic events staged to sell the idea. If the people were so compliant that they would take off their shoes and curtail their hygeine products just so they could engage in commerce with an airline, all the while thinking the Daddystate Government was going to keep them safe, they’d hop right into a microwave oven like a good dog if ordered to do so.

There is a pattern. Corrupt individuals and perhaps organizations are working against the United States to enslave our people with fake attacks that are drummed up in the mass media press and immediately translated into tyrannical restrictions on our freedoms. Think about it: we lose a portion our rights when we enter the airport. Freedom of speech? GONE. Second Amendment? Forget about it. Unlawful search and seizure? GONE. We are being conditioned to accept life as prisoners, as wards of the state, to be compliant with intrusive, degrading, debasing search procedures under the guise of National Security. It’s a goddamn lie, and it’s time to get the word out to everybody that this hoax needs to be exposed…and fervently resisted.

We await this year’s holiday surprise. Nothing like getting a little whiff of tyranny for a Christmas present. If indeed these control freak criminals do execute another fake attack, or perhaps even a real one, look for the signs of fraud. Look beyond the mass media take on who did what and why. Come to this website and we will do our best to inform you about what really happened. Travel well, travel aware. Tell someone you care about what really goes on. This year, give the gift of truth. We are on your side.


Piers Corbyn, the Astrophysicist behind the team at, the repeatedly accurate weather prediciton organization that uses solar and lunar data to make long range weather forcasts, rips a gaping hole in the Global Warming/Climate Change ponzi scheme aimed at turning the world into a post industrial, taxation enslaved graveyard.

Not A Picture Of America

Is world population a problem?

For many countries the problem is nonexistent, but for some countries the problem is very real. The fundamental problem we have with the arguments for civilized first world countries to halt–or at the very least severely curtail–procreation efforts, is rooted in the law of averages. If a population gains 4% year over year, it will only take 25 years for that population to double, and this is the mathematical reality that some folks worry about.

Countries such as America and nearly all of modern Europe knowingly regulate their offspring count by sensibly keeping their numbers low. We no longer farm land on the whole, have child labor laws, and therefore no longer have children in order to monetize their labor. This is good for natural population control.

Consider the unthinkable

Let’s examine the unthinkable idea of regulating the number of children a couple could have. The most basic fear when people hear about population control is the idea that we will have to cease having children. This isn’t the case even if we were over populated and needed to reduce our number. Take for example the goal of sustaining our current numbers. If every couple that decides to have children were to limit their offspring count by two, then the world population would remain the same. Given that many people aren’t interested in children, and some are unable to have children, the number would naturally decline. It is conceivable that a couple with an inability to procreate could give up their allocation to a random pool.

What about technology?

Before we set any limits, it should be explored to see how many people we can comfortably house, feed, and fuel. The elite controlled energy corporations have bought up all the patents for clean free energy, because it can’t be monetized, so how do we know what the limit should be set to? We need to explore the ability to create food using hydroponics. We need to explore geothermal energy. We need to research architectural alternatives to build structures not only into the sky, but also into the Earth, and perhaps out over the ocean. There are many options when it comes to all the factors that catalyze the fears of those who fear monger population growth. However, there is a limit. We just haven’t as a world population decided what that limit is.

The clear source of over population

It is clear that two countries, China and India, contribute a disproportional amount of population per their land to person ratio. Families have children in these two countries, because they are largely still in a third world status with very little of any child labor laws. A family is able to exploit their offspring in a country that suffers from its very population problem. Resources are strained, and no one seems to care. We are often told in America that China kills children if families procreate beyond a certain limit. This is categorically untrue. The only citizens in China remotely regulated are government workers, and their only penalty for having and extra child amounts to a fee of around $150. Families in China are still very large, even in areas where modern society has no means of employing or housing them. It also should be noted that as the elite are attempting to get asinine carbon taxation system imposed, these over populated countries are immediate exempt. For to tax the source of near free wages for giant multinational corporations is to spite themselves the ability to rape man of their right to reap the benefits of hard work.

A fraud being played on first world countries that are responsible in population growth is that we are told that we must compensate for the unregulated. Countries such as Mexico that tie manly cultural norms to child baring abilities are bringing the problem directly into America unregulated, and we would suggest deliberately stimulated. So when you hear professors and politicians lament about how the modern world needs to limit its growth, we would encourage you to reject this notion 100%. The solution does not start in any country that has population growth under control. The problem starts with countries that are shamelessly overlooking their moral responsibility to control their growth verses natural resources.

Why is population control and issue in 2011?

There are obviously several perspectives on this answer depending on whom you consult. Some simply take the appreciating growth curves and see a catastrophe of resource depletion, while others worry about something far more fundamental, CONTROL.

The elite of the world work extremely hard to develop means of controlling the populous at large. When the number of humans increases, that further strains the control apparatus that has been put in place. We believe that given the clear targeting of countries that control their population, it is obvious that someone wants the most highly educated to cease spawning, while those who are still willing to allow slave labor in their societies are encouraged to continue having children. Corporations benefit from next to free labor, while modern cultures have been convinced that earning a living wage from basic jobs such as bagging groceries and fixing roads is acceptably intangible.

So when do we start discussing these issues?

It is time that we start to debate these issues in a public forum. Right now groups behind closed doors are doing the debating for us. Choices are being made based on monetary and political gain. The cards are stacked against modern societies. Countries with population problems need to demonstrate their ability to regulate themselves. Countries who are clearly within their means to expand need to reject immediate sacrifices while planning their own methods of capping their given population. At this point in time, no public population control treaty is being discussed anywhere, nevertheless, programs have been in place for decades to dumb down society, poison their bodies to shorten their lives, and generally make them self-absorbed enough to allow their otherwise worthy genes from continuing to contribute to society.

Let’s start discussing the issue intelligently.

This is very serious.

Another sword was thrust into the heart of The United States of America last night. The US Senate approved (93-7) The National Defense Authorization Act. What this means is that you, as an American Citizen, if you are so much as SUSPECTED of a terrorist act or of allying yourself with “terrorists” you can be swept up off the streets by the military, hauled off to a secret prison, no rights, no defense, no legal representation. You will be treated as a foreign enemy soldier in time of war. This is direct military intervention in the legal process of the United States. The true nature of our Government is now exposed for all to see: the goal is total lockdown of liberty run through the fear filter of domestic terrorism while the economy is destroyed by design. We are being pushed further into a corner while the corrupt crime syndicate that masquerades as our leadership wraps itself in the US Flag under the false pretense of protecting our “freedoms.”

A large part of the population is not going to tolerate this if these acts are implemented. Once a false flag terrorist attack is staged against the people of the United States, and patriots start being swept up off the streets and the military attempts to confiscate weapons…we’re going to have to decide on what side of history we will reside. They are trying to pick a fight with us. We will not be treated like subjects and hauled off to camps. Sorry. Ain’t gonna happen, Hoss. Be careful what you wish for, New World Order. Paybacks are swift.

ATTENTION U.S. MILITARY: You will be used to attack your own countrymen under this false, fake, manufactured “War on Terror”. DO NOT violate your oath to the US Constitution and engage the American People. We must stand together against this inevitable attempt at full-blown tyranny. DO THE RIGHT THING AND STAND WITH US.

Below is an interview with Stewart Rhodes, the founder of Oathkeepers, on the InfoWars nightly news. He breaks it down quite well. Take the 45 minutes and invest in the truth of what’s happening.

How many days have you spent worrying about the world economy and how it will effect your life? What is it exactly that you fear? That a fictitious financial organization will phone you up and say that your life savings have vanished? That your money isn’t worth what it used to be? Did you know that it’s all fake to begin with? Back by nothing but people who pray and hope that you never figure this out?

Well, that’s the truth. As Bill Still so accurately outlines in his films The Money Changers, and The Secret Of Oz, money has reduce to nothing more than numbers in the memory of computers, and some folks only make a phone call or send an email to get more fictitious digits in their inexhaustible bank accounts.

Like a renegade religion, the concept of money has been lost on the people of the world. We work all day and convert our labor into bank notes that are 100% controlled by a group of men in Europe who then extort behavioral demands from the rest of us to keep them in power. The only thing keeping their world alive is a thought in all our minds. The second we reject their concept kept in place by guilt, we set ourselves free to create a currency that preserves that work unit into something that will never lose its value, ever.

We would like to suggest that you take a moment out of your day, and concentrate on the fact that the entire world’s economy is based on a lie. A lie that needs to be exposed, and a lie that needs to be forbidden from renting space in your head. Allow a void of justice to live in its place, and push to arrest those who have knowingly manipulated the markets against the people to keep themselves in unjust power for centuries. If nothing else, rid them of their ill-gotten wealth, and allow poverty to be their prison for life.

Stop fearing digits in memory. Stop endorsing usury as a way of life. No man has the right to control another man, and regardless of your religion or scientific belief, this is the truth you must live by. We leave you with the lyrics of one Ronnie James Dio:

You are the strongest chain
And not just some reflection
So never hide again

You are the driver
You own the road
You are the fire, go on explode

You’ve got desire
So let it out
You’ve got the power
Stand up and shout!

Ever wonder how so many companies that are backed by federal loans or federally insured agencies go bankrupt? There is a reason, and it’s very simple. Very rich people drain these companies of all their capital leaving behind the empty carcass of a company that has to be cleaned up by tax paying citizens. There are seldom any indictments, seldom any links to government politicians who legalized the criminal activity, and when and if a person is pinned down and sure to be convicted, they miraculously die suddenly and avoid all prison time.

In the 1980s it was Ronald Reagan who was sucker punched with the deregulation of savings and loans, only to find out less than six months later that the deregulation that resulted was up to $500 billion in tax payer insured accounts.

In the 1990s it was Bill Clinton who knowingly deregulated derivatives with the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, which has resulted in the United States allowing fraudulent “betting” to waste up to $800 trillion dollars as reported by last year.

Today it is a top story that another energy company has gone bankrupt on the back of the American tax payer. The strategy is to rape the middle-class however possible, while lining the pockets of their captors with inexhaustible bank accounts. If they can’t bankrupt you through a repressed economy, they will sneak in the backdoor and drive up the country’s deficit until you end up paying for the rest of your lives.

The politicians have zero loyalty to the American people, because they have retirement pensions when you don’t. They have exceptional healthcare for life when you don’t. The entire country has allowed their (s)elected representatives to live above the means of their people, and serve their banking masters and future employment cronies shamelessly decade after decade with no repercussions from the nation.

It is time that we make a change to this pattern of deception. This habitual addiction to fraud that nearly everyone on the Hill manages their careers through is going unseen. We need change within ourselves to understand the constant stream of deceit that is being push before our faces on a daily basis, but seldom questioned. Raise the awareness amongst your friends and family. Help them understand that these mega corporations that go bankrupt on the back of your tax dollars are being facilitated by the officials who run this country. No one is going to court. No one is being put in prison. No justice is being served.

It’s time to wake up to this formula of financial ruin.

As you live your life you go through ups and downs. As you grow older, you begin to delve into the news and the world around you. Sadly, unless you live in specific circles, you have to draw the image of reality from elite controlled news sources such as Reuters and the Associated Press that feed CNN, FoxNews, the New York Times, the LA Times, and just about every other major circulated publication that claims to be telling you the truth.

If you’ve been paying attention, the last half decade has been an exercise in Pavlovian dog training. The “news” tells you what the problem is, soon presents the reaction you’re suppose to have, then gives you the dog biscuit of solution you’re to eat in order to solve your problem. What you may not be realizing is that the bankers are controlling much of your mental imprints.

The bankers of Europe have declared financial war on the United States and Europe as a whole, not to mention their military attacks on every Middle Eastern country for daring to remain sovereign. As each day goes by, you are programmed with scenarios that are tantamount to mental terrorism. These scenarios speak of doomsday outcomes if every country under the IMF / WorldBank thumbs don’t give it to their freedom crushing demands. The public is then rewarded with “good news” if and when a country is successfully infiltrated by traitors who sell out their citizens rights to be free from a central banking system.

It is vital that we break this pattern of conditioning. We must reject wholeheartedly their assertions that for us to live normal productive lives, that bankers have to be capitulated to and allowed to deem themselves above the law and higher in moral stature than all other humans. We must remove bankers from this world, and regulate the creation and distribution of money in a perfectly fair and non-profitable way. As soldiers who go overseas and give their lives are not expected to come home millionaires for doing their duty in protecting their country, so too should and individual who participates in the creation, distribution, and manipulation of money.

Usury was once understood to be the most vial of crimes man had ever created. Let’s rediscover that understanding.

This year’s push to sterilize your children’s future has just begun. The ever creeping false concern about whooping cough, and yet again another H1N1 propaganda campaign is designed to take advantage of the less educated and trick them into gutting the minds of their offspring.

It is safe to say that the United States of America is under complete and utter attack from the pharmaceutical companies of the world. It is important for us to open up the dialog about this fact, and do what we can to properly demonize these companies and their employees less we fall victim to legislation that will make ingesting their toxins mandatory for every man woman and child.

The latest obsession with the HPV vaccine has crossed the line of euthanizing our children. States such as California have been taken over by pharmaceutical lobbyist such as Jerry Brown who has immediately served his masters well in allowing children to get vaccines without parental consent. The HPV vaccine is already being banned in several countries around the world due to its risk of death as proven by patients who died after taking the vaccine.

It is morally repugnant to consider for a second that a child has been given legal rights to authorize an untested vaccine to themselves against their parents will. The pharmaceutical companies know they can lie and manipulate children into taking medicine by telling them they will catch a bad disease if they don’t. The fact remains that HPV protects against sexually transmitted diseases that some people will not catch, because they will not encounter people who have been in circles of casual sex partners. The HPV vaccine only has a case for adults that choose to live in high risk categories despite being taught by schools and information campaigns.

Do what you can to tell every person in the world that vaccines are nothing more than a scam by the companies that manufacture them. They are not needed by mankind, and have been instilled in your conscious by endless ad campaigns and doctors that can’t think for themselves.

Don’t take FLU shots. Don’t take Whooping Cough vaccines. Don’t take H1N1 vaccines. Don’t take HVP vaccines. Own your body!

It’s bad enough that vaccinations are entirely unnecessary to live long healthy lives, but it’s about to get worse in the state of California. Pharmaceutical company Merck has successfully lobbied into place a bill AB499 that IF passed will allow schools to administer vaccinations to children without the knowledge or consent of the parent. This includes all vaccinations that Merck has in stock, ensuring that tax paying dollars are spent to chemically lobotomize children and rob their lives of the destinies they would otherwise have enjoyed.

A brain damaged child will also greatly impact the success and offerings available to the parents who in some cases will have more than one child to look after. Vaccinations are based nearly entirely on myth. Man has existed for more than 6.5 million years without such medicine; we don’t need them now. If you’re religious, then you have to assume that your creator has left you with a world that was not perfectly balanced to keep you healthy and that you need to surrender your children to black suit multi-national corporate owners who merely want to turn your child into a profit margin.

IF passed, we can record governor Jerry Brown as a person who is more interested in gaining status with his controllers than protecting the very citizens he was elected to serve. IF passed, governor Jerry Brown should be immediately impeached and removed from office. IF passed, governor Jerry Brown should be held personally liable for any and all medical repercussions as a result of any and all vaccinations administered.

Visit NVIC.ORG for more details.

One of the greatest hoax to be perpetrated on man is the notion that man has negatively effected the ability for the Earth to regulate its temperature. Those who wish to manipulate the world into taxing the people of the world into control have invested billions of dollars into the false theory that CO2 contributes to global warming. The truth could not be further from this idea.

CO2 comprises .054% of the entire green house gas layer around earth. Of that .054%, man can only contribute at best 9%. To put this into more perspective, cut a penny into 540 pieces, then take 9% of that, and you have the highest estimate to date of man’s ability to alter the world’s temperature.

The world’s temperature is controlled by sunspots. Sunspots are vortexes of magnetic energy that are chiefly responsible for ejecting massive amounts of sun matter into the surrounding regions of space. Earth, being in the path of these massive coronas is often hit by this increased heat and sun matter, and thus increases in temperature.

Why would they make up such a theory?

There are many benefits for those in control. If they are able to install a “Carbon” Tax, then you will be taxed for everything you do including using electricity and burning gas. Eventually, you will not be able to afford living, and in order to survive you will need help. Help that will be provided by them in the form of more government, and more repression. To put it into perspective, burning a single ton of coal will cost $65 in carbon taxes as outlined in the Kyoto agreement. This would mean that a utility bill running $80 might have a tax of $400.

In Africa, the Carbon tax will force what little progress they’ve been able to achieve back into the stone ages. It is about controlling the population, and anyone who can up rise against those in control. A great film on Global Warming called “The Great Global Warming Swindle.” It is viewed on Google Videos, and purchasable on their website.

Buy the Video: CLICK HERE

We do want to note that One Page News wants the world to have clean hydrogen fueled vehicles that use non-fuel cell technology similar to Stan Meyer’s theories to fracture hydrogen from water at the spark plug and not in a factory.