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MUST SEE: Farmageddon

We’d like to recommend that you spend the next 48 hours tracking down the nearest copy of the film Farmageddon. This timely documentary covers the attack on the American people who are trying to grow and distribute organic clean healthy food and especially raw milk. We at feel the source of the problem is the never ending assault from European controllers who want America on the decline. Politicians are bought off in exchange for short term monetary gains to pass legislation that defies all logic. It’s not just multinational corporations seeking greed. It’s the complete and utter destruction of our country by those who feel threatened by freedom.

You can purchase this DVD direct, or you can use your Apple TV and dozens of other online streaming services listed on their website to rent or purchase a copy. Unlike all of our other movie recommendations, this film represents the seed of our bloodless revolution. Public outrage needs to be the follow-up after one sees this documentary. It is imperative that you pass this to your friends however possible. Link to their website from your Facebook page, your Twitter account, anything.

Farmers are being held at gun point by goons who should be deported from this great country. Warrants without probable cause are being used to justify the outright stealing of goods and property from loyal Americans. Don’t be the person who sits on the sideline and does nothing while your country is being dismantled before your very eyes. Be the patriot who fights back by spreading knowledge.

Raw Milk

There used to be a time when milk would expire within the week. Its nutrients would go sour, and one had to buy new milk on a regular basis. This is where we got the friendly milkman. The milkman was necessary and desired by culture, because he was the only way to facilitate the short lifespan of pure natural untreated milk. Then in comes the elite. They know that milk helps provide massive immune system boosters. It also nourishes the bones, and keeps people generally more healthy, and consequently taller, stronger, and more able to stand up to bullies who might try to take over their captors.

In comes a new invention called pasteurization. The big promise? It will extend the lifespan of milk. One will no longer have to get their supply from a weekly person who drops off fresh nutritious milk, but allow one to go to the store and buy a carton that will last a couple weeks on average. This extension of life in the milk is made possible by killing off all of its natural enzymes that make you healthy as a result of drinking it. Enzymes are the building blocks of proteins, which your body uses to create fresh healthy younger cells. Without a good supply of protein, the body will grow older, weaker, and usually result in some form of cancer or worse catastrophic organ failure due to cells that are starving for their base component.

Today, the Federal Government has taken it upon themselves to harass, arrest, and bully anyone trying to sell pure natural healthy milk. Local police, and FBI work together to destroy supplies of such wholesome natural and healthy products, because they have been told that its dangerous. Dangerous because it could contain bacteria that is boiled away by the process of pasteurization. The threat of bacterial infection is merely a scare tactic to completely and utterly annihilate its instant and unquestionable benefit to mankind.

Pasteurization is a barbaric process that destroys all that is healthy about milk. Today milk is injected with vitamins, because without them, it has very little to offer the human body besides fat and more often than not, cow hormones. Organic raw milk is the supercharger for your body and mind. It will keep you younger longer, and give your children an amazing natural boost that will make them smarter, stronger, and overall less sick.

It is time we take back our right to eat untampered food. It is time we stop writing and passing legislation every time a rare event in food sanitation occurs. The government and the elite of Europe who want to enslave us from the genetic code up, have been conspiring to fluoridate our minds, poison our food supplies, replace normal fresh food with genetically altered substitutes, and resell raw food that was available in the 1970s back to us in the 21st century under the label “organic.” Organic is simply the food we used to eat on a daily basis 30+ years ago.

It’s time to return to the basics. It’s time to recapture our right to decide what we put in our bodies. Alcohol is a known danger to almost every organ in our body, yet it’s legal to drink. Cigarettes have been linked to cancers of all kinds, and yet it’s legal to smoke. Raw milk is not harmful. Raw milk is pure and natural. Raw milk is the form of milk that humans should consume. The scam of pasteurization needs to end. Spread the word.