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This year’s presidential debate has turned into an all out attack on the one candidate the believes there should be a purpose in teaching the Constitution and Bill of Rights in mainstream schools in America. If any of the candidates running against Ron Paul or the current acting president achieve or remain in office, the principles our forefathers fought for will remain a description of an era of freedom that is long since past.

It is our responsibility as United States citizens to uphold the founding guidelines that has allowed America to be one of the most liberated countries in world history. As parents send their children off to war, they need to understand that they are enabling banking cartels to take over those countries and install financial slavery that we now experience in America in 2011. We have a decision to make, and it’s very simple decision. Demand that any candidate you support uphold the Constitution or get out of the race. It is clear that currently, only one such individual exists.


One of the greatest hoax to be perpetrated on man is the notion that man has negatively effected the ability for the Earth to regulate its temperature. Those who wish to manipulate the world into taxing the people of the world into control have invested billions of dollars into the false theory that CO2 contributes to global warming. The truth could not be further from this idea.

CO2 comprises .054% of the entire green house gas layer around earth. Of that .054%, man can only contribute at best 9%. To put this into more perspective, cut a penny into 540 pieces, then take 9% of that, and you have the highest estimate to date of man’s ability to alter the world’s temperature.

The world’s temperature is controlled by sunspots. Sunspots are vortexes of magnetic energy that are chiefly responsible for ejecting massive amounts of sun matter into the surrounding regions of space. Earth, being in the path of these massive coronas is often hit by this increased heat and sun matter, and thus increases in temperature.

Why would they make up such a theory?

There are many benefits for those in control. If they are able to install a “Carbon” Tax, then you will be taxed for everything you do including using electricity and burning gas. Eventually, you will not be able to afford living, and in order to survive you will need help. Help that will be provided by them in the form of more government, and more repression. To put it into perspective, burning a single ton of coal will cost $65 in carbon taxes as outlined in the Kyoto agreement. This would mean that a utility bill running $80 might have a tax of $400.

In Africa, the Carbon tax will force what little progress they’ve been able to achieve back into the stone ages. It is about controlling the population, and anyone who can up rise against those in control. A great film on Global Warming called “The Great Global Warming Swindle.” It is viewed on Google Videos, and purchasable on their website.

Buy the Video: CLICK HERE

We do want to note that One Page News wants the world to have clean hydrogen fueled vehicles that use non-fuel cell technology similar to Stan Meyer’s theories to fracture hydrogen from water at the spark plug and not in a factory.

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