00320Ever wonder why the news is so often packed with horrible tales? Can’t they report news that is more clinical than localized horrors? The answer is yes, but the reason why traumatic stories are embedded or weaved into normal news is to accomplish a very important objective; to allow fiction to become fact.

A Bit Of History

Right after World War II a very serious and covert operation was carried out to smuggle war criminal Nazi’s into the United States in a sanitized manner in which these same individuals would be able to live full wonderful and free lives in America, a country they had up until recently been fighting. The operation was known as Operation Paperclip where approximately 1,200 German Nazi scientists in the fields of rocketry and psychological experimentation were given new identities and lives in America. The PR spin was to “deny Russia the scientific mind trust of these same Nazis,” but in later retrospect it was primarily to augment US military technology to build a world army capable of executing European rule.

In the area of rocketry we got NASA led by Wernher Von Braun who mistakenly misled the United States into a mission to the Moon which was not possible given the next 50 years of technology, but that’s for another article.

The second tear of Operation Paperclips outcome with the heavily infused exploration of the human psyche. Project MK-ULTRA was hatched by the same scientists eager to continue their immoral and illegal experimentations on humans. It is not completely known the entire list of horrific tests conducted on humans, but one of the more prominent areas of research was in the mind’s ability to deal with trauma.

What MK-ULTRA revealed was that when the human mind is subjected to massive levels of trauma, usually inflicted via physical rape in the case of MK-ULTRA, the mind creates compartments of history whereby the subject forgets the normal world during trauma, and thus forgets traumatic events when brought back to normal society. The technique was used to store delicate information within the mind that could then be accessed if the trauma was reintroduced.

It was said that nuclear launch codes were stored in women who had been raped and tortured. When the codes needed to be retrieved, they were shamelessly raped and tortured again. Please understand, we know its hard to read this, and do not intend for this to be digested as a matter of fact, nevertheless, this information is true, and most likely the tip of the iceberg for MK-ULTRA.

In the end the project was scraped, and all involved walked away without as much as an indictment.

Fight Or Flight Programming

What MK-ULTRA left the powers that be with was a definitive understanding of the human mind. When the mind is in a state of trauma its frontal lobes or cognizant reality filters shut down, and during this moment any information introduced to the mind is therefore unfiltered and cataloged as fact in the subconscious. The power of this mechanism is that as long as someone can traumatize you, the very next thing they tell you becomes fact in your mind until you can identify this information at a later time and weed it from your historical recall.

When the news such as Fox or CNN reports to you that a mother lost her child because a neighbor who couldn’t have a child let her rage of jealousy reach a point where she cut the woman’s eight and half month old baby from her stomach, you are completely and utterly traumatized. If in the next article that same news agency tells you that Saddam Hussain is going to climb through your window from the other side of the world and kill your American way of life, you believe it. It is this formula that news agencies use globally to program the citizens into believing massive amounts of propaganda about reality.

When the events of something like 9/11 traumatizes every fiber of your body and during that time the news is telling you that Osama Bin Laden is responsible, it is nearly impossible to believe that any other story could be true. Sadly in this case, we were all duped into the fiction to justify a prolonged war in the Middle East to force European banking cartels into the region’s way of life.

The reality is that life comes with bad news. There are people around the world suffering constantly to domestic violence and natural catastrophes etc., but up until the modern age, the press .filtered this content to give those suffering anonymity and privacy to deal with their loss. Now they are exploiting to create trauma waves between the attempts to deceive the people.

Filtering The News

Deciphering the news is a tricky endeavor at best. All of the news as we’ve mentioned in earlier writings is generally created by either Reuters or the Associated Press, both of which are owned by the same elite family the Rothschild’s. A lot of us think we understand what’s going on in the world by digesting these journals on a daily basis. What we’re doing in reality is riding a roller-coaster of entirely controlled propaganda that is designed to behave exactly like a magic trick. If a celebrity’s life is being trumped around the front page, there is undoubtedly something else they don’t want you to focus in the background. In most cases, the ultra nefarious news is never reported at all.

We encourage you to avoid reading local area horror stories. There is very little benefit to you reading about someone else’s suffering. If you can help, it will be big news like an earthquake you can donate to or a hurricane that strands a population. Beware that even natural disasters are sometimes created, but again, for another article.

The Formula For Programming The Mind

Trauma / Fiction / Trauma / Fiction

Now you know their big secret. Pass it on.

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