Earthquake False Flag Coming To USA?

com.jupiterapps.earthquakeThe following assertion is NOT based on known facts, but a hunch. This will be the first article of this kind, but we wanted to throw this out there before this tactic could be used against the United States.

Back in December of 2004 a massive 9.3 earthquake hit the Indian Ocean in the area of Indonesia. This produced the now infamous tsunami killing an estimated 280,000 people, which up until that point was largely unheard of. Seven years later we had another intense earthquake off the coast of Japan. The following tsunami was exponentially more horrific visually, although it did create a far smaller casualty list of an estimated 20,000 people.

In 2005, former Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush and Bill Clinton toured the devastated areas off the Pacific rim. Their television appearances were oddly jovial and upbeat. It is our suspicion, not fact, that they were perhaps pleased with a successful weaponized method of creating giant catastrophes.

The obvious benefits from such a weapon is that the exact cause of the event is 100% concealed from the public at the bottom of the ocean. As citizens, we have to take the word of guessing scientists who will never go to the ocean floor and “get to the bottom” of the cause. Stock footage of sea floors litter the airwaves giving the populous an impression that we’ve seen the evidence, when in fact we’ve seen nothing of the sort.

In comes Japan 2011. We have a nuclear catastrophe that as reported dwarfs Chernobyl due to an offshore earthquake, yet. The governments of the world aren’t doing anything to resolve the reported contamination into the Pacific Ocean, something that would surely cause immediate visible health issues for fisherman, surfers, and sea goers everywhere. The scientists assigned to the subject have warned that it will take 20-30 years minimum before we’ll see any human side effects, yet. History has proven that soft tissue damage starts almost immediately in the eyes, mouth, and other areas of the body, and yet we see none. Where Russia saw immediate birth defects and deaths of workers, we see none. We strongly suspect the nuclear disaster might have ulterior motives, but for another article.

What we do know is that a 9.0 earthquake hit Japan. A tsunami rolled over the country side like a devilish hand of destruction. To review, nothing like these sea based earthquakes has happen to any degree for hundreds of years, yet. In a matter of seven years, we have two that behave identically. One leaving us with a fear of nuclear power, and ironically, Fukushima that was a center of cancer cures having perfected the Gerson technique, has now been co-opted by the pharmaceutical companies they had ousted years prior due to the catastrophe.

You might think it’s a bit far fetched that a government or world organization would go to these lengths, but nothing changes the fact that patents exists as far back as the late 1950s to create such earthquakes as weapons against enemies. The infamous HAARP antenna has such abilities, but we think that a localized nuclear weapon could also get the job done. Regardless of how it’s done, these never before massive quakes seem to be occurring more often. Now it might be due to an expanding Earth crust, we don’t know. Again, this article is pure speculation.

So what’s next?

We know that governments use catastrophes to divert attention, and to sway public opinion. America has at least two mega cities that are coastal. Both riddled with a history of earthquake activity. These are San Francisco and Los Angeles respectively.

Here are some important facts about each of these cities. San Francisco has several fault lines, and when the 1989 earthquake occurred it caused massive damage due to the way the plates move underneath the city. The actual quake was measured around 6.9 off the shore of Santa Cruz, and by the time the wave reached San Francisco had reduced to around 5.6, however. That 5.6 was a vertical movement pattern. Meaning, all structures were slapped from underneath. So imagine the ground dropping six inches and clapping up 12 more. This caused incredible damage and casualties.

Los Angeles benefits from a lateral movement pattern, meaning it slides side to side. This is why 7+ point earthquakes epicentered in downtown LA lack the massive damage incurred by its neighbor to the north. So what would happen if a 9.0 happen outside of Los Angeles or San Francisco? What if a 30 foot tsunami washed on shore and swept across the city? It would be safe to say that mass casualties would only be the start of the disaster.

What would be the point?

America is in absolute tyrannical free fall. Our President Obama is side-stepping the Constitution with a record level of Executive Orders that unanimously gut our Constitution. The police and military are being trained to go door to door by FEMA to confiscate weapons as if they know that something is coming. Now there has been a building rumor about nuclear weapons being smuggled to the East Coast, and perhaps that has merit as well, but now that the alternative media has exposed the entire chain of command regarding those shipments, it’s unlikely that a false flag would ever be carried out, and with all the focus on an East Coast false flag, why not give the famed Hollywood some of its own medicine?

Remember what happened during Katrina. A levy mysteriously breaks after the storm while two different couples watched a black helicopter drop something into the water just before an explosion, then we have an entire city flooded. A massive anti-Constitutional gun confiscation program trained police and military how to violate their oath and feel justified doing so.

Now multiply that equation by a factor of 100,000. Los Angeles is largely flat and distributed. A massive tsunami would make major inroads into the coastal territory of Los Angeles county and surrounding areas. The casualties would be more immense than any war or catastrophe prior. The country would be stunned for years. American citizens would be floating in debris filled waters, and the government could pass any legislation they wanted for months on end without protest. They could fold into such an attack the need to grab guns from millions and all under the same martial law that was enacted during Katrina.

We bring you this completely theoretical story to ensure that it never happens. That anyone even thinking about such an action will note that the concept has already been released to the world, and that to carry it out would reveal their hand.

Earthquakes do happen. People do die, but if either Los Angeles or San Francisco experience a massive offshore quake that creates a tsunami for the first time in recorded history, we want you to think twice before buying the official story.

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