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Neil deGrasse Tyson – Pop Scientist Zar

Where do we start? We want to bring to your attention a growing problem with the world’s education through something called Pop Science. Pop Science to us means fake science designed to appease the masses. Pop Science holds onto flat-Earth concepts and ideas that the Earth is at the center the universe. Real science never ceases to explore and rewrite the history books, usually resulting in erasing previous theories that were discovered to be entirely incorrect.

The struggle that one might have reading this article is a lack of personal knowledge on the subjects we’re going to discuss. We’re going to hopefully give you enough knowledge that you can explore for yourself the absurdity of many of the theories we believe today. Sadly with the education of American schools lacking fundamental sciences, many of the core forms of knowledge are never taught and therefore seem a lot like magic to the general population. If you have this knowledge, then you are the few that do. We encourage you to do what you can to spread core sciences to your children, albeit using this article as a good kick-off point.

As you might already know, is a very controversial site for newcomers. Waking up is hard to do as we say, but once the Matrix is revealed, it can’t be unseen. We are going to cover some areas of science that are lied about on a routine basis, and most of them with political agendas attached. We understand if you are offended by our claims, but hope that above all you hear our proposals, and allow them to churn in your mind over time. You might just find that we were correct in the end.

Pop Science is designed to close minds by teaching repetition without exploration. In some cases, it obfuscates technology that provides free solutions for mankind. We want you to begin questioning everything deemed empirical evidence today. Let’s begin.

E = MC^2 And The Speed Of Light

The famous equation that Albert Einstein imparted on the world. The equation that has produced more horrific weapons than any other equation in history. Nevertheless, it is correct up to a point. Everything in the universe is energy. What we call matter is simply slow moving energy with properties of force that create resistance unlike say a flame of fire, yet, they are the same on a fundamental level.

However, the one area where E = MC^2 fails is in the prediction of moving an object towards the speed of light. A typical high school or even college professor will tell their students that this is impossible, because the nearer an object approaches the speed of light, the more force is required to push the object. The famed limit is at the crucial moment at the speed of light. The theory demands that the entire universe push a single particle in order to reach its goal, but that since the particle itself is missing from the push, it is therefore impossible to reach this ultimate speed, and this is where the flaw begins.

As matter moves faster it transforms into energy. As energy slows down, it becomes what we classify as matter. So the faster a particle moves towards the speed of light, it no longer needs the same force that the original matter required, because it itself lacks the form that recognizes resistance. In a racing metaphor, the car no longer has wind sheer. The car begins to transform into pure energy the faster it travels, and therefore all particles that would resist the car moving forward cease to have the ability to push against the car.

We can achieve the speed of light in some fashion. There are many studies that prove that we already see this happening in the universe. Today we tell our children it’s impossible. We need to stop this mind numbing perceptive barrier. Encourage the youth of the world to find this ability, and the stars may one day become ours to explore.

The Big Bang

People love it when the universe fits inside a nutshell, and the Big Bang theory is aimed directly at this level of inbred insecurity about the universe. We want a solution that everyone can understand, but you might find it interesting to know that the earliest stories of creation were fairytales that almost identically match the assertion of what is now known as the Big Bang.

One of the earliest stories about the creation of the universe reads mysteriously identical to the now scientific theory known as the Big Bang. The story goes as follows:

In the beginning there was a God. And that God was sleeping. And when that God awoke, he exploded. From his body, came all life. The universe and its planets came from his life force, and we are made in his image.

Now the only variation to this tale we are aware of is in the technicality of whether the planets were already floating in space, or if they came from the fictional God. Regardless, this “big bang” explosion story of the universe has merely been retold using scientific terminology to give it validity to modern man. The truth is that the universe is so large, that mortal man cannot see its boundaries despite the many claims to the contrary.

The more you research the science behind the Big Bang, the more you’ll find absurd theories that are merely predicated on the previous absurd theory not unlike a religion that is entirely based on faith. Man created this theory to put the amazing entity that is the universe into a nice neat package. Explosions happen in space, but there is no proof or indication that the entire universe was compressed into a singularity, and by asserting that it was, we cease to explore how it really came into being. Time to renew the adventure.

Dark Matter

In conjunction with the Big Bang theory, we have the invention of Dark Matter. Dark Matter accounts for the fact that in the Big Bang theory we need a minimum amount of mass to create the explosion of all visible particles in the universe. Given that the assertion is wrong, they had to create an unseen entity called Dark Matter to explain the missing variable in their equation.

But you’re probably protesting, “But we’ve seen it! We have photos of it! What are you talking about?” What you’ve seen are photos of spectral light that make the random claim of being Dark Matter. The astronomers trying to solve the missing matter that feeds the Big Bang theory have dialed in a camera to recognize a spectrum of light with a neat color, then told you that that frequency was the energy known as Dark Matter. Then the scientific journals of the world claimed victory that they had proof that all their theoretical suspicions were dead on. A bit like we believe that black holes are real, yet we’ve never proved they exist either.

Bottom-line, Dark Matter is patchwork for a bogus theory of the creation of the universe. Is their matter in the universe that is “dark” to the human eye? Absolutely. Nearly all energy in the universe is non-visible to the naked human eye. Your welcome to use the term Dark Matter to classify it, just don’t confuse it with the bandaid on the Big Bang.

DNA, The Map Of All Life

There is a great book on mp3 called “The Wisdom Of Your Cells.” In this book you will learn a very important distinction when it comes to human DNA and Proteins. If you ask a normal person what the most fundamental building blocks of life are, you would most likely get the answer DNA that is found inside your chromosomes. What you may not know is that half of your chromosomes are made from proteins, and that proteins are the true masters of how and why you grow to be the human that you are. To explain:

DNA is like the unique Legos in a Lego set. Even if you had 10,000 Legos in a supreme set, you would probably guess accurately that there are probably only 50 to 75 unique shapes, but that you have hundreds of each. This is what DNA is inside your body. You have few unique shapes, but trillions of them. This is why humans are so similar to monkeys, and houseflies, and earthworms. Our unique blocks are usually 93% to 99% the same. However, it is the protein patterns that make us superior.

Proteins are like the instruction manuals that come with your Lego set. Without them, you’d have a pile of pieces. With them you have an elaborate space station verses a primitive car. It is important as we take in nutrients that we understand the importance of high quality protein. Our bodies are made from this protein, and without good healthy meats, our bodies starve to death at a genetic level. When the body doesn’t have what it needs to survive, it will steal from itself. Cells that would normally duplicate with complete healthy young copies turn into withering versions of the predecessors.

Understand that DNA is not the complete picture of who we are at a genetic level, but a 50% partner in the process of life. Beware of diets that rob you of crucial building blocks of protein.

Climates On Other Planets

Recently Neil deGrasse Tyson has been enjoying a PR campaign around the world and over the internet as he carries several elite agendas to the public. We personally feel his smug attitude towards his heavily misguided Pop Science is one of the driving reasons behind writing this article. Recently he suggested probably one of the most ridiculous claims in front of a live audience we’ve seen to date, and all to perpetuate the lie of global warming and or climate change.

In his discussion he asserted that Mars had liquid oceans, and that we as humans in our research know this for a fact. We don’t. We see what are probably fabrications from JPL laboratories that we believe have been created by programmers we have met personally, that give this impression, but lets say for the sake of argument that these are indeed real, and that despite the several failed attempts by other countries to reach Mars, only NASA has done it 99.9% of the time.

Neil deGrasse Tyson suggested that Mars had an atmosphere made of vapor and rivers and oceans that were also present, and that something bad happen. Something we need to understand, because according to his propaganda agenda is going to happen to man if we don’t tax the planet into the dark ages. This is a reprehensible conclusion. We have no proof Mars had any of his claimed atmospherical conditions or rivers or bodies of water. To suggest to an unknowing public it did, and that we’re in danger here unless we capitulate to Al Gore’s bankers is a crime.

Neil deGrasse Tyson went on to repeat his propaganda regarding the planet Venus suggesting once again, that it was a perfect utopia with cupids flying in the garden of Eden, and suddenly, something horrific happen to it, and that if we don’t discover why, it’s going to happen to us as well. Couldn’t possibly be because it’s 32% closer to the sun? Couldn’t be because Venus is in a more primordial stage than Earth?

The comparison between Earth and Venus being alike were made more than a hundred years before man ever traveled into space. When NASA first sent a probe to Venus the data they got back was so underwhelming that the computer simulations of flying over the surface were multiplied 22 times to make it more like a scifi book cover. We have romanticized Venus for years, and now Neil deGrasse Tyson is exploiting these feeble comparisons to terrorize a nation and a planet into cowering into carbon tax programs that penalize the masses for the choices that were made for us.

In closing we’d like to suggest you read our article on how planets are formed and how they die so that you may gain an understanding of the scam of Continental Drift and the false classification of Fossil Fuel.

Banking Cartel Lifer

The recent PR campaign by former CIA Director Michael Hayden to drum up more propaganda against Iran should read as text book as it gets. Somehow the retirement factor is being pushed on the public as a characteristic of truth. Iran is not the single greatest threat. Our own politicians are the single greatest threat. Our illegally elected President just signed into power the National Defense Authorization Act, and completely unconstitutional bill that enables compartmentalized goons within our military and intelligence agencies to detain American citizens without due process.

Now we don’t want to suggest that a person lose their write to dislike another human being, but what we do oppose is the mass media and or military act of injecting lies into the public to manipulate them into sending their children to die for banking cartel objectives. This is exactly what former CIA Director Hayden has done with his recent statements about Iran.

For those of you who are geographically impaired, let us remind you of a few things. Iran is on the other side of the planet. Iran does not have nuclear weapons despite the many claims by the “weapons of mass destruction” liars in government. Iran has something the bankers in Europe cannot stand, FREEDOM. Iran is a sovereign country, and they can’t stand the fact they don’t control them. This entire smearing campaign against Iran is to gain support from an unknowing America public (not European mind you) to support sacrificing our kids into the meat grinder. Hayden has decided somewhere in his life to exchange dignity for status. He is aiding the criminal act of lying about another country. For each soldier that dies or is injured attempting to attack Iran and her citizens, Hayden must be held for war crimes at that time.

We want you to see this pattern before it costs you someone you love. As long as our military is being used as the billy club of European bankers, we must withdraw our children from this organization. We must refuse to kill indigenous people all the while calling them insurgents. If you know someone who has died, or been injured, you are looking at a person who has paid the ultimate price for a bank’s profit margin and control. Spread this pattern of deception to all you know.

For the last decade, the events of 9/11 have been used to rationalize the advancement of tyranny over the previously sovereign and free. Each year we endure new fictional false flag operations that convince the ignorant sports worshiping, reality show watching, junk food gorging public to give up their divine freedoms in exchange for safety. We are due for another Christmas surprise: a fictional hand-crafted false flag operation that will condition the public to consent to more Stasi style checkpoints and intrusive TSA groping. Where does it end? A body scanner at the grocery store?

The nefarious corrupt individuals that have infiltrated otherwise upstanding areas of government use the holiday period to terrorize a captive country. They know all we want to to do is get to our family gatherings, and a camaraderie is born among travelers as they share that goal. They know that we’ll converse as a group, and that at least one of our clan will regurgitate the Al-Qaeda action line about phantom, suicidal boogeymen lurking in caves eager to meet their 72 virgins, until the entire gathering is riddled with unfounded fear and frustration.

Right after 9/11 homeless drifter Richard Reid boarded flight 63 on December 22nd 2001, with shoes that were right out of an Acme catalog suitable for Wile E. Coyote. As the buffoon attempted to light the fuses dangling on the floor, he was apprehended. The story ran like a bad spy novel: this Al-Qaeda operative attempted to ignite plastic explosives in his shoes and bring down an airplane filled with happy holiday travelers. Those Muslim rascals! (As a side note, plastic explosive does not respond to lit fuses. Remember: The media thinks you’re an idiot) This absurd story hit the airwaves at a time when most of us were still under the influence of the mainstream media lie that was 9/11. Immediately the government rushed in to take away our rights to board a plane without first taking off our shoes. This ritual of tyrannical public slave conditioning didn’t stop there.

In August of 2006, the United Kingdom gave America’s captors a gift: the fear of liquid explosives. The establishment thinks we’re so gullible and brain dead that we’ll actually believe that nefarious shadow men are planning to smuggle liquid explosives onto airliners and kill hundreds of people. Now this question bears asking: with American airport security as already tight as it was in 2006, what terrorist organization worth it’s weight in Jihad would consider airplanes as a target…the path of most resistance? The tale is patently absurd and unfounded, yet the media picked it up, repeated the government meme like parrots, and the next thing you know, we’ve been conditioned to be good serfs and show up to the airport with our no more than three ounces of shampoo so the Scary Turban People can’t blow us out of the sky. It’d be laughable if it wasn’t so egregious. It’s a giant con game to see how much asinine regulation we’ll withstand.

On December 25th, 2009, an FBI agent escorted Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab onto Northwest Airline Flight 253, en route from Amsterdam to Detroit Michigan. This was a literal repeat of the Richard Reid scenario, save the location of the never meant to explode “bomb”, this time in the man’s underwear. Waiting anxiously in the wings as the story unfolded was our former head of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff–who had just happened to invest in a little company that makes radioactive body scanners. Once the false flag operation was over, the Department of Homeland Security ruled that all their TSA checkpoints be outfitted with body scanners, and award a non-bid contract worth $173 million for the first order–but the little known fact is that the machines were ordered a year in advance of that. This was all a set up. Aside from the fact that these scanners do cause cancer, the idea that one violation or mishap would lead to an entire nation losing their rights to a healthy entry onto a plane without being groped is ridiculous. Again the mission is clear: incrementalism. Feed the public the Authoritarianism in easily digestible chunks, with dramatic events staged to sell the idea. If the people were so compliant that they would take off their shoes and curtail their hygeine products just so they could engage in commerce with an airline, all the while thinking the Daddystate Government was going to keep them safe, they’d hop right into a microwave oven like a good dog if ordered to do so.

There is a pattern. Corrupt individuals and perhaps organizations are working against the United States to enslave our people with fake attacks that are drummed up in the mass media press and immediately translated into tyrannical restrictions on our freedoms. Think about it: we lose a portion our rights when we enter the airport. Freedom of speech? GONE. Second Amendment? Forget about it. Unlawful search and seizure? GONE. We are being conditioned to accept life as prisoners, as wards of the state, to be compliant with intrusive, degrading, debasing search procedures under the guise of National Security. It’s a goddamn lie, and it’s time to get the word out to everybody that this hoax needs to be exposed…and fervently resisted.

We await this year’s holiday surprise. Nothing like getting a little whiff of tyranny for a Christmas present. If indeed these control freak criminals do execute another fake attack, or perhaps even a real one, look for the signs of fraud. Look beyond the mass media take on who did what and why. Come to this website and we will do our best to inform you about what really happened. Travel well, travel aware. Tell someone you care about what really goes on. This year, give the gift of truth. We are on your side.


Piers Corbyn, the Astrophysicist behind the team at, the repeatedly accurate weather prediciton organization that uses solar and lunar data to make long range weather forcasts, rips a gaping hole in the Global Warming/Climate Change ponzi scheme aimed at turning the world into a post industrial, taxation enslaved graveyard.

This is very serious.

Another sword was thrust into the heart of The United States of America last night. The US Senate approved (93-7) The National Defense Authorization Act. What this means is that you, as an American Citizen, if you are so much as SUSPECTED of a terrorist act or of allying yourself with “terrorists” you can be swept up off the streets by the military, hauled off to a secret prison, no rights, no defense, no legal representation. You will be treated as a foreign enemy soldier in time of war. This is direct military intervention in the legal process of the United States. The true nature of our Government is now exposed for all to see: the goal is total lockdown of liberty run through the fear filter of domestic terrorism while the economy is destroyed by design. We are being pushed further into a corner while the corrupt crime syndicate that masquerades as our leadership wraps itself in the US Flag under the false pretense of protecting our “freedoms.”

A large part of the population is not going to tolerate this if these acts are implemented. Once a false flag terrorist attack is staged against the people of the United States, and patriots start being swept up off the streets and the military attempts to confiscate weapons…we’re going to have to decide on what side of history we will reside. They are trying to pick a fight with us. We will not be treated like subjects and hauled off to camps. Sorry. Ain’t gonna happen, Hoss. Be careful what you wish for, New World Order. Paybacks are swift.

ATTENTION U.S. MILITARY: You will be used to attack your own countrymen under this false, fake, manufactured “War on Terror”. DO NOT violate your oath to the US Constitution and engage the American People. We must stand together against this inevitable attempt at full-blown tyranny. DO THE RIGHT THING AND STAND WITH US.

Below is an interview with Stewart Rhodes, the founder of Oathkeepers, on the InfoWars nightly news. He breaks it down quite well. Take the 45 minutes and invest in the truth of what’s happening.

Deadly FLU Shot

Well, here we are on October 31, 2011. As a special gift from out powers that be, we have an invitation to toxic flu shots at a Ventura County Vons supermarket. And then with just a turn of the neck, there they are up above, the toxic discharge of the chemtrail planes. Happy halloween, citizen!

The supermarket makes your flu shot even more attractive by offering you a 10 percent discount on your Monsanto, GMO, Corn Syrup filled processed food purchases after you allow yourself to be injected with potentially hazardous flu vaccines.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.  As you exit the store, look up.  Every single cloud over the city of Ventura, CA today came out of the back of an airplane. These aerosol trails linger in the sky for hours and slowly expand into a web of thin, ugly, artificial clouds that drain their payload of barium and aluminum oxide on our crops and water supply.  Your kids breathe it.  Your pets breathe it. YOU breathe it.  For some reason people don’t look up and wonder why a perfectly clear blue sky is crisscrossed with contrails that don’t dissipate.

Ventura County California Oct 31st 2011

But the trick’s on the establishment this Halloween.  People are waking up all over.  Protests are spilling all over the world. The Global Insurrection Against Banker Ooccupation is gaining steam.  But we ALL need to look skyward and realize that we are being poisoned by above as well as below.

The irony that the establishment wants you to consume a toxic laden FLU shot in order to be healthy all the while spraying you with metal dust from above that will compromise your immune system should be a clue. They are making us sick so that we flock to the shots for help. The trails are the silent sheep dogs that herd us into the slaughter house of carefully designed vaccines that contain toxins that sterilize lab animals and contain 50% of their weight in mercury that will destroy your brain cells for the rest of your life.

We used to live long lives. We used to die of natural causes. Now we all suffer mental illnesses and die inside our bodies long before we should.

Tell a friend.

This year’s push to sterilize your children’s future has just begun. The ever creeping false concern about whooping cough, and yet again another H1N1 propaganda campaign is designed to take advantage of the less educated and trick them into gutting the minds of their offspring.

It is safe to say that the United States of America is under complete and utter attack from the pharmaceutical companies of the world. It is important for us to open up the dialog about this fact, and do what we can to properly demonize these companies and their employees less we fall victim to legislation that will make ingesting their toxins mandatory for every man woman and child.

The latest obsession with the HPV vaccine has crossed the line of euthanizing our children. States such as California have been taken over by pharmaceutical lobbyist such as Jerry Brown who has immediately served his masters well in allowing children to get vaccines without parental consent. The HPV vaccine is already being banned in several countries around the world due to its risk of death as proven by patients who died after taking the vaccine.

It is morally repugnant to consider for a second that a child has been given legal rights to authorize an untested vaccine to themselves against their parents will. The pharmaceutical companies know they can lie and manipulate children into taking medicine by telling them they will catch a bad disease if they don’t. The fact remains that HPV protects against sexually transmitted diseases that some people will not catch, because they will not encounter people who have been in circles of casual sex partners. The HPV vaccine only has a case for adults that choose to live in high risk categories despite being taught by schools and information campaigns.

Do what you can to tell every person in the world that vaccines are nothing more than a scam by the companies that manufacture them. They are not needed by mankind, and have been instilled in your conscious by endless ad campaigns and doctors that can’t think for themselves.

Don’t take FLU shots. Don’t take Whooping Cough vaccines. Don’t take H1N1 vaccines. Don’t take HVP vaccines. Own your body!

The Power Of Boogiemen

There are organizations in the world that make all of their money and gain all of their power by creating and defending against boogiemen. Men who either do not exist, or who have been unrightfully demonized by a press that is controlled by the same organizations.

The latest obsession alleged terrorist Anwar Al Awlaki is a great case and point. We have been told that he died in previous attacks. This has become a tactic of keeping Americans and any other citizens in the world terrified for their safety. Allegations are piled miles high on the backs of men that are never afforded an opportunity to show their face, represent their end of the story, and who are eventually killed to ensure that they never do.

It might sound fair if you’ve swallowed the blue pill of propaganda that is projected at your 24/7/365, but if you take a moment to put their shoe on your foot, think of how helpless you would be to defend yourself. The first notice that you’ve been accused is to have one of the world’s most powerful military industrial complexes accusing you of things you’ve never heard of, and asking that you be killed on sight. You have to go into hiding, and regardless of any outward communication that you try to send to the modern world, it never gets picked up, aired, because all those arteries are controlled by the same source.

But what if the person doesn’t exist? Or has already been murdered? Then we hear nothing. For a very cheap price the organizations that get funded by creating fear in their citizens get a straw man of ultimate manipulating power. The persons picture is aired and published with hideous articles talking of mass murder plots and stale WMD cliches. The public, being a trusting body, buys the lies and grows ever willing to fund xenophobic traits that keep them from traveling the world and discovering that Arab people are peaceful simple people who want nothing more than calm and serenity in the world. Yet you are told that they hate all Jewish people, want the demise of the Western world, and live to blow themselves up in suicide bombings. They don’t.

00320Ever wonder why the news is so often packed with horrible tales? Can’t they report news that is more clinical than localized horrors? The answer is yes, but the reason why traumatic stories are embedded or weaved into normal news is to accomplish a very important objective; to allow fiction to become fact.

A Bit Of History

Right after World War II a very serious and covert operation was carried out to smuggle war criminal Nazi’s into the United States in a sanitized manner in which these same individuals would be able to live full wonderful and free lives in America, a country they had up until recently been fighting. The operation was known as Operation Paperclip where approximately 1,200 German Nazi scientists in the fields of rocketry and psychological experimentation were given new identities and lives in America. The PR spin was to “deny Russia the scientific mind trust of these same Nazis,” but in later retrospect it was primarily to augment US military technology to build a world army capable of executing European rule.

In the area of rocketry we got NASA led by Wernher Von Braun who mistakenly misled the United States into a mission to the Moon which was not possible given the next 50 years of technology, but that’s for another article.

The second tear of Operation Paperclips outcome with the heavily infused exploration of the human psyche. Project MK-ULTRA was hatched by the same scientists eager to continue their immoral and illegal experimentations on humans. It is not completely known the entire list of horrific tests conducted on humans, but one of the more prominent areas of research was in the mind’s ability to deal with trauma.

What MK-ULTRA revealed was that when the human mind is subjected to massive levels of trauma, usually inflicted via physical rape in the case of MK-ULTRA, the mind creates compartments of history whereby the subject forgets the normal world during trauma, and thus forgets traumatic events when brought back to normal society. The technique was used to store delicate information within the mind that could then be accessed if the trauma was reintroduced.

It was said that nuclear launch codes were stored in women who had been raped and tortured. When the codes needed to be retrieved, they were shamelessly raped and tortured again. Please understand, we know its hard to read this, and do not intend for this to be digested as a matter of fact, nevertheless, this information is true, and most likely the tip of the iceberg for MK-ULTRA.

In the end the project was scraped, and all involved walked away without as much as an indictment.

Fight Or Flight Programming

What MK-ULTRA left the powers that be with was a definitive understanding of the human mind. When the mind is in a state of trauma its frontal lobes or cognizant reality filters shut down, and during this moment any information introduced to the mind is therefore unfiltered and cataloged as fact in the subconscious. The power of this mechanism is that as long as someone can traumatize you, the very next thing they tell you becomes fact in your mind until you can identify this information at a later time and weed it from your historical recall.

When the news such as Fox or CNN reports to you that a mother lost her child because a neighbor who couldn’t have a child let her rage of jealousy reach a point where she cut the woman’s eight and half month old baby from her stomach, you are completely and utterly traumatized. If in the next article that same news agency tells you that Saddam Hussain is going to climb through your window from the other side of the world and kill your American way of life, you believe it. It is this formula that news agencies use globally to program the citizens into believing massive amounts of propaganda about reality.

When the events of something like 9/11 traumatizes every fiber of your body and during that time the news is telling you that Osama Bin Laden is responsible, it is nearly impossible to believe that any other story could be true. Sadly in this case, we were all duped into the fiction to justify a prolonged war in the Middle East to force European banking cartels into the region’s way of life.

The reality is that life comes with bad news. There are people around the world suffering constantly to domestic violence and natural catastrophes etc., but up until the modern age, the press .filtered this content to give those suffering anonymity and privacy to deal with their loss. Now they are exploiting to create trauma waves between the attempts to deceive the people.

Filtering The News

Deciphering the news is a tricky endeavor at best. All of the news as we’ve mentioned in earlier writings is generally created by either Reuters or the Associated Press, both of which are owned by the same elite family the Rothschild’s. A lot of us think we understand what’s going on in the world by digesting these journals on a daily basis. What we’re doing in reality is riding a roller-coaster of entirely controlled propaganda that is designed to behave exactly like a magic trick. If a celebrity’s life is being trumped around the front page, there is undoubtedly something else they don’t want you to focus in the background. In most cases, the ultra nefarious news is never reported at all.

We encourage you to avoid reading local area horror stories. There is very little benefit to you reading about someone else’s suffering. If you can help, it will be big news like an earthquake you can donate to or a hurricane that strands a population. Beware that even natural disasters are sometimes created, but again, for another article.

The Formula For Programming The Mind

Trauma / Fiction / Trauma / Fiction

Now you know their big secret. Pass it on.

We don’t mean to pick on talk shows that cover incidental subjects, but those who debate politics and the state of the world’s problems have an effect on society that is often overlooked. On the surface there is nothing wrong with any talk show, but we must be aware of how those who control the world use this medium to calm the masses.

The world has problems. Each country has its challenges, and in virtually all cases, those challenges go unmet, unchanged, unchallenged, and therefore the state of each country devolves daily into a tyranny of socialized government run by a corrupt few. Talk shows give us the “illusion” that something is happening; that someone is aware of the problems, and that somewhere people are taking “our” opinions to our (s)elected officials. The truth is that in most cases nothing is ever done aside from the organized protest that effects little of any actual legislation.

Those who control the world have learned that talk shows and news organizations that run on individual personalities instead of raw news and journalism curb the public’s opinion almost entirely. What we mean by this is that the average public uses their news organizations to program their public citizens. When was the last time you created an opinion about a subject reported on the news that wasn’t already prepared for you? People who listen to Rush Limbaugh use his opinions as their own, and if they differ it’s typically because they’ve heard someone else’s opinion to challenge his idea.

We have to keep in mind that we hear things from our neighbors as well as celebrity news reporters that we take as fact before analyzing the information. It is vital that we monitor how we gain information. Did we take someone else’s idea? Or did we create our own? In virtually all cases, we want to ensure the highest level of our own opinions, and not get them from reporters who get their information and guidelines from those who control the world. This is why it is critical that we continue to investigate and learn new information daily. With very little exploration into world history one can begin to see patterns that are devastating to humanity. A good example is that tyranny is on the rise in Europe and North America, but since most citizens lack the definition of the word, they know not what to fear.

Problem, Reaction, Solution

All forms of change from a government to its people go through these stages. First there is a problem. A problem that is perpetuated by perhaps an event like 9/11, then the reaction from the press who gets their information from the government.

Second comes the reaction. In virtually all cases this is carefully programmed into us from our politicians, news agencies, gullible personalities, and easily excitable neighbors. At the same time very little investigative journalism is ever conducted. The news agencies who live off of advertising revenue focus on drama, and are therefore inclined to play into the hand of panic and crisis regardless of its factual relevance.

Finally there is the well prepared solution. The solution is usually the original goal of those who control the world. They want something that is immediately plugged into the solution portion of the model. They next move to develop a problem that can be created that will move the people into their hands. Constant pounding of a single thread of Reaction is the key to achieving a solution that will not waver.

Currently the world is in a well organized attack from the world banks on every country on the planet, and because we are willing to believe that “interest” payments are real tangible things, we are willing to punish ourselves and our loved ones trying to serve nothing more than a concept in our minds.

When a religious person fears their god, they fear their soul’s damnation. Regardless if you share their belief system, one can at least sympathize with their perceived threat. When it comes to serving a banking concept like usury otherwise known as interest, we are enslaving ourselves with a senseless intangible thought. There is no banking god. There are no superior human beings or boogymen who live in the clouds that will react to unpaid concepts. There is only us; the humans of this planet who subscribe to these concepts, because they were born into it.

As we attempt to find and take in new information we must be vigilant in our analysis of the data. Are we taking in other people’s opinions? Can we use things we know to be true, and things we know to be false to come up with a more logical view of the world that succeeds in predicting and avoiding their attacks on We The People?

How Talk Shows Feed The System

The people who control the world use the media to program the masses. What used to be hard hitting investigative journalism has degraded into news reading reporters who do little more than repeat what they are told. Even the most celebrated news personalities get their information from sources like the Associated Press or Reuters. These organizations have been owned and operated by the ruling class going back as far as the 1800s, and are not to be trusted in any way.

Talk show hosts often use local or national publications to feed their shows agendas. They live close to their studios and seldom see the world up close and in person, yet attempt to persuade the public for marathon three hour shows that hand off yet to another personality that repeats the process until an entire day, month, year, decade, and century of personality news is projected into our minds.

The other realization we need to make is that many shows have their own agendas that serve one segment of the Problem, Reaction, Solution model. In many cases the hosts are unaware of how they are being pushed into strategic subject matter. In others they celebrate their social status as manipulators of the masses regardless of its negative effect on their lives.

How Does One Enjoy Political Talk Shows?

The best way to understand talk shows is to step back from the information being presented and ask yourself how the individuals on the show are positioning themselves with what they are reporting. Are they buying into the false paradigms of right and left? Are they awake enough to report something they have investigated? Or are they rattling news papers in the background pulling pointless articles from newspapers that are already programmed?

Being a journalist requires investigation. Most talk show hosts do not investigate anything. They are personalities that are heavily opinionated who get most of their information from highly organized and manipulated sources. In many cases reporters that turn into or show characteristics of journalism are often passed up for promotion or in extreme cases fired from their positions if they don’t comply with their controllers.

A great example happened on Fox News. Glenn Beck reported a show that he had prepared using standard investigative reporting techniques regarding the hundreds of FEMA concentration camps that have been erected throughout the entire United States. His team had discovered 600 of the more than a 1000 FEMA camps built to house “a mass influx of illegal immigrants” and “civil unrest.”

By that evening Glenn Beck had been controlled. He retracted his well investigated show claiming that he needed to do more investigations. Meanwhile no follow-up has ever occurred to deal with their very real and present threat to our freedom in America.

The media whether it be television or radio is controlled either before the reporter or personality gets their show or immediately after critical thought airs. We are speaking almost entirely about major news networks and not the independent organizations that report on many of the subjects on this site.

In conclusion:

Be aware that regardless of how well articulated a matter is expressed on a talk show it does not create change, but the satiated feeling that something real has happened. We must investigate everything we believe, and we must get our facts from multiple sources to sift through the lies and manipulation. Talk to people yourself. Interview them about their lives, and what they have experienced, and don’t take anyone else’s word for it. Question everything constantly. Remember the formula: Problem, Reaction, Solution; you have probably been controlled by it your entire life, until now.