Chemtrail Photo Submission Form

FIRST REQUIREMENT: Your photo must clearly show a chemtrail and have at least a minimum amount of resolution of 400 pixels width.

Below is a photo submission form. With this form you will be able to upload Chemtrail photographs that you’ve taken and add them to our gallery. We do not claim ownership of your photos. We do ask that you allow us to use them in any court proceedings against the individuals and organizations who are spraying the world with these lethal chemicals. We will not capture your identification, nor keep it if you prefer to use email. We are the human race, and we must defend ourselves if we’re to survive as a race on this planet. Help us catch and prosecute the criminals behind these deeds.

NOTE: Regardless if your photo is added to our Gallery, your PROOF of their spraying along with whatever calendar information you provide will be stored in our database for future prosecutions of those involved. Our current Gallery is sorted by name, and not date, so please bear that in mind when searching for your photos.

Please provide a Location and Date in the field below.