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Where do we start? We want to bring to your attention a growing problem with the world’s education through something called Pop Science. Pop Science to us means fake science designed to appease the masses. Pop Science holds onto flat-Earth concepts and ideas that the Earth is at the center the universe. Real science never ceases to explore and rewrite the history books, usually resulting in erasing previous theories that were discovered to be entirely incorrect.

The struggle that one might have reading this article is a lack of personal knowledge on the subjects we’re going to discuss. We’re going to hopefully give you enough knowledge that you can explore for yourself the absurdity of many of the theories we believe today. Sadly with the education of American schools lacking fundamental sciences, many of the core forms of knowledge are never taught and therefore seem a lot like magic to the general population. If you have this knowledge, then you are the few that do. We encourage you to do what you can to spread core sciences to your children, albeit using this article as a good kick-off point.

As you might already know, is a very controversial site for newcomers. Waking up is hard to do as we say, but once the Matrix is revealed, it can’t be unseen. We are going to cover some areas of science that are lied about on a routine basis, and most of them with political agendas attached. We understand if you are offended by our claims, but hope that above all you hear our proposals, and allow them to churn in your mind over time. You might just find that we were correct in the end.

Pop Science is designed to close minds by teaching repetition without exploration. In some cases, it obfuscates technology that provides free solutions for mankind. We want you to begin questioning everything deemed empirical evidence today. Let’s begin.

E = MC^2 And The Speed Of Light

The famous equation that Albert Einstein imparted on the world. The equation that has produced more horrific weapons than any other equation in history. Nevertheless, it is correct up to a point. Everything in the universe is energy. What we call matter is simply slow moving energy with properties of force that create resistance unlike say a flame of fire, yet, they are the same on a fundamental level.

However, the one area where E = MC^2 fails is in the prediction of moving an object towards the speed of light. A typical high school or even college professor will tell their students that this is impossible, because the nearer an object approaches the speed of light, the more force is required to push the object. The famed limit is at the crucial moment at the speed of light. The theory demands that the entire universe push a single particle in order to reach its goal, but that since the particle itself is missing from the push, it is therefore impossible to reach this ultimate speed, and this is where the flaw begins.

As matter moves faster it transforms into energy. As energy slows down, it becomes what we classify as matter. So the faster a particle moves towards the speed of light, it no longer needs the same force that the original matter required, because it itself lacks the form that recognizes resistance. In a racing metaphor, the car no longer has wind sheer. The car begins to transform into pure energy the faster it travels, and therefore all particles that would resist the car moving forward cease to have the ability to push against the car.

We can achieve the speed of light in some fashion. There are many studies that prove that we already see this happening in the universe. Today we tell our children it’s impossible. We need to stop this mind numbing perceptive barrier. Encourage the youth of the world to find this ability, and the stars may one day become ours to explore.

The Big Bang

People love it when the universe fits inside a nutshell, and the Big Bang theory is aimed directly at this level of inbred insecurity about the universe. We want a solution that everyone can understand, but you might find it interesting to know that the earliest stories of creation were fairytales that almost identically match the assertion of what is now known as the Big Bang.

One of the earliest stories about the creation of the universe reads mysteriously identical to the now scientific theory known as the Big Bang. The story goes as follows:

In the beginning there was a God. And that God was sleeping. And when that God awoke, he exploded. From his body, came all life. The universe and its planets came from his life force, and we are made in his image.

Now the only variation to this tale we are aware of is in the technicality of whether the planets were already floating in space, or if they came from the fictional God. Regardless, this “big bang” explosion story of the universe has merely been retold using scientific terminology to give it validity to modern man. The truth is that the universe is so large, that mortal man cannot see its boundaries despite the many claims to the contrary.

The more you research the science behind the Big Bang, the more you’ll find absurd theories that are merely predicated on the previous absurd theory not unlike a religion that is entirely based on faith. Man created this theory to put the amazing entity that is the universe into a nice neat package. Explosions happen in space, but there is no proof or indication that the entire universe was compressed into a singularity, and by asserting that it was, we cease to explore how it really came into being. Time to renew the adventure.

Dark Matter

In conjunction with the Big Bang theory, we have the invention of Dark Matter. Dark Matter accounts for the fact that in the Big Bang theory we need a minimum amount of mass to create the explosion of all visible particles in the universe. Given that the assertion is wrong, they had to create an unseen entity called Dark Matter to explain the missing variable in their equation.

But you’re probably protesting, “But we’ve seen it! We have photos of it! What are you talking about?” What you’ve seen are photos of spectral light that make the random claim of being Dark Matter. The astronomers trying to solve the missing matter that feeds the Big Bang theory have dialed in a camera to recognize a spectrum of light with a neat color, then told you that that frequency was the energy known as Dark Matter. Then the scientific journals of the world claimed victory that they had proof that all their theoretical suspicions were dead on. A bit like we believe that black holes are real, yet we’ve never proved they exist either.

Bottom-line, Dark Matter is patchwork for a bogus theory of the creation of the universe. Is their matter in the universe that is “dark” to the human eye? Absolutely. Nearly all energy in the universe is non-visible to the naked human eye. Your welcome to use the term Dark Matter to classify it, just don’t confuse it with the bandaid on the Big Bang.

DNA, The Map Of All Life

There is a great book on mp3 called “The Wisdom Of Your Cells.” In this book you will learn a very important distinction when it comes to human DNA and Proteins. If you ask a normal person what the most fundamental building blocks of life are, you would most likely get the answer DNA that is found inside your chromosomes. What you may not know is that half of your chromosomes are made from proteins, and that proteins are the true masters of how and why you grow to be the human that you are. To explain:

DNA is like the unique Legos in a Lego set. Even if you had 10,000 Legos in a supreme set, you would probably guess accurately that there are probably only 50 to 75 unique shapes, but that you have hundreds of each. This is what DNA is inside your body. You have few unique shapes, but trillions of them. This is why humans are so similar to monkeys, and houseflies, and earthworms. Our unique blocks are usually 93% to 99% the same. However, it is the protein patterns that make us superior.

Proteins are like the instruction manuals that come with your Lego set. Without them, you’d have a pile of pieces. With them you have an elaborate space station verses a primitive car. It is important as we take in nutrients that we understand the importance of high quality protein. Our bodies are made from this protein, and without good healthy meats, our bodies starve to death at a genetic level. When the body doesn’t have what it needs to survive, it will steal from itself. Cells that would normally duplicate with complete healthy young copies turn into withering versions of the predecessors.

Understand that DNA is not the complete picture of who we are at a genetic level, but a 50% partner in the process of life. Beware of diets that rob you of crucial building blocks of protein.

Climates On Other Planets

Recently Neil deGrasse Tyson has been enjoying a PR campaign around the world and over the internet as he carries several elite agendas to the public. We personally feel his smug attitude towards his heavily misguided Pop Science is one of the driving reasons behind writing this article. Recently he suggested probably one of the most ridiculous claims in front of a live audience we’ve seen to date, and all to perpetuate the lie of global warming and or climate change.

In his discussion he asserted that Mars had liquid oceans, and that we as humans in our research know this for a fact. We don’t. We see what are probably fabrications from JPL laboratories that we believe have been created by programmers we have met personally, that give this impression, but lets say for the sake of argument that these are indeed real, and that despite the several failed attempts by other countries to reach Mars, only NASA has done it 99.9% of the time.

Neil deGrasse Tyson suggested that Mars had an atmosphere made of vapor and rivers and oceans that were also present, and that something bad happen. Something we need to understand, because according to his propaganda agenda is going to happen to man if we don’t tax the planet into the dark ages. This is a reprehensible conclusion. We have no proof Mars had any of his claimed atmospherical conditions or rivers or bodies of water. To suggest to an unknowing public it did, and that we’re in danger here unless we capitulate to Al Gore’s bankers is a crime.

Neil deGrasse Tyson went on to repeat his propaganda regarding the planet Venus suggesting once again, that it was a perfect utopia with cupids flying in the garden of Eden, and suddenly, something horrific happen to it, and that if we don’t discover why, it’s going to happen to us as well. Couldn’t possibly be because it’s 32% closer to the sun? Couldn’t be because Venus is in a more primordial stage than Earth?

The comparison between Earth and Venus being alike were made more than a hundred years before man ever traveled into space. When NASA first sent a probe to Venus the data they got back was so underwhelming that the computer simulations of flying over the surface were multiplied 22 times to make it more like a scifi book cover. We have romanticized Venus for years, and now Neil deGrasse Tyson is exploiting these feeble comparisons to terrorize a nation and a planet into cowering into carbon tax programs that penalize the masses for the choices that were made for us.

In closing we’d like to suggest you read our article on how planets are formed and how they die so that you may gain an understanding of the scam of Continental Drift and the false classification of Fossil Fuel.

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