Why don’t more people believe in conspiracies? Why do people go on believing in absurd tales that control summer gas gouging, wars in the Middle East, elections made of cartoon characters? The reason is simple. Their minds are not prepared to enter the realm of pain caused by the truth. This article is going to explain a natural barrier that the elite use against humanity to live behind a curtain of genetic defense.

There is a little rule about the mind that the public seldom discusses. Pain is the caretaker of the mind, and controls what you desire and more importantly believe. Your mind will always avoid a direction of pain when possible. Several motivational speakers use this reality to help individuals envision roads of failure that lead to a painful existence, to get them to course correct towards a better path of rewarding success.

However, there is something darker and deeper about this truth, and it has to do with a layer of reality that isn’t seen by the masses who are yet to cross the threshold of pain. If one were to think of our beliefs on a scale from euphoric to horror, one would get a glimpse of this mechanism.

Have you ever thought for a moment that there might be a reality that you can’t see? Many films have been based on this idea from The Wizard of Oz to The Matrix, writers have had fun with the notion that something is going on behind a shield of reality that the normal populous can’t observe or detect. What if we were to tell you that this is actually occurring, but that instead of a yellow brick road, or a field of hibernating humans being converted into batteries, it’s simply built into your mind.

Now even in The Matrix it had semblances of reality. People walked the streets and lived their lives feeling like they were real. They were safe as long as they didn’t wake up. As long as they were content with being completely and utterly controlled. We want you to know that virtually all the agendas that control your life are on the other side of the “Reality Threshold,” and most people are unable to accept the painful nature of these realities, and thus choose to never believe in them.

What this little secret about the human mind allows is a place for elite agendas to be hatched against the population. From Chemtrails that fill your skies with toxic particles and perhaps biological weapons, to mind controlling cellphone towers and remote antennas such as HAARP that have the power to cause earthquakes and hurricanes, reality is patently more intense than the average human is willing to accept. Therefore the elite get an exclusive zone to develop and execute agendas against the world, and the world can’t see their actions.

When you hear someone say that September 11th, 2001 was an inside job by conspirators within several nations including the United States, Britain, Israel, and Pakistan, you have now read a sentence well within the RED zone of the reality spectrum. Your mind wants to refuse this fact from ever being recorded as truth, for to do so will demand that you accept the toll of pain that will splash over your heart.

However, if someone can disguise this horror with a cover story that sanitizes this reality under the guise of a hidden boogeyman known as Osama Bin Laden, a man you’ll never see again, who has been murdered in the propaganda eye, then although painful, you don’t have to fear factions within your own government. If you thought for an instant that your elected officials were involved, or that military top brass were allowing 3,000 people to die, you would have to change your daily activities to purge this filth from your homeland, and no one wants to die. No one wants to go to war, so we comfortably allow the matter to stay on the side of acceptability.

The good news, if there is any, is that once you dig deeper than the horror of the event, you can soon find very clinical explanations of why the elite do what they do. In the case of 9/11, banking cartels want to control a region of the world they currently don’t. They don’t want their own kind to die, so they attack the United States galvanizing the public against the bankers common enemy (sovereign citizens of Eurasia), and we send our children off to die so that a country can be taken over by banker appointed politicians who have already agreed to enslave the people of the region.

There are many agendas hidden within the RED zone of the reality spectrum. As of now, they get to exist with very little accountability. They get to exist, because the population cannot accept, or won’t accept the pain that will descend on their hearts should they choose to believe.

We urge every single one of you to pass this article along. Help the world see what cannot be unseen. Cut and paste these images all over the web and help your fellow-man wake up. Help them understand that they may still live in the Matrix. It only takes a few tweets, Facebook posts, Google+ posts, emails, to create a wave that cannot be undone.

Let’s wake the world up. Let’s press the reset button together. Let’s set an entire planet free.

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