History Of America: Part I

The history of America is a very interesting and largely revised collection of half-truths and downright lies. A child going to school today will grow up their entire lives believing things about their world that give them an ignorant view, and deaden their perceptive abilities to see the truth, let alone understand it when they hear it. We are going to take a moment to recap some of the more important developments in history and break them down on a decade by decade basis. This will not include all the areas on its first publication, but as we add more, we will move the article to the top of the pile for reading.


The Decade Of The 1770s

One of the most romantic lies about America starts from day one. From the day we signed the Declaration of Independence, European monarchs and money changers were furious. They set out a goal to take the war to America in a purely financial way until we the people were owned by their intellectual concepts.

What you need to know and take away from this article, is that the Revolution did not end in 1776, it merely began.

The Decade Of The 1830s

President Andrew Jackson

This was President Andrew Jackson’s decade. He was the first and last President that beat the banks of Europe. We define this as not using their fake money, not paying their interest rates, and surviving to die of natural causes after term.

During this same decade, America gained the first cancer known as the Skull and Bones. The founding charter for the Skull and Bones was to take over America by any financial means necessary. President Andrew Jackson was aware of their nefarious plan and gave orders to deport anyone found to be a member. To our knowledge, no one was found.

The Decade Of The 1860s

This was the infamous decade that harbored the Civil War. Europe found a way to fund the southern plantation owners into a revolt that would lead to many of their deaths. America was strained to fight the well-funded and well equipped south, and thus President Lincoln had to make some fast decisions.

Wars take money to fight. The elite are well aware that most countries don’t have the savings to fight prolonged combat without going broke, so they quickly offered Lincoln money at 36% interest. Lincoln being an exceptionally brilliant man, refused the offer and decided to do the one thing that every country should do, print its own money.

President Lincoln gave the order to create and print the Green Back. A sovereign currency backed by the United States of American GDP. European bankers were terrified. Lincoln was showing the entire world and every country just how easy it is to live outside their debt based money system.

In comes John Wilkes Booth. An actor who was impressed by status and prestige.  John having entertained some of the wealthiest men in his life, managed to gain an invite to a group of men that needed to know that he was one of them. Criminals believe that the only way they can trust you is to have you commit a crime that they can then hold over your head.

Various members of the elite conspired to negotiate Booth’s escape from the states after the murder of Lincoln. One of the men could get Booth to the shore of America, but no further. Another man could get him from America to England on boat, but no further. Another had a cottage off the shore of England where it is thought that Booth spent his final years writing back to his family sporadically.

On the night of the murder, John Wilkes Booth did shoot President Lincoln. He did leap down and break his ankle. He did not however burn up in a barn. It was not his body in the casket, but a red-head gentlemen who had his hair dyed black, and had a far more receded hairline than Booth.

President Lincoln was murdered by the bankers of Europe for refusing to use their money system, and daring to show the world that we don’t need their usury tactics to survive.

The Decade Of The 1890s 

One interesting thing happen in 1893. A bill very similar to the 16th Amendment was attempted on Congress. Congress being largely full of reputable politicians with genuine backgrounds refused such a bill, and sent the bankers on their way. Nevertheless, the bill was coming.

The Decade of The 1900s

This was a critical time in the life of America. The seat of President was about to get its first Skull and Bones member, and thus one of the most corrupt moments in world history.

Philander C. Knox

Let us first introduce you to one Philander C. Knox. Former attorney to the Rockefellers, the Vanderbilts, the Morgans, and through proxy, the Rothschilds. Knox was an attorney who had served his masters well. He helped form and bring together the monopolies of oil, railroad, and steel. He was the Henry Kissinger of his day. Trusted with any effort that was of the utmost importance, and usually of the utmost level of difficulty.

In 1904, Knox became the U.S. Attorney General under President McKinley, and soon into Theodore Roosevelt. The purpose for Knox was the serve in a capacity he was extremely qualified for, and generally get close to the role of President for his next goal was of paramount importantance to his still employers.

In 1909, Knox was promoted to a fiscal role of U.S. Secretary of State. This is important, because Knox would oversee the greatest moment in European might and the end of the Revolutionary war between Europe and America.

Between 1909 and 1913, Knox oversaw the installation and false ratification of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution. President Taft, Skull and Bones member, lobbied for four solid years to bring this bill into fruition, but ultimately failed. It wasn’t until the duped President Woodrow Wilson was tricked into ushering in this legislation that it became real to the American people.

It should be noted that the 16th Amendment was not properly ratified, and was introduced during a Christmas vacation when politicians were home seeing family. The Hurst corporation also aided in printing the false news as if it were true. America soon bought the lie, and has suffered every day since.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria

The Decade Of The 1910s

This decade was about one thing, debt. With the false ratification of the 16th Amendment, America was getting all its money from Europe at interest. On June 18th 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated, and the world was told that this one man’s life was so dear to the entire planet that they were going to pile into a world war of because of it. If this sounds ridiculous, that’s because it is. The war was being set into motion by the European bankers that desperately wanted America to borrow money to fight the war. We didn’t…at first.

In 1917, America finally gave into the pressure and spent a small portion of a year hauling troops on filthy boats creating a horrible strand of influenza that killed nearly 17 million people world-wide. The goal of America borrowing money had started, but ended far too soon for the satisfaction of the money changers.

The Decade Of The 1920s

This was known as the roaring twenties. What was really going on under the radar was the complete and utter gutting of America’s new elite. Toxic investments were paraded in front of eager investors who had no knowledge of the con that was headed their way. Soon, they found themselves upside down in debt, and their family fortunes lost. The decade ended in 1929, when the bottom was pulled out from under the financial markets of America killing off the final folks who hadn’t seen the writing on the wall.

The Decade Of The 1930s

The Great Depression. The elite of America has already been gutted, now it was time for the bankers to go after the middle class. There was a run on the banks back in 1929, but overall, people still had money. If the bankers were to gain complete and utter control over America, it needed to enslave the population without the chance to fight back. Fighting takes money, and without money, you have slaves that have no social status, and very few options for improving their lives.

On April 5th 1933, President Roosevelt signed and executive order making the ownership of gold illegal. Why the American people put up with such an absurdly obvious tactic to strip them of all their sovereign currency is beyond our comprehension, but they did, and with that America lost the last bit of real money they had.

Fort Knox

The gold was put on trains and shipped to Fort Knox. We can only assume this was named after Philander C. Knox, not Henry Knox as it is romantically told, for his deed in helping to “clean out” American wealth. The gold was soon shipped around the world, and largely out of the United States and into the coffers of European money changers. America was literally stripped of their wealth and unable to compete with the money changers without using their fiat currency.

At the same time the bankers were getting nervous. For decades they had tried to infiltrate the neighbor to the east, Russia, but had failed to throttle their aggression to the west. They needed a way to defend themselves, but to leave things in a way that once defended, they could remove any leader that would have gain power to do so. At the same time the bankers still needed America to borrow more money from their fake currency system. A war was needed to accomplish all of this.

Germany in the mid-1930s was largely destitute with catchphrases like “A whole life savings could not buy a postage stamp,” and yet during this financial crisis, Germany managed to build an army so powerful it took three world superpowers to stop them nearly a decade later.

Hitler was a solution for many objectives. Entirely funded by the bankers, he got his start listening to an advisor that worked for the elite. This advisor was later re-characterized as a psychic for Discovery channel, but in simple terms he was a handler. Hitler was in the right place at the right time until the end of his life.

The Decade Of The 1940s 

By 1940, the world was in chaos. America was still refusing to get involved and thus borrow money from Europe in any mass quantities. Then an idea came to mind. Conduct a false flag operation to get Japan to attack Pearl Harbor on a Sunday on December 7th 1941.

President Roosevelt gave the order to embargo Japan’s cargo fleet, and to force two naval fleets to patrol barren waters north of Hawaii thus creating a huge pocket where the Japanese fleet could sneak into American waters and make the attack. The day that lived on in infamy was entirely staged. America was now in the fight.

During WWII, America borrowed more money than had been created to date. The world lost 60 million people, and all due to bankers, some who may still exist to this day.

By 1945, the war was over, America had fed the beast of European bankers, and we were allowed a short reprieve until the cold war came.

In 1949, the CIA, largely made up of all Skull and Bones members started to spy on the Italian drug cartel. They had learned that the mafia had means of making money with no paper trails, and that was exactly what the CIA needed to fund its shadow operations, and to eventually control the repression of citizens around the world.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

The Decade Of The 1950s

The 1950s were largely composed of spying on the mafia, and building up the machine known as the cold war. Americans were taught how to “duck and cover” which would of course do nothing for their safety. American troops were scattered throughout the world to start the never-ending world police role, or as we like to call it, billy club for the bankers.

Also during this decade we gained a President Dwight D Eisenhower that woke up to the devious plots being conducted by largely invisible outside forces. In his closing speech to America, he warned of the impending doom that would be falling on his beloved country if we did not take steps to dismantle the growing power of what he called the “Military Industrial Complex.” Eisenhower was right, but what he didn’t realize was the momentum these factions had already achieved.

The Decade Of The 1960s

We started the decade with a transition from the old to the new. Eisenhower was out and John F Kennedy was in. Lynden B. Johnson, then Vice President was furious that he had lost the bid for President, and began quickly plotting to murder his boss.

Kennedy believing that common sense and an intelligent approach could convince the American people and the world to turn a good leaf, attempted to do just that. Before long he was overseeing the infiltration of foreign countries such as Cuba, the dismantling of the Italian drug cartel led by his brother working with the CIA, and the next pocket of war developing in Viet Nam.

Kennedy fought tooth and nail against the CIA. He tried to use his right hand man, J. Edgar Hoover, to take out CIA mercenary camps that were being setup to train soldiers against Fidel Castro, who had successfully enlisted the help of the US State Department to help him overthrow Fulgencio Batista. JFK knew that the CIA was full of corrupt cronies that were tied to bankers outside of the United States. He knew that the Federal Reserve Bank was a privately owned bank that was holding the American people hostage.

By 1963, JFK had made many enemies simply by trying to follow the Constitution and serve the American people. LBJ by this time had struck a deal with the CIA’s controllers to have them assist him in killing the President. In exchange LBJ would launch a full-scale war in Viet Nam, thus driving up debt to the bankers, which is all they wanted in the first place.

Lyndon B. Johnson

On November 22nd 1963, with a walkie-talkie in hand, LBJ coordinated the hit on his running mate and partner JFK. The President was shot at by more than a dozen gunmen. CIA crews swooped in to clean up the evidence of multiple shooters, kidnap and murder anyone who saw their plan, and finger Lee Harvey Oswald for the crime. Oswald, who was rumored to be the mole that J. Edgar Hoover used to expose the CIA training camps, was blamed for the murder and later killed by JFK hater Jack Ruby, who was known for being the liquor and sex supplier for LBJ and his cronies.

The assassination was successful. LBJ started the war in Viet Nam to reward his accomplices, and CIA successfully put a major dent in the drug cartels of the mafia.

In 1964 Martin Luther King Jr. was the youngest person to received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to end racial segregation and racial discrimination through civil disobedience and other nonviolent means. Dr. King began to inspire a generation to think for themselves, and value human rights regardless of race or sex. In doing so, he also attracted the attention of the CIA who through their banker employers forbid heroes to exist if they are not entirely controlled by them. In a multi-year attempt to pin lie after lie onto Dr. King’s back, the decision was made within the CIA to have him assassinated. A replacement Jessie Jackson was hand selected to take over his ministry and thus pose no intellectual harm to the elite.

By 1968, Dr. King was murdered. Robert F. Kennedy, on target for a sure-fire President win, was also murdered by a CIA hired police officer. The assassin shot Kennedy from behind as the room’s attention focused on patsy Sirhan Sirhan, who was busy shooting the ceiling, as the Ambassador Hotel manager was gripping his right wrist in an attempt to wrestle the gun away.

During this decade the CIA decided to dabble in their own release of a drug known as LSD or acid. This drug was simple to make, and soon became known as the drug of the 60s. There was only one problem, it didn’t repress, it liberated. Americans and the world suddenly became aware of their existence in the universe and no longer feared death, and no longer believed in war. The CIA ceased making the drug thinking that their lack of production would end the problem, but the drug was too easy to make, and thus continued well into the 1970s.

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