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The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off

There is something to be said for a master who likes his slave. The bankers of Europe sure love their Obama carrying their agendas forward like a good slave who does what he’s told. Obama has backstabbed any notion of a two party system with his rule by Executive Order, his renewal of the Patriot Act I & II, and of course our favorite act of treason the Military Commissions Act that guts the Bill of Rights, and makes torturing children okay. Did Obama go to Penn State?

The Republican Party facade is being sabotaged once again during this deliberately debacled 2012 election. Absurd criminal candidates like Herman Cain and Rick Perry are being thrust to the front lines while straw poll front runner Ron Paul can’t get his face on the front of a magazine or newspaper to save his soul.

The secret agents of the Bilderberg Group are doing a great job at controlling this bull known as freedom from breaking out of the barn, but not for long. Now that the Occupy movement has been completely co-opted, it is time to devise a different tactic for spreading our word, and we think the best way is good old fashion word of mouth.

Make the prediction that we’re going to see more and more dilution on the side that is said to be the Republican party. More worthless long shots will be pushed up to the front row who have shown their cartel banking and pharmaceutical masters that they have no morals, and will drug America into the next Brave New World. Cain serves the bankers directly, and now has lied to the entire planet about his sexual misconduct. Rick Perry wears jackets lined with big vaccine injections for all those who vote for him. All the while Ron Paul says whats on everyone’s mind, wins all the straw polls, and has every victory ignored by the press.

Wake up America. The 2012 election is simply a repeat of last election. Obama is one of them. Ron Paul is not.

The current Administration is in crisis mode attempting to commit America into another war, this time with Iran. This has been a long planned objective and now with President Obama at a historical approval low for any serving President, and his Administration up on charges of conspiracy to sell weapons to drug cartels, his controllers have decided to pull in all the favors and accuse Iran of unsubstantiated claims of assassination plots.

Today’s “No options off the table” comments about a potential military response to Iran for alleged assassination attempt is merely the second step in a long string of pre-plan rhetoric designed to suck loyal left right paradigm supporters into another bloodbath that will result in massive casualties globally. Let’s be fair to Iran, banker loyalists attack America during 9/11, and uses this false flag operation as a precursor to invade a sovereign nation. The United States and its allies are then sucked into war while tens of thousands of innocent young men and women are killed in the process, and any indigenous people in that area who defend themselves are labeled “insurgents” and immediately guilty of crimes worthy of death by JDAM missiles.

America has been duped into thinking that the Middle East was involved in attacks that have done nothing but leave America a tyrannical contradiction to the Constitution of the United States. Our politicians support the initiative because they were put in place by the same factions that conducted 9/11. The very goal of America was immediately lost with the Military Commissions Act that legalized eaves dropping on Americans, a violation of the 4th Amendment, and the torturing of children to extract information from their parents, regardless of guilt. In addition, the Patriot Act I and II have also legalized the utter stripping of the Bill of Rights which makes America the special place it was before 9/11.

It is time to cease our beliefs that makes killing innocent people who are different from us okay. We need to stop sending psych-op emails glorifying the death of native Arab nation citizens by military means. We need to stop sending our children overseas to conquer countries in the name of bankers who want to enslave us and our children.

Understand that Iran is not Iraq. Iran is a very resourceful country that will inflict extremely heavy casualties should she be attacked. Iran may have beliefs that do not correlate with your own, but that does not give you or anyone else the right to change their sovereign right to be different. For Americans, it’s always good to remember that we represent 5% of the entire world’s population. If we set the precedence that the most powerful has the right to rethrow a country to match their own, we encourage you to buy a “How to speak Chinese” or “How to speak Hindu” book today.