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Dear Europe: Time To Grow Up

Guillotine_16When an American thinks of Kings and Queens, we harken to our childhood when our fragile little hearts required fairytale stories to get us to bed at night. As adults, we satiate our need for such childish thoughts by taking our own children to amusement parks like Disneyland, where we march our daughters through the castle to the princess store, or our young boys to Adventure Land to live vicariously through Indiana Jones.

So Europe, how many centuries is it going to take for you to grow out of your divine bloodline worship of monarchs? How many countries are going to have to fall before you lose your need for a group of people to rule over your land, and consequently, ours? Will you grow up?

Right now the entire world is ruled by a handful of people whom many of your countries subsidize. You devote tax payer dollars to keep castles filled with elitist, inbred blowhards that disdain to walk among you, exemplifying the idea of inequality between you and them. Your entire country is one arrest away from gaining complete and utter sovereignty over your land, and your life. So what are you waiting for? These parasites should taste your jails, not the fruits of your labor.

Some of your countries are subjugated by families that occupy your land. England is ruled by a family of Germans who hate to crossbreed with anyone who is of British descent. How is that possible? How is it possible that you give them £50 million a year to keep their elite dwellings and ridiculous superior habits above yours?

Europe, it is time to grow up! It is time to eradicate the death grip you fund called the monarch regime. And while you’re at it, please arrest the bankers that have raped the Earth of all its natural resources, and poisoned entire populations with viral vaccination programs that spread AIDS, smallpox, and more. It is time that you own up to the problem you’ve allowed to fester, for it is yours and yours alone. America will follow suit, but the second that you cut the head of the snake from the serpent that rules over all of us, our meager imitations of your “Royal” families will wither within minutes.

We urge you to cease this need to be ruled by others. For centuries you’ve hung onto this devout worship of Kings and Queens as if their blood is a sacred gene pool that has the unique ability to solve problems you can’t. We urge you to believe in your own bloodline, even if it means that you make mistakes. At least they will be your mistakes, and transparent to the people of your country. Funding the monarchs of the world and allowing bankers to operate in covert corners when they have installed millions of cameras to spy on you is simply unacceptable. We don’t want your tyranny in our country.

For the last century America has been held up as the last free place on Earth. We don’t want this label. We want everywhere a person travels to be as free of tyranny as possible. We don’t want to visit your countries and find elite establishments harboring monarchs subsidized by your very labor. This isn’t the middle-ages anymore. Time to grow up. Time to own your own civilization.

In closing we submit this basic inquiry: What has having a monarchy in your land EVER done for you?