One of the “clever” little moral loopholes that pharmaceutical companies are hiding behind is the truthful fact that vaccines have absolutely no link to autism. What they aren’t telling you is that autism is the false diagnoses given to patients who have been brain damaged due to vaccinations. The condition is blamed on autism for liability reasons. Autism has gone from an augmented consciousness, to a form of mental retardation, which is not autism at all.

The attorneys figured out that by blaming it on autism, the mentally handicap child (in most cases) is now a product of their family genetics, and not the vaccines that attacked the brain and caused the sudden reduction in life for the patient. The pharmaceutical companies get to walk free, while a family is left raising a child that has had their entire life taken from them.

We need to refuse this ludicrous excuse, and begin suing these companies until vaccinations are completely banned from society. The human race has survived 6 million years without such absurd drugs, and we don’t need to start injecting ourselves today. They are totally and completely unfounded, useless, and only held in place by medical personnel that have been guilt tripped by peers who were equally uninformed and uneducated. The reality is that humans have been given this dogma and now insist on risking the health of our youngest minds and the wellbeing of our elderly who are defenseless against propaganda.

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