Chemtrails are a tough concept for new comers to accept. The assertion that shadow programs are spraying all of humanity globally with life threatening metals is a big pill to swallow. This documentary gets to the heart of the motives behind WHY those in power want to remove more and more rights from humanity.

The goal remains the same, control. By killing off good natural and organic crops with infected bio-engineered replacements designed to make humans sterile in just a few generations, the elite get to kill off those who can’t afford to live healthy. You have a choice when it comes to Chemtrails; either get on board passing this message around, or take a good long look at your children, friends, and relatives, and say to yourself, “This is it. We end humanity now.”

There’s an easy way to alert others: next time the spraying begins, when the criss-cross pattern litters the sky, stop a stranger in a parking lot and say “Look up.” They will.  Then say “Remember when we were kids and contrails only lasted thirty seconds?  I do.” You’ve planted the seed.

Planting seeds can go a long way…not every one will take, but that’s why our numbers (which are far more vast than those that seek to destroy us) are one of the most powerful weapons we have: solidarity in exposing the criminal agenda above.

Make the right choice, your country needs you.

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