Muammar Gaddafi

It has long been the policy that countries cannot assassinate other countries leaders, so the elite get around this annoying constraint in the moral fiber of the world by paying mercenaries to do it for them. We believe that to call yourself an American, or any country’s citizen that follows the general code of Magna Carta, one must offer the same rights to anyone in the world before capital punishment is allowed.

A foreign leader might be guilty of all his media accused crimes, but without due process, we will never know for certain. Crimes are committed by members of government and military agencies around the world, and we do not murder the leaders of those countries as a response. We need to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that a person is guilty of crimes punishable by death.

It will most likely be recorded that the citizens of Libya killed their own leader. What you should remember is that the entire movement was stimulated by foreign funded bankers that fueled the uprising. United States Special Forces are on the ground as this article is being written, and their purpose is to organize the local factions to revolt against their country, and to provide weapons and intel to conduct their operation. The only thing that perhaps America did not do was pull the trigger on the Gaddafi personally. However, aiding the movement is as criminal as the executive order 11905 is suppose to enforce.

Executive Order 11905, states: “[N]o employee of the United States shall engage in, or conspire to engage in political assassination.” 

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