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One of the most vital areas of protecting your family is health. This page will make reference to concepts that are both easy to believe and difficult to believe. We have researched them and cross referenced them from numerous sources both in medical journals, book, and published websites.

Aspartame & Sugar Substitutes

The human body was designed to digest sugar. Virtually every thing we eat is converted to sugar and then processed by the digestive system. Sugar is not a bad thing. Eating too much sugar, just like any food can lead to health complications.

One of the most popular sugar substitutes is Aspartame otherwise known as Nutrasweet™. This substance was originally a heart medication that was discovered to be 20 times more sweet to the tongue than sugar, or at least this is the story from its original creator Searle, now owned by Monsantos.

This drug is one of the most dangerous and widely used substances in our food supplies to date. Its passage through the FDA was made possible only by heavy manipulation of staffing from the presidential level down. Officials were bought off, fired, and reappointed until a staff existed that would allow this cancer causing substance to be made public.

Aspartame metabolizes into formaldehyde and methanol in the body. Each of these substances causes cancers of many types, but primarily brain tumors that strike only after it’s too late to counteract the problem. If you have a loved one that has died of a brain tumor or other mysterious cancers that have not been known to exist in your bloodline, and your loved one ingested Aspartame or any other sugar substitute regularly, you may have just found the cause.


In 1954 the United States government started a program of fluoridating the water supplies of Americans. Actors were dressed in white robes and paraded on television to give the false impression that this known toxin that is a byproduct of manufacturing Aluminum was somehow safe to swallow and recommended for better dental health.

It might be valuable for the reader to know that in 1949 there were nearly $1 billion in lawsuits against the United States Government for exposure to Fluoride or Fluorine during war-time ship and tank building. These cases were eventually dismissed, the plaintiffs in most cases died of their exposure, and within half a decade the public was exposed to this in their water supply.

The only time prior to 1954 for a government to expose their citizens to fluoride was during the Nazi occupation of Germany where Jews were herded into concentration camps. The Germans discovered that fluoride was a great repressor of emotion by destroying the pineal gland. The Germans therefore used fluoride as a means of keeping the Jews in a relaxed state of mind and thus unable to rebel in mass.

The sales pitch of fluoride is that it fills in the holes in your enamel and therefore prevents bacteria from doing the same and eating your tooth. The reality is that it expands and contracts with temperature and over time will cause white spots on your teeth known as Fluorosis, and eventually in your 30s and up, large portions of your enamel will pop off leaving the tooth ready for the complete destruction by bacteria.

Other ailments include osteoporosis, in that fluoride will gather in your bones and expand and contract enough to create holes that eventually replace bone, but then return to the blood stream leaving you weaken structurally.

In any other context fluoride is a toxic chemical that is marked on the back of your toothpaste as a “do not swallow” substance. We suggest you use toothpaste such as Tom’s toothpaste or baking soda. Ultimately it is flossing that prevents tooth decay. If bacteria has no food to eat, it has little else to do in your mouth, but die to normal digestive properties of your saliva.

Microwave Ovens

Most Americans are unaware that microwave ovens have been banned in socialist Russia since 1976. The reason for this ban is not to repress the speed at which Russians can warm food, but to prevent the illnesses caused by microwaving food. In Russia, all healthcare is paid for by the state, and therefore they do not wish to incur the costs of cancer related to their people eating tainted food.

A long time ago activists reported that microwaved food was radioactive. This is NOT the case. Microwaved food is simply ULTRA pulverized food. To explain: microwave ovens work by rotating water molecules from their north pole to their south pole 100,000,000,000 times per second. This rotating causes incredible levels of friction that is used to warm all other adjacent particles. The problem with this process is that it shatters food compounds into their element parts. This is not good, nor healthy for the human body.

Even though we eat food compounds daily, our bodies don’t always break these compounds (made up of two or more elements) into their base parts. When compounds are converted to elements that the normal digestive system doesn’t traditionally breakdown, you are immediately exposed to toxins that the body has never processed in its entire life or gene line. These toxins then create corrupt cells in the body thus forcing your immune system to battle with the mutated areas. More often than not, your body will be victorious, but if it ever fails, and especially with young people, they are destine to develop cancers and other ailments as a result of being infected at a young age.

The other side effect is in the electrical charge of the food. All living creatures (including plants) have a balanced or alkaline state of being. This translates to an equal positive as well as negative charge. When food is polarized disproportionately into one side over the other (typically negative) your body struggles to process this food and turn it into useful materials for the body. See the section on fresh food for more detail.

Fresh Food Verses Processed Food

We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase “you are what you eat,” and this couldn’t be more true. Two hundred years ago we ate nothing, but fresh food on the whole. Some foods would keep when packed with salt to keep it from decaying during transport, but overall, we hunted daily, picked our crops daily, and we lived this way for almost the entire stay of the human race on Earth regardless of your beliefs.

Today, we have sold ourselves on the idea that we can change all this and suffer no consequences. The reality is that fresh food has a natural electrical balance that is critical for cell reproduction, and the older the food, the more dangerous and useless it is for the body.

The formula is very simple: the longer something has been dead, be it plant or animal, the more negatively charged that food becomes. It loses its taste, and all its health benefits. The drawback for our bodies is that it creates aged and corrupted cells that lead to early illness and manifestations of genetic traits like cancer and organ failure.

We have found that one of the only ways to counteract this realization is to either cook our food fresh, or eat at private restaurants where they prepare food without microwaves and without using food that comes in bags. Several restaurants shop at Costco like outlets that sell processed dead food by the metric ton. We implore you to avoid these establishments until you can certify that what you buy there (foodwise) is indeed fresh.

GMO Foods

There is a scam being perpetrated on man that is incredibly important for us to stop. It is the genetic alteration of seeds that have been on this planet feeding all creatures for millions of years. The company Monsantos have created a suite of seeds that are impervious to a toxic chemical they have developed called Round Up. Farmers who used to use natural organic seeds have been forced to use a genetically modified and patented seed, and pay royalties for every crop they grow. This is not only exposing man to a genetically altered line of food, but also driving up the cost of crops as the farmers have to pay Monsantos for every plant they harvest.

The seeds have not been tested for millions of years of evolution, and therefore cannot be certified by scientists as safe for mankind. The toxic chemical Round Up cannot be guaranteed eradicated from the crops that are sprayed with them.

At this point the only way to fight the battle is to eat organic. Unless the company that says they’re organic is lying, they cannot use any chemical such as Round Up on their crops in the creating of their product. We are aware of risks to this truth, but if you have to make a choice, spend money on food and not other elective luxuries.

The Hoax Of Vaccines

If you are a normal person, we expect this section title to immediately pull into question our credibility. We beg you to at least finish this section before dismissing the possibility that the entire notion of vaccines is a fraud kept in motion and mind by pharmaceutical companies that have profits not health as a priority.

The best way to understand vaccines is to go back to the year 1900 in America. The country was overrun by disease and the government that was largely uncorrupt wanted to help its people stay healthy and strong, and fix those suffering from debilitating illness and death.

From the year 1900 to 1940 the United States government began a program to sanitize drinking water and promote daily bathing for all areas of the country not yet exposed to this notion. Having just come out of the 1800s, such behavior was not yet a standard practice, and in many cases families shared the bath water for all cleansing. This mere addition of bathing regularly reduced the overall exposure to illness and disease over 97% countrywide, and the areas that remained were on the outskirts of communities where the sanitation was still to be invoked.

However, the pharmaceutical companies had already found a new business model. Create something known as the “vaccine” that is to expose a person to the illness, allow their body to develop antibodies, and therefore avoid sickness at a later time. The first vaccine was for polio, and out of the 850 exposed to the vaccine 850 men women and children died of polio. The vaccine was a bust. Polio was a diseased carried by unsanitized water supplies, and although still prevalent, was vanishing like the whooping cough.

The human body is designed to be in perfect balance with nature. Various early illnesses help the body to build up antibodies that later help to fight cancers in other areas. If one preempts this process with vaccines, the body never builds up strong antibodies and therefore suffers from linked illnesses that would otherwise be prevented naturally.

It is also virtually impossible to ensure the contents of any given vaccine. The materials are usually refined into a water like translucent nature, and the person administering the shot has no means of ensuring its makeup. Mercury is hidden in virtually all FLU shots administered globally. Children are filled with these shots that do little but run the risk of severe brain damage brought on by the foreign bodies and later the mercury poisoning in the brain that eventually for legal reasons is blamed on a God given genetic condition Autism.

Vaccines Cause Brain Damage, Autism Diagnoses Used As Cover Up

A child from the age of 12 months to 24 months is “requested” by the states to receive numerous rounds of injections to “prevent the spread of modern diseases.” The reality is that any parent can file a notice with their respective states every two years to avoid this mandate. The level of risk to the rest of the children is minimal, although routinely drummed up as a threat to the rest of society. This is merely the government protecting policies that are written by lobbyists for the pharma companies.

What happens to a child who is injected with these vaccines is that the body is exposed in many cases to live viruses or infections of the very illness they are trying to prevent. The idea again is that the child will develop antibodies to the illnesses and thus avoid getting and spreading them in the coming years of their life. Society not understanding the blessing of bathing daily thinks this is the only way to protect the world from the black plague.

The child who receives the injections sometimes immediately experience a violent life-threatening reaction. Their stomachs and brains swell causing a chemical concussion that results in mild to major brain damage. Some children recover enough to only show signs of learning disabilities, while others have such severe reactions that the hospital that gave the injection and the pharma that made the vaccine immediately blame the condition on a genetic phenomenon known as Autism, which until recently didn’t look anything like the brain-damaged children of today.

To put this in more perspective, in the year 1900, when the world was suffering from outbreaks of every known disease that haunts us into taking vaccines today, Autism showed up 1 in 150,000 children. Today that number has risen to 1 in 75 children. And if you think it’s because we can diagnose it better, you will be shocked to realize that the Amish have no reported cases of Autism amongst their kin. They refuse vaccines 100% and do not suffer any disproportional diseases as “prevented” by vaccines.

Tuna, Mercury, and FLU Shots

Who doesn’t eat tuna? Who eats mercury? Well, if you eat tuna, you definitely eat mercury. The EPA’s website states that a single serving of tuna sushi exposes the human body to 385% of their daily allowance of mercury.

You might be wondering how tuna gets so much mercury inside it. The answer is very simple. For decades governments have allowed and still allow corporations to pour their toxic waste into the ocean to be “defused” into the waters and thus mother nature. This is a hoax and a scientific lie. The chemicals that are being refined and thrown into the ocean are being eaten by fish. The tuna is a bottom feeder, and bottom feeders eat heavy elements like mercury. They eat fish that eat this mercury, and when you eat them, you eat the mercury.

Mercury rots the brain. The brain has a barrier called the “blood brain barrier” and its meant to protect your brain from toxic chemicals introduced into the blood stream. Mercury has the distinction in that it can penetrate this barrier and thus live in the brain for as long as you are alive.

Mercury hurts your brain by stripping your synaptic shielding. For those of you who don’t know, the synapse are the cells in your brain that allow all information to travel around your body. When you have a thought these cells act like telephone lines to get the message from one part of your brain to the other. This effects accessing memories, and remembering how to walk.

The longer mercury exists in your body it strips more and more synaptical wiring from its protective shielding, which kills the cell, and thus your mind. Contrary to popular science, the mind does generate brain cells for the entire duration of your life, so don’t believe the excuses for getting dumber as time passes. We believe the rumors of losing one’s mind is an excuse developed by those who are harming you daily.

If you take FLU shots, there is a preservative (Thimerosal) that is used to keep these shots on the shelf without deteriorating. The CDC and the pharmas that use this preservative know it is bad for the body, but due to the hundreds of millions of lawsuits that would ensue if they admitted liability, it is still used daily in shot clinics around the world.

Three FLU shots containing Thimerosal constitute your entire lifetime of “safe” exposure to mercury. We say any mercury is bad mercury.

Cellphone Electrical Radiation

Cellphones are being sold by the billions every single year, and therefore represent a business worth trillions of dollars annually. Because of this financial reality, any threat to this business will be challenged, repressed and ridiculed if necessary.

The initial health risk posed by activists was targeted at the radio frequencies that make up each and every phone call. This was a false accusation, and a way for the cellphone manufacturers to pretend to have evaluated the health risk of cellphones.

The real threat is in the battery or power supply within each phone. The more power, the more threat there is to the human body. To understand this threat you must understand that your body is made of proteins and chromosomes that control how you grow and maintain your human form. These delicate strands of information are susceptible to radiation like over exposure to the sun, toxic chemicals that break these crucial instructions down, and electricity that scrambles their form.

Electricity is the movement of electrons over a conductive surface. Once electricity is moving, it creates an electromagnetic pole like the Earth’s. Your cellphone, when on, and consuming more power, produces a heavier magnetic pole around your hand and perhaps your head of you’re holding it to your ear.

Your ear sits very close to a delicate salivary gland that is comprised of soft tissue. The more you expose this gland to electrical radiation, the more you run the risk of damaging the soft tissue and thus making it impossible to repair by your immune system before a mutated cell structure, otherwise known as cancer, takes its hold.

It is imperative that you refrain from putting your phone to your head. Buy a headset with a wire if you can or use a bluetooth unit like the BlueAnt™ to keep the power source from your body.

Always remember, cancer is a slow growing mutation of cells. What you do to yourself today, can cause your death decades before your time, but decades after the culprits have escaped with a profit and no liability for the damage they brought to your life.