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Americans especially love to revel in the notion that due to advances in science and medicine, we live longer as a society. The truth is exactly the opposite. We know that’s hard to believe, and perhaps their are some minor exceptions to individual experiences, but the truth remains that due to processed foods, vaccination programs, and stressed filled lives, we are not living longer.

One of the most interesting areas where this becomes clear is in the obituaries of newspapers around the world. In areas where communities live in smaller towns where the elderly isn’t influenced by modern consumption, the population lives well into their 90s if not their 100s. What one will notice when studying the age ranges of deaths in any town is a gap between the baby boomers and their parents. Their parents will often reach a minimum age well within their 80s, while the baby boomers start dying in their late 60s, and almost never reach their 80s.

When one is from a smaller town, one can track the lifestyles of those who do reach their 80s and above. Their eating habits are full of fresh organic food. They pace their lives to lack inordinate levels of stress. Due to their lack of trend consumption, they keep their use of technology to a minimum, thus reducing their exposure to EMF waves that can greatly reduce their immune system’s effectiveness.

We have experienced in one case a very vivid example of how modern society corrupts health patterns absolute. After visiting an assisted living home for a number of years, we made friends with three elderly women. One in her 90s, one in her 80s, and one in her 70s. Their medical status was remarkable. The woman who was 93 was still walking, was extremely sharp, and looked capable of living another ten years. The woman who was 86 was wheelchair bound, had numerous health issues, and not likely to live to reach her early 90s. The woman who was 74 was bed ridden, and mentally void due to Alzheimer’s disease. This may sound like a coincidence, but the trend was consistent throughout the institution.

The medical industry that is poisoning children and elderly love to instill phrases such as, “Doesn’t everything cause cancer?” and “You’ve got to die of something right?” These little catchphrases and others like them is an ignorant generation celebrating if not enabling the illegal toxification of the food supply that exists today. The fact remains that the majority of food was organic less than 30 years ago. Safe pesticides such as DDT were demonized while farmers drank glasses of it in front of the press to prove its safe application to crops. Monsanto was sure to replace the DDT with the ever toxic Round-Up product that works in conjunction with patented seeds that make up our newly genetically modified organisms (GMO) crops. New studies suggest that animals that ingest GMO crops go sterile in less than three generations. Enjoy your discounted food!

So the next time you think about whether or not to pull into a fast food restaurant or try to save a buck by buying a non-organic item, think about not only your early demise, but the stunted growth of your children, and perhaps the systemic illness you’re giving them to deal with at a later time. No child should die due to cancer or other preventable illness. Do the right thing. Eat fresh. Live long. Be wise.