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Barack Hussein Obama: Illegal Alien, Globalist Frontman, and Enemy of Free People Worldwide

As promised, this Christmas season brought us another advancement in the tyrannical destruction of America’s liberties. This has been a tradition of the elite for centuries. Nearly every piece of legislation passed that has eroded the United States Constitution was passed from December 20th to December 31st. This year was no exception. Barack Hussein Obama just stabbed his country in the back with a dagger that runs through the fabric of freedom and into the hearts of everyone who would dare shed a tear during the National Anthem. Under the absurd notion that America was attacked by Al Qaeda, Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which is publicly touted as a “get the bad guys bill”, is aimed directly at alternative media sources that would dare conflict with mass media product. The Homeland Security Lexicon that states very clearly that anyone who does not accept the profit based mass media as reality is deemed a terrorist, can now be held against American citizens.

For all of you trying to desperately hang onto your notion of a two-party system, your jig is up. No one on the right complained. No one on the left complained. The mass media virtually ignored this blatant attack on America. And now every single American can be detained without due process, and murdered by ignorant soldiers who think they are doing their duty in cleansing their country of true patriots. And before you lecture us about the “statement” that Obama signed claiming to never use this law against American citizens, let us quash your fragile need for hero-worship with this simple reality: Obama’s word is worth nothing. He is a consistent and perpetual liar. His statement has no legal precedence. We will be detained. We will start disappearing. There will be no record of our whereabouts. There will be no public trials. This isn’t a repeat of the McCarthy era. This is a repeat of NAZI Germany circa 1935. The ignorant “hope and change” mantra has led this country into full-blown tyranny of the most evil kind. The wolf will always come at you smiling before he feasts on your blood.

The print media lies to us. The television lies to us. The movies lie to us.  The truth is right out here in the open: the corrupt rulers are showing their hand, what they’re all about. They don’t care about us or our rights, and they are preparing to make their move against us as the economy falls into a snarled pile like Building Seven.

We suggest you use your last moments of freedom to exercise your Second Amendment rights. Buy a firearm and learn how to use it before troops appear on the streets–or worse–knock down your door. And when we see these traitors trying to haul away American citizens who’s only crime is exercising their First Amendment, we will free you from your captors using whatever means necessary. We will NOT live in a prison. We will NOT live as slaves.

For all of you who wondered why it matters whether or not our President was born in America, this is it. An indigenous American has a loyalty to his own soil, the people it nurtures, and the ideals that create a great society. A sociopathic, teleprompter reading, compromised sellout born in Africa does not. A man whom the media claims was a Constitutional Lawyer, does not. There are reasons why we have mandates for being President. The cadre of clueless Obama lovers and apologists have allowed their media-fueled hate for conservative America to cajole them into installing a man who will do anything for status, temporary relief of the imagined guilt that all white people are racists, and a moment of perceived power. It is time for a real change, not a repackaged, rebranded pile of Globalist propaganda.

Our nation is mortally wounded, and she is desperate for her true citizens to save her from bleeding out in the streets. We have to use their weapons against them: Facebook, MySpace, twitter, talk radio, any social media platform that is corporate controlled. Knowledge is power and these outlets need to be bombarded by the knowledgeable patriots to spread the word of Liberty and Personal Sovereignty. They will try to discredit you, make fun of you, call you a “tin foil hat” kook. Just come right back at them with the truth, and edifice of deception WILL FALL.

It’s time to elect someone born on true American soil who will fight to restore our Constitution before more is done to kill her essence. The Ron Paul message is on fire right now, especially now that the tyrants have shown their hand with Obama signing NDAA. Hit em. Hit ’em hard goddammit.  Use their disinfo weapons against them.

It’s on: Liberty or Tyranny. It’s an exciting time to be alive and be part of history. Our future is not something to be put off until later. Spread the word!

That’s right, we want YOUR Chemtrail photos. Phoenix. Dallas. London. Los Angeles. Madrid. Manchester. Berlin. Lyon. Wherever. This worldwide crime against humanity needs to be exposed. Remember: evil likes to hide in the dark, snicker and wring its hands because it thinks no one is looking. But guess what? We ARE looking, and we aren’t shutting up about it, either. Got a phone? Good. Chances are then you also have a camera. Point it skyward when you see the planes belch out their poison and upload your photos. Are you an airline passenger or pilot? Let us see the evidence from your unique point of view. We want it DOCUMENTED that the power obsessed anti-human control freaks that run our society are exposed for the cockroaches they are. You don’t have to tell us your name. We will not save your email address. You will see your photos added to our gallery as quickly as possible. We are the faceless millions that demand a clean atmosphere, and that’s enough ID these criminals deserve for now. Include your location, and date. Upload to And thank you to the dozens of you who submit on a daily basis.


Avalanche Into Tyranny

Our ancestors need to be proud of us. As they faced tyranny, oppressive government control, and out of bounds taxation, they made a stand against the iron fist and fought to break free. We must do the same.

Now here we are, 220 years after the ratification of the BILL OF RIGHTS, seeing the heinous NDAA bill passed by congress. Only in a country so neutered by its pleasures can the public be so largely unaware that their government has turned against them. This is a grab at total tyranny, allowing in writing, in law, the US Military to prowl the streets, abduct American citizens under trumped up charges of “terrorism”, and toss them into some dark prison hole never to be heard from again.

The East Germans dealt with a total foreign takeover and a serious full throttle Police State at the hands of the Stasi. Even they would not have put up with being groped at the airport by nitwits. They endured the destruction of war, the horrors of starvation, the insult of foreign occupation and total isolation. They managed to break free, topple the government and demand their freedom. How did they do this?

Largely, it was because the military refused to go along with the establishment any longer.

To our friends in the US Armed Services: your job is difficult, but your loyalties are clear: you swore an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Well, we have a serious domestic enemy: the gang of 525 and their Executive figurehead that thinks they can run roughshod over our founding documents and have zero accountability for doing so. When our own government and its enforcement tentacles (Homeland Security for example) begin to label patriots and veterans returning from the wars they started as potential terrorists, you know right away that it is THEY that are the bad guys, not us. When they pass a bill that will allow Americans to be whisked away to shadowy prison camps without their right to due process of law—guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, and the president signs it, it is clear that they have declared war on us. Uphold your oath. Do the right thing. Do NOT enforce these unconstitutional mandates and turn against the greatest nation ever built, and help us prevent it’s avalanche into total tyranny.

This is very serious. Be on the right side of history. The world is watching.

A Brief Summary of Recent Events

Kind of a bend in the road from the usual fare we post here, but, since it IS a holiday, we’ll refrain from laying it on terribly heavy…but still make sure the message is heard. Take a minute in between helpings, and have a listen. Who knows…this video might be a good way to give someone you a know a nudge to seek the truth.

And we do suggest you take a look at “The Obama Deception”.

There is a little secret about world currencies that we thought was time to expose. The British Pound is the world’s cornerstone monetary unit. Ever wonder why Britain guilt trips all of Europe into the Euro, but they keep the pound? That’s because the Queen of England has a strangle hold on the world’s most valuable currency.

Now when one analyzes the value of say the American Stock Market, one needs to first analyze the value of the United States dollar against the British Pound. Every cent that the dollar loses against the pound is worth roughly 1.5% in purchasing power on the New York Stock Exchange. That means that if the dollar loses one cent to the pound on any given day, the stock market will lose roughly $150 that day. Anything below or above is the TRUE performance of the day. As the stock market goes up and down, one does not need to panic. It only means that it takes less dollars to buy a share of stock. That’s good.

The pathetic truth is that American’s are taught that if the stock market goes down, that’s bad, and if it goes up that’s good. If one studies the ups and downs as it relates to the dollar against the pound, one will see an amazing correlation. The stock market going down at the same time that the dollar gains against the pound should be considered a great success. However, since the dollar is a completely owned and operated currency controlled by the Federal Reserve who controls its availability in the world markets, we can’t expect to gain any control until we liquidate these organizations and reconstitute the country against their participation.

So each day that you wake up, compare the dollar to the pound. See how it differs from the previous day, and you will see the New York Stock Exchange sway in accordance. Anything outside of a 1.5% margin is the REAL performance of the day. So if we gain against the pound and the stock market still goes up, it’s truly a good day for the value of the market.

Believe it or not.

We’ve waited a long time to write about this subject because of two primary reasons: One, it’s a sensitive subject for Americans. Two, it doesn’t largely effect the world as we know it. However, we’ve sat on our information and opinions long enough that it no longer seems amazing to us. If you are a patriotic American, we expect this article to offend, but please know we are no less a Minute Man than you. We love America and the idea for which it stands probably not unlike our forefathers, but it’s time that we started to get real with certain facts, and Moon missions are a good starting place.

This article is based on some very insider information that we personally have witnessed from those as close to the top of NASA as one gets. We have never sworn to uphold the lies of this organization, and therefore are well within our rights to share the information we possess. In the end, there is no one alive to blame. No one need go to jail, and no one need be hated or disliked for their deeds. The Moon missions were comprised of great hopes, legendary dreams, and a solution that saved us from great humiliation.

The Quick And Dirty

From the years 1969 to 1972 no human being set foot on the Moon. Wernher Von Braun and John F Kennedy and all those involved in the mission to the Moon tried with all their intellectual and physical might to get us to that beautiful and mysterious rock, but in the end were not able to for basic engine reasons, and later due to some simple facts of planetary shielding.

After Operation Paperclip secretly smuggled in Von Braun and all his buddies into NASA and the US military, Von Braun, wanting to keep his rocket program vibrant and ever dreaming proposed to the White House that he could get a man to Mars. He had drafted the design of a rocket that could escape the Earth’s gravitational pull, and hurl man deep into space for a multiyear journey to the God of War. To the great credit of the White House they encouraged him to shoot for the Moon as a precursor to his otherwise fanciful goal of Mars.

On May 25th 1961 President John F Kennedy publicly shared this plan that in the next 10 years to put a man on the Moon and return him back to Earth safely. American’s were energized, excited, and ready for the challenge. An enormous amount of blind faith was put into Von Braun, and thus began one of the greatest challenges the United States government would ever endure.

The Russians

At the same time JFK was announcing America’s goal of reaching the Moon, the Russians were already ahead in virtually all areas of space travel. Over the next 10 years Russia would launch the first satellite, the first animal in space, the first man in space, first woman, the first double mission to orbit Earth, and the most powerful thrusters to continue the program indefinitely. NASA on the other hand was miserably behind in every area. Rockets were routinely exploding on the tarmac, and all the engines were no match for Earth’s insatiable gravitational forces.

The Quest For Special Effects

By 1963 officials at the highest level of American government were losing confidence in NASA’s momentum towards the 10 year goal. A contingency plan was starting to take form in secret. Lists were made to ensure that if indeed NASA wasn’t able to actually get to the Moon, the failure had to be avoided in the public eye.

Author and NASA scientist Arthur C. Clarke having become a science fiction short story writer had struck up a relationship with an up and coming film director Stanley Kubrick. Their initial private plans were to develop an ongoing series of science fiction pieces that would focus on extraterrestrial life short stories, but after a number of years, and with some careful backing, MGM announces a project in 1965 between the two respective masters to develop a novel and accompanying film.

The goal behind the scenes and as far as we’re told unbenounced to at least Kubrick, the project was funded to a mammoth scale to develop as many techniques as possible to not only play on the new Moon craze, but to develop special effects to be used in the case that a Moon mission became impossible. Again, it should be stated that the ultimate goal was to reach the Moon, not to risk a staged event.

As we know 2001 A Space Odyssey was released in 1968. What most folks don’t know is that Henry Kissinger, who is routinely employed to deal with critical issues such as a Moon contingency plan (not to mention economic global planning) rented the Moon set of 2001 just after Kubrick was done with his principle shooting. It is not known exactly what footage if any was developed at this set, but it is safe to say that none of the 2001 sets were actually used as part of the hoax later filmed at a separate location.

Creating Props and Scouting Locations

Very early on in the project NASA set out to locate areas on Earth that would duplicate terrain conditions on the Moon. The initial purpose was most likely a sound and just goal of ensuring that whatever lunar lander designs they came up with could withstand the demands of such a risky mission, but in the end were boiled down to discrete locations that would later be scrapped for in studio film sets. Nevertheless, a loosely thrown around rumor was that George Lucas when shooting Star Wars in Africa was told by the locals that their location (also used for Tantooine) was used for faking Moon footage. We reject this assertion entirely.

The other internal phase which was quite public was in the development of several real world props that were used to “simulate” footage of the Moon from orbit, and during landing. Up until 2006, finding these props on the internet was extremely easy, but as the information about the Moon landing hoax gained steam, they are no longer to be found including a great video that not only documented each and every one of them, but demonstrated how the footage brought back from Apollo 11 was filmed in a studio setting. We can only imagine that given the immediately damning nature of this footage it has been lost by the government owned and operated Google who now has the ultimate monopoly on all video in this area. Why other sites haven’t rehosted this content is beyond our explanation. Nevertheless, we’ve seen it, and it does exist somewhere on a shelf…we hope.

As the mission grew closer and closer the Apollo program by Apollo 10 was transformed from a mission to land a man on the Moon, to how can we create a believable fake. The honor of America was at stake, and of course so were some profiteers who were guaranteed that this mission would be a success. The mission had to go on, and it had to succeed, and eventually, astronauts were going to have to become a part of the hoax to no fault of their own.

The First Casualties of Honor

This next section is the only area where hearsay has to play a part in the facts. Those who are told about the Moon hoax today aren’t told about the gory details of the first three astronauts who refused to go along with a fake. It is quite possible that someone assessed their unwillingness to comply, as well as it’s possible that they were presented with the facts and they refused personally.

On January 27th, 1967 Virgil “Gus” Grissom, Edward White, and Roger B. Caffee died in a tragic fire on the launch pad of the Apollo 1 pre-launch test. To this day speculation of the cause of this fire is not officially documented. The only proposed theory televised to date is a pure oxygen velcro spark, which in all likelihood is nothing more than a cover story to mask the liability of sharing the need to stage the landing and not having 100% compliance from the initial crew designated for the Moon flight. May their souls rest in peace.

The Apollo 10 Mission

As the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon was looming, more research needed to be conducted to certify NASA’s ability to forge footage of the journey to the Moon. Preparations were already complete in masking telemetry data and all surrounding Moon footage, but one piece remained, taking shots of the Earth as the astronauts flew from the Earth to the Moon. The Apollo 10 mission achieved one critical goal, to test a method by which the astronauts could use a capsule window to take photos of the Earth using a simple wide angle lens from one side of the capsule towards a portal window that was explicitly designed to encapsulate an image of Earth.

By carefully placing the camera at different distances from the window, the astronauts were able to create false images of gaining more and more distance between the capsule as it was supposedly on its way to the Moon. The technique was extremely effective and was mentioned during the Apollo 11 mission as being a critical factor in creating the illusion that was so desperately needed.

Apollo 11 – D Day

The actual mission to the Moon (as portrayed to the public) was a carefully orchestrated event to keep 99% of the flight and ground control crews convinced that they were monitoring a flight to the Moon, but in actuality, instruments and satellite data were being fed to them via low orbit satellites feeding back fake data of the mission. So it is imperative that you understand that if everyone involved with the Moon project were interviewed, they would honestly believe that it happen. This is often the assertion from non-believers that a mission of this magnitude could not be kept a secret. It didn’t have to be kept a secret, few knew in the end, and to this affect, the hoax was a masterpiece of deception.

The Apollo 11 mission was comprised of a few elements. First and foremost was the test feed satellite launched in June of 1969. This satellite’s entire purpose was to feed ground control with sample data to test the logistics of the flight. This satellite was then reseeded with new data to be rebroadcast a month later during the actual Apollo 11 mission.

The astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, and Michael Collins were to remain in low orbit forging photos and reading from a carefully written and choreographed mission plan, while actors on a studio set were simulating pre-filmed footage of Moon walking. It is not clear whether the actual astronaut roster participated in the faked Moon landing footage, but it is our guess that these were indeed different CIA operatives who had a history of trustworthy covert operations.

The faked footage of Earth was shot into a 56 minute reel which until 2006 was readily available online, but since has vanished. Thankfully the director of “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon” has a master copy in his film and in his possession.

The Moon mission itself and all the fake footage is littered with massive reveals that we indeed were looking at a set, but as of 1969, the audience watching had not developed an educated eye to know the key tell signs that it was indeed fake.

The Evidence Debate

When it comes to the specifics of the telltale signs of forgery, we hesitate to enter the debate. Our information comes directly from the source, and so our internal need to mention problems in various photographic evidence seems like a waste of time. NASA has defended their evidence to the people on many occasions and even dedicated a branch of their NASA website to refute the claims. For us there is no greater sign of nervous precautionary guilt than to try and explain away things that physics and mother nature refuse to bend the facts on.

Our favorite point of proof has to do with the fact that during none of the six missions to the Moon the video camera was never pointed at the Earth. This in our eyes would have been a priority as man takes a look back at their homeland. Stills were composited together, but no motion video was taken of the Earth. The logistics behind this accomplishment would be monumental as the stars were never attempted due to the slightest mistaken being fatal to the illusion.

The Press Conference

One of the most revealing points of evidence for us involves the press conference right after the astronauts landed back on Earth after low orbit. Neil Armstrong, being an ethical man appeared to have recovered from a very traumatic and disappointing moment in his life. NASA attempted to pawn the demeanor of the astronauts on a post Moon depression, but after 40+ years of looking back on the moment, it is safe to say that this is indeed a cover story to mask the fact that all three men were terrified that something would break, someone would tell, and they would be held accountable for lying to the American people and the world.

Consequently, many of their statements appeared to be adhoc and later untrue. The subject of seeing stars on the lunar surface was asked. Neil and Michael both claimed they hadn’t seen any stars, because thats’ what they were told to say. Later Michael Collins wrote in his autobiography that he saw stars unlike he’d ever seen in his life on Earth. Interesting how these facts get lost right after they happened.

In the end it is our belief that any astronauts who had accomplished one of the greatest tasks since inventing fire and the wheel would be beside themselves in finishing the mission of a lifetime let along one for mankind. It was a well understood fact that returning to Earth safely was the most critical and risky stage in the mission. Each man had families and loved ones that upon landing safely, we’re certain that at least one of these men would be filled with glee that indeed they were going to be able to live their lives to the fullest. Instead, they sat emotionless, red faced with trauma, and uninspired to answer questions that could each reveal their hoax. Our heart goes out to their struggle.

“A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon”

In 2001 a documentary was released by journalist Bart Winfield Sibrel. It is our belief that this film embodies some of the most damning evidence against the Apollo 11 mission being real. It is however not where we gathered our data to justify this article. Since that time Bart has released another documentary called “Astronauts Gone Wild” which unjustly accused the astronauts of being immoral in their willingness to go along with the forged Moon missions. Bart did however brilliantly interview many of the surviving astronauts having them recall their Moon landing experiences only to reveal that in many cases they completely contradicted each other in vital ways and later became extremely violent when presented with proof that footage had been forged at least on Apollo 11.

It is this second documentary of Mr. Sibrel that prompted us to release this article to the public. It is time that we begin to deal with the evidence that man is yet to land on the Moon. Unlike Mr. Sibrel’s mission to damn the astronauts, we feel the complete opposite. We hold none of them accountable for their need to continue the cover-up. It is a well known fact that the forces that need this piece of historical fiction to continue will stop at nothing to keep the lid on this story. It is our opinion that all the astronauts involved where most likely threatened with ultimate forms of harm if they did not continue to comply. As we know with the first three astronauts who died to a mysterious fire that is yet to be explained, all of us would probably have done the same. For some of the astronauts like Neil Armstrong, we can only assume the torture his soul must endure on a daily basis recalling his 40+ years of lying when interviewed about the event.

The Real Hurdles To The Moon

The biggest and unforeseen problems with getting to the Moon have to do with many aspects. First and foremost the thruster problem. NASA is yet to develop an engine system that can carry the necessary payload to the Moon. Keep in mind that satellite payloads are a fraction of lunar module systems. The Space Shuttle has only ever achieved a 425 mile altitude and even at that its still considered in low orbit. The Moon is 225,000 miles one way.

The second and most debilitating obstacle is Earth’s natural magnetic barrier. This shield around Earth is usually referred to as the Van Allen belts, and has had its anatomy altered over the past decade numerous times to suit the mounting evidence against the Moon missions. The reality is that the Van Allen belts protect Earth against massive discharges from the sun every day and at no point does a spot on the Earth encounter significant surges in heat. The overall mass of a solar flare from the sun measures in the megatons and yet a frequency of magnetic fields fends these assaults from the sun without notice.

It is this Van Allen belt that nearly fatally wounded the astronauts in 1998 when the Space Shuttle attempted a mission above its normal 350 mile range. The Shuttle reached an altitude of 425 miles when the astronauts on board reported feeling ill and the ability to see shooting stars with their eyes closed. This was direct radiation from the belts penetrating the hull of the Shuttle, then their suits, then their skulls. Keep in mind that the Van Allen belts aren’t theorized to hit maximum strength until 1,000 miles up. In the simplest terms, they were only 42.5% the distance to the entry point of massive radiation exposure, and they were losing much of their physical abilities. To enter the Van Allen belts without massive shielding would be certain death.

The third natural barrier is the sun’s natural radiation. We are not referring to the sun’s flares, but its natural emissions. The sun’s natural emissions are so deadly, that by the early 90s, NASA had only devised a single arcane ability to shield a hull with six inches of water to protect the occupants inside. The Apollo 11 capsule was 1/4 inch aluminum, which the Space Shuttle has a collection of elements comprising around 6 inches of materials to shield.

In watching the Space Shuttle program from 1982 and beyond we’ve seen accidents take the lives of a dozen brave souls. Accidents happen in the best of worlds with the greatest level of technology. The Apollo missions supported by the Saturn 5 rocket were tin cans in comparison, and we’re to believe that they were able to go to the Moon six times without hazard save the Apollo 13 mission which “mysteriously” had a problem that has never been diagnosed to this day.

Top Secret NASA

At the deepest levels of NASA there are men and women who now work on the Moon mission. They work to conceal the truth about the original faked missions, and they work to finally one day accomplish this goal. It is not a collection of nefarious souls trying to steal money from the NASA countries at large. They are trying to get fiction to become fact, and to that end, they are to be respected for inheriting a mess, a hoax, and something that was never planned to begin with.

It is time to start accepting the truth. It is time to recharge our efforts to explore the stars. Time to tell children of all races that they too can be the first to set foot on the Moon.

The Inconvenient Truth Of 9/11

One of the most heart wrenching truths about those who control the world is that “they” do not think like “us.” Most citizens (including ourselves) who hear about the practice of False Flag operations think that they are learning about something that is only been used by corrupt elements of government and in most cases if not all, have been caught by the authorities and processed by due process. Sadly, this is the misunderstanding that plagues every modern society.

The people who control the world live in a state of mind different than ours. Although at their core they do possess nightmares of loss, their consciousness feels a constant state of superiority over the masses, and thus treats us as such. When they want something to happen, they do not question it happening, but how it will occur. Unlike the masses, they have incredible levels of patience and are willing to develop plans that take centuries to realize over multiple generations.

In 2003 we were presented with a video that claimed that the events of September 11th, 2001 weren’t what we were told. Our initial reaction was that of mental violence. How could someone dare say that anyone other than terrorists could kill nearly 3,000 people? What we learned is that they weren’t disagreeing with us, but trying to point our minds in the right direction, towards the right terrorists.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of books that speak of falsified attacks starting wars that raged for centuries. Attacks that originated within the country that was being attacked. History books speak of Kings who used this method to keep their people in control by keeping them hating someone other than the King themselves. Even modern day film pokes fun at this reality of government such as the famous line in the film Princes Bride, where creating war based on false pretenses was described as “a long and prestigious career.”

At this time we are not going to engage in repeating the hundreds of contradicting facts about the day of 9/11, but we are going to tell you to begin to prepare your mind for the notion that it was a cleverly carried out plan by factions in multiple countries to start a war in the Middle East that is to rage until those who are in control install their form for slavery that is banking and taxation that dominates all other first world countries.

The sad cliche that it’s all about weapon deals and oil are misguided pop culture understandings of the world. Trillions will be given to those who help those in control, but all serves the ultimate goal of geopolitical domination of eurasia.