Voter Fraud, How Elections Are Stolen

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When the subject of voter fraud is brought up most people immediately imagine a voting machine having its results tampered with. This does indeed happen in America, but the process of stealing an election starts several degrees from this point. We would like to share with you how an election is stolen in the modern age.

Elite Agendas

Before a leader is necessary, an agenda has to be determined for that leader. These agendas are not created by Senators or Representatives of House. These agendas aren’t created by the countries that inherit them in most cases. The agendas of the world strive to consolidate control by the few over the many. Once the agendas have been outlined and scheduled, the necessary staff to implement the agenda is determined and a little known group known as the Bilderbergs handles the headhunting for these candidates.

The Bilderberg Group

The story behind the Bilderberg Group is very intriguing to say the least. Formed in 1954 in the Netherlands at hotel Bilderberg, the European elite gathered to formerly develop plans to control what they could, and eventually conquer what they at the time didn’t. The purpose of this group is to “head hunt” the leaders of the world, and their CEO admitted as much in 2004 for their first on camera interview. For more than 50 years the elite controlled press refused to admit this group existed, failed to cover their yearly meetings, and eventually after the 2004 interview with the CEO downplayed their effect on the planet.

The most basic reality about the Bilderberg group is that the most powerful people in the world meet at least once a year to discuss agendas. Many defectors have leaked minutes, and attendance records. If you too are inclined to minimize their meetings, ask yourself how difficult it would be to invite these individuals to a BBQ. Ask yourself how important this meeting would have to be to get them all to come. Kings and Queens, top CEOs of every major corporation and banking cartel, the works. None of the agendas are publicly shared, and every United States politician who attends is violating the Logan Act.

In the end the American people do not select their officials. The Bilderberg selects them for you, and the people merely vote on which candidate is going to be elected. However, there is more acts of manipulation to further erode your choices.

The Power Of A Two Party System

One of the most motivating primal factors for man is his curiosity. What happens when this curiosity is removed? The exploration for an answer ceases. This is the core power of a two party system. One could introduce more parties, but two is the bare minimum required to completely control a society in terms of social scapegoating. The Democrats and Republicans offer a nutshell excuse for why everything in America goes wrong. And this accusation and false belief removes mans need to find the true cause of their problem. They point their proverbial finger at the opposing side, shrug their shoulders, and accept defeat for the way of life they otherwise know they deserve.

Americans must act upon their country as a single unit of freedom. When America was largely following the guidelines of the United States Constitution, we bickered over smaller codes of conduct and laws that divided regions in more minor ways. Today, as each Bilderberg selected President guts the Constitution, society is reaching into their two party paradigm to knee-jerk a lazy solution to their impending tyrannical futures. It is time we put to bed the two party paradigm until we eject the Federal Reserve bank from allowing European banking cartels to hijack our money creation system, and invade our lands with their multinational corporations that export our jobs, and destroy our cities one by one.

Mass Media Filter

How do you create an image of your reality each and every day? Do you travel the world in some spaceship and check on how things are going in the Middle East or Europe? No, you turn on the news, view a website, listen to the radio, and virtually at all turns rely 99.9% on elite owned and operated news feeds. These mass media products survive on profits made by compromising your safety and well-being. The mass media also cowers to the military as blunders go unreported, unpunished, and forgotten from history. On a day like 9/11, where the official story claimed catastrophic failures on the part of virtually every intelligence agency, military division, and political leadership, the mass media was told to give them all a clean bill of health and to ignore building 7, the anthrax letters, and any voice of descent that knew it was a fraud. The only value that mass media presents man at this point is an indirect admission of what the agendas are for the elite.

Delegate Bullying

Should a real and genuine candidate get through the system of repression, there are methods of robbing that individual from ever getting out the Truth. Ron Paul has been the most successful man during the 21st century for spreading the news of where we should be as a society on Earth. Yet, the mass media who control all televised debates, control the questions, the length of answers, who is allowed to speak, whether or not they are interrupted during their answers, etc. The goal of this blatant tactic is to shovel the two selected candidates and their carefully chosen running mates to the forefront of your mind. You are only allowed to hear their angle on reality, and regardless of how well the independent candidate of someone like Ron Paul prevails post debate, the mass media ignores their success unanimously. For those who cling to their two party system, they revel in the idea that freedom of speech has been confined to their preselected candy coated candidates.

Electoral College

What began as an honest attempt to give smaller states equal representation from larger states with different priorities and needs has digressed into a hairsplitting game of scientific proportions. There are individuals in this world that toil over the electoral college and its zones. They study endlessly the regional sentiment of left verses right paradigm loyalty. At all times there is legislation awaiting to rezone areas with propaganda to sell the local population on Robin Hood tales of equality all the time trying to balance representation towards a 50 / 50 split of left right paradigm. For out of this dead heat balance, all remaining techniques of voter fraud need only sway a thimble of chads to name the Bilderberg’s latest choice as the people choice. America needs to pull itself out of this disproportionate technique and begin a popular vote ballot so that candidates such as Ron Paul and others can prevail due to their message, and break free from the methods listed in this article.

Voting Machine Fraud

What ever happen to a piece of paper? What ever happen to physical proof of a individuals vote? The introduction of electronic voting booths is the single biggest victory for the elite and their apparatus of voter manipulation. For those of you without software engineering backgrounds, you need to understand how simple it is to reprogram the results of any election. It used to be that an election had physical evidence that could be counted and recounted should anyone contest. Today this never happens. The results are never turned in. The results have already been decided like a video game slot machine in Las Vegas that is delivered with the winnings already baked into the machine. As the lever is pulled on the one arm bandit, the machine merely looks up the next preprogrammed result giving the casino 100% odds against you.

The fact remains that not a single American knows how a vote goes from their local church to the digital mass media billboards on their television at home, yet they are certain that nothing could happen to their choice. The electronic voting machine companies employ convicted felons who have already committed voter fraud in many cases. Individuals with intelligence backgrounds own some of these companies.


If all the above fails, there is one fail-safe that the elite are willing to use. In 1963, America lost its last real President. Flawed as he might have been, he attempted to shut down the CIA and the Federal Reserve. In doing so, the Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson orchestrated the hit on John F. Kennedy who had thrown him into a runner up role that infuriated him. In return for allowing LBJ to assassinate JFK, he then green lit the Viet Nam war pushing America into bone crushing debt.

As long as these institutions are allowed to exist in the incredibly powerful and covert ways that they operate, we will most likely never be allowed to change the vote to a candidate that follows the Constitution. However, your knowledge of these tactics can greatly stifle and even prevent the fraud from continuing. Get involved with the process. Follow the machines. Follow the votes. Demand that your vote be recalled in 100% accuracy, and get every other American in this country to do the same. They won’t be able to stop all of us tracking their drop offs, and their pick ups. Monitor everything at a voting booth. Use your cell phones to check for wireless networks that appear and disappear as machines are tampered with from remote locations. Above all, follow the vote, and you will change this country for good and reveal much that is hidden.

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